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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • Ok. I have read up on AWD/4WD. The Sequoia is a multi-mode system which has the best of both worlds (I think).

    Here is the deal -- historically anything called 4WD did not have a differential between the front and rear. So when it was in 2WD mode, you could drive it on the street. When it was in 4WD mode, you could not. This is what makes people think that anything called 4WD is not modern and not good on the street.

    If you add a differential in between the front and rear, it is called full-time 4WD. The advantage of this is you can keep four wheels driven all the time. This is what the Sequoia and Land Cruiser have.

    AWD is the same as full-time 4WD but gives up the low-gear setting. So it is actually the same, but with one less feature.

    The Sequoia has a button which will lock the differential, turning it into a transfer case, and converting the full-time 4WD to a part-time 4WD system. Hence why it is multi-mode.

    The fact that it is multi-mode leads to situations where there is confusion with calling it AWD or 4WD. Just call it full-time 4WD with a locking differential. To make matters more confusing, you can put the Sequoia into 2WD mode. This makes it sound like it is not 'full time 4WD' but it is. I mean, it is capable of driving in 4WD all the time, on pavement, which part-time 4WD (or simply 4WD) vehicles cannot do. So it is both part time 4WD (when the differential is locked or when it is in 2WD mode), and full time 4WD (when the central diff is active).

    What I don't know is if the Sequoia has limited slips front and rear. I hope it does or else if the two right or two left wheels are on ice, it can get stuck. This is why some hard-core systems have axle lockers. But yeah, that would be a pain for a road car.
  • Back to price, it would actually be the Merdeces GL550, not the 450, to match the HP. And that is $81,000 MSRP with DVD and a smaller vehicle.
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    Trebor129, I used the wrong term - I should have said full-time 4WD instead of AWD. However, you missed one important point. The Sequoia’s multi-mode 4WD system has to be manually activated (at speeds under 60mph). The new LX, LC, GX and 4-runner full-time 4WD are always working - which is a safety advantage. My point - I would have preferred full-time 4WD rather than the multi-mode on the Sequoia. Not a big issue - more of a nice to have.
  • I could be wrong, but here is what I think is correct...

    "Full time 4WD" means that you can drive all 4 wheels on dry pavement due to a differential between front and real axles.

    "Part time 4WD" means there is no differential, and you must not drive four wheels on dry pavement.

    You can have "Full time 4WD" combined with "Part time 4WD" in the same vehicle, just by having a way to lock this central differential. The Sequoia can do that, so it is both full-time and part-time 4WD.

    I think you are confusing the fact that it is not always in 4WD mode as meaning that it is 'part-time 4WD.' That is not the case.

    Also the fact that it can go into 2WD mode does not mean it is not 'full-time 4WD.' It is 'full-time 4WD' when in that mode. The fact that you have to be below 60 MPH to change modes does not mean anything.

    Here is something I am unsure about: Are you saying that you cannot leave the Sequoia in 4WD for weeks at a time? Meaning, if you put it in 4WD, and turn off the truck. And restart it, will it start back up where you left it in 4WD, or will it revert to 2WD?

    I believe if you just leave it in 'full time 4WD' mode, it will mechanically be identical to a LC. The LC can also go into "part time 4WD" model, and low-gear mode. As far as I can tell, the Sequoia just adds a 2WD mode which is totally optional and in no way effects the 4WD modes.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    I have been reading the last few posts. Very interesting by the way.
    I own a 2006 Lexus LX470 and in my very short Christmas list is a new SUV. I have already test drove the new Land Cruiser, hopefully soon I can test drive the new Sequoia and then the LX570.
    The 2008 LC/LX are are the same animal just with different collar, a luxury collar, one those three SUV's are the only ones in my Christmas stocking wish list.
    My main complain with LC/LX is interior room either on the previous models or the 2008, is not much room.
    From the driver and front passenger seat point of view my LX is very comfortable, this what I am hoping the new Sequoia will accomplished for both my wife and I.
    If once we test drive the Sequoia and both agree, we'll get the 4x4 Platinum, loaded and still would have saved a huge bundle even with the new technology.
    As some of you have pointed out in a few weeks the dealer will be selling below MSRP. I am willing to wait till February, instead of a Christmas gift it will be a birthday.
  • Not sure what other people are noticing, but the dealers in my area (NW, Portland, Oregon), have not pre-sold many, if any, 2008 Sequoias. Tough time of year for the release of a new model, after the x-mas rush, cars do not sell for a while and I think you will find some movement on price very soon. Best day to buy a car is usually the day after x-mas due to lack of demand and a push for year end numbers on the dealer side (with a new model, might not be as effective). I am sure dealers will be getting many more in early spring and they will not want to have much of this high priced inventory sitting on their lots for long.

    As to whether the Sequoia is over priced, we will see. If people buy them, then no, if they don't buy them, then yes. The market will take care of pricing.

    BTW, I saw a Platinum that had an MSRP of $62k (without taxes or anything else). They had added some extra braking system to it, which was a $2300 extra. Had not seen that before and do not see it listed as an option. Strange option since I thought the brakes on the new Sequoia were great to begin with.
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    I am buying SR5 500 above invoice with a trade-in. My dealer may sell you for 1 k over invoice with no trade-in. They have limited number of Sequoias so i dont know how many they will sell with discounts. PM me if you need more information.
  • PM you? Can you clarify, please? I am indeed interested!
  • Have any of you been shopping for leases on the new 2008's? I've emailed the local dealership and they said they'd sell/lease for $500 over invoice. I'm just wondering if its possible to get one of these for $500-$600 a month for a 36 month, low mileage lease.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Try the Toyota Sequoia Lease Questions discussion.

    The Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion is active right now with '07 closeouts, but it's another one to track.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Sure it is possible. You can get it for $100 a month if you put enough down. Call the finance department and ask for the money-factor, and residue value -- both based on 10,000 miles a year and for 36 months. Then plug it all into a lease calculator.
  • Note that the Sequoia has one of these:

    It is the differential that is used in the Hummer H1. Unlike a viscous fluid coupling, it adjusts torque before there is wheel slip.
  • I concur....I emailed 2 dealers in California and without haggling already have offers for Invoice + $500. Looks like these aren't moving as quickly as they had hope.
  • Reading that other thread about how Toyota drive systems work, it seems like the LC, Sequoia, 4-runner, etc all have the Active-Trac(R).

    This detects wheel slip and applies brake to the wheel that is slipping. This has the effect of redirecting torque to the non-slipping wheel and seems brilliant.

    I am confused about one thing...

    The guy who posted that said it is the same system used on 1999 and new Hummer H1s. I looked those up, and they do have the slip sensor and braking system but they use it in conjunction with a Torsen torque-sensing differential to apply up to 5 times as much torque to the non-slipping wheel as to the slipping wheels. It seems like Toyota uses open differentials instead. He says because they are more reliable though I wonder if it is just to save money. And then you can only redirect as much torque as the brakes eat up. So it sounds much less effective than the 5:1 multiplier of the Torsen system that H1 uses.

    Sequoia does have a Torsen between front and rear, and it is still unclear to me if you can lock it. And it also appears that if you can and do, then the ActiveTrac is disabled which seems like it would give up the right/left torque management in exchange for solid front/back torque balancing. So it seems like one step forward, and one step backward. I am not sure why they could not have ActiveTrack stay on.

    It would seem like the ultimate automatic AWD system would be using 3 Torsen differentials combined with the automatic braking based on wheel slip. If you had this, I don't see much if any additional benefit of lockers.

    Moreover, some websites claim part-time 4WD means that you cannot run on pavement, and others claim it just means you can sometimes go into 2wd. It sure seems like the terminology is too simplistic for the various ways to implement this stuff. It is kind of like using the firearm terms single action or double action where they run into problems describing newer types of actions such as on the Glock which has features from both systems.
  • It seems like the TEMS in the Platinum will do things like if you do heavy braking the front shocks will get extra firm to reduce dive, and if you step on the gas, will firm up the back to control front lift. I am sure it does a lot more, but that is one thing I read.

    There is a paper you can buy here:
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    I appologize, i thought this forum had "Private Message" option. The dealer is Fiesta Toyota in Lawton, OK. Talk to GM or Manager straight.They are nice and will not play games with you to break you down on price or trade-in.
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    Has anyone seen the Red Rock interior? What is the "LB21" interior color?
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    I've seen the 20' Platinum and Limited wheels. Also, I've seen the base 18' wheels. However, I haven't seen these wheels in this picture: K_W0QQitemZ160192088595QQihZ006QQcategoryZ31873QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZView- Item

    Does anyone know if these are 20’ inch wheels and what are they called (or option code)?
  • Ah, to live in Texas. Not a single rear wheel drive Sequoia has been sent to New England.

    Those are 18 inch wheels. It says so on the door plate photo.
  • prior to ordering my black with the tan interior, I was pretty sure I was going to give the red rock a try until I saw it in person. Put it this way - the pictures do it so much more justice than up close. It's really orangie, like a basketball. In the pictures it looked a little more brownish and kind of cool. But when you are in the cabin surrounded by it it looks pretty goofy. My first reaction was "ewww" (sort of like when someone pulls up a bandage).
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