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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • [quote] According to Toyota Customer Service and posts I've read here, the console is not removable on the platinum models. [/quote]

    This is CONTRARY to everything I have heard... It defeates the purpose of the second row captains chairs folding flat... I have always heard that the center console in the second row is removable...

    Now if the DAMN AUTO TRANSPORTER would ASSIGN a truck driver to my PLATINUM sitting on the EAST COAST for 4 weeks now, I might actually be able to drive it!!!! I'm STILL waiting for a truck driver to pick up my vehicle posted on the national auto transport board for 4 weeks!!!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You have it down. SR5 bench, Limited buckets no console, Platinum buckets and center console.
    Mack :shades:
  • amheck1amheck1 Posts: 44
    Thanks as always Mack. So that's the "no if's, and's, or but's" answer. i.e. no additional options on any trim level.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Aaron, I don't know if I understand the question. You mean as far as the center console and bucket seats are concerned? If it's just the center console issue then it's as I posted in the last message.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I've been inside several Platinums and test driven one. I've also been inside several Limiteds but none with 2nd row captain's chairs. I currently have a Platinum on order for delivery in Feb.

    The Captain's chair option in the Limited does not include a center console (it also does not include 2nd row heated seats). The seats do fold flat and level with the 3rd row seat when it is retracted. There is however a gap in the floor between the 2nd row captain's seats when they are folded flat.

    The captain's chairs with center console in the Platinum also fold flat and level with the 3rd row when retracted. The center console is not considered a removable unit as it incorporates the wiring for the heated seats. The console has both a hinge on the front and the rear of the console. The upper rear hinge allows the console to be opened from the front to expose a compartment. The front hinge is lower on the console. The purpose of this hinge is to allow the console to "clamshell" open. This action results in the console being level with the 2 captain's chairs when they are folded down giving the Platinum Sequoia a reasonably flat surface from the rear hatch to the front seats, unlike the captain's chair option in the Limited which leaves a large gap.

    Here's an article that describes the console operation: "The Platinum has an optional center-row console that opens 180 degrees to create a tray for passengers and also allows for a flat cargo floor."

    A picture is worth a thousand words...if you carefully at this picture you'll be able to see how it clamshells' forward to become flat when the 2nd chairs are folded down. (FYI, this is the Red Rock interior with black carpeting and black lower door panels.)
  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    I just came from the local dealer ( NY Metro Area) and got a first hand look at the new Sequoia. They did not have any Platinum editions but my impression of the vehicle was mixed. Overall I like it and feel it is a big improvement over the previous model. I did not drive it today , I plan to return another day for a drive.

    When looking at this SUV from the front I think of a big massive masculine truck. It is very imposing to look at. From the rear, I think it looks more feminine and I am reminded of the Highlander. It doesn't match. From the side, its nice but something is missing. I can't put my finger on it. The dealer said the Platinum will not have anything on its body to differentiate itself from the other models. I find this a bit disappointing.

    As far as the interior, I like the fold flat design for the third row ( almost flat) and it is wider than my Yukon Denali XL for storage. I can't believe the Platinum can not be ordered with a bench. I need the combination of fold flat design to carry things and the bench for carpooling kids. I am very disappointed and hope they change this.

    The overall look of the dashboard I felt was inferior for a vehicle of this price. It has a cheap feeling to it. The redesigned Escalade/Yukon has a much more refined and elegant look and feel. I am anxious to see the slate color and cassis red color.

    I am looking forward to the test drive and expect the transmission to be very very smooth and strong.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324

    I think your perspective is spot-on regarding the new Sequoia (or at least it matches my view). The interior look is better in the GM products (I actually like the interior look & feel of my 5 yr old Denali XL better than the new Sequoia). However the interior design of the new Sequoia is far better than the GM products.

    More leg room and seat adjustments in both the 2nd & 3rd rows of the Sequoia vs the Yukon or Yukon XL. Its quite a shame that GM has a larger vehicle in the Suburban/Yukon XL/Denali XL yet the interior space is so much less than the Sequoia. Even though the Sub has a greater volume it really is unuseable since the second row seats do not fold level with the floor once you've gone to the trouble of lugging the 3rd row seat out of the vehicle.

    This last point was the deciding factor for me to go with the Sequoia. Also the fact that the Sequoia has a more flexible drivetrain, higher tow rating and Bluetooth helped in my decision. Most everything else is a wash (including price). If the interior design, drivetrain, tow rating and bluetooth are non factors for you, these 2 vehicles would be a coin toss or would be decided by the aesthetics which are different for everybody.
  • gananganan Posts: 20
    Per the Toyota web site: 2nd row seating

    SR5 : Standard: Second row bench, no option for captains in second row
    Limited: Standard: Second row Bench; Optional : Buckets with no console
    Platinum : Standard: Buckets with console; no option to have bench.

    It is disapointing not to have a 2nd row bench option in the Platinum model. Although you can load a Limited with most of the Platinum features, apparently the H-TEMS suspension in the Platinum is not available as an option on the Limited.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    So I guess all the Denalis I was making fun of for being tacky with lipstick on a pig were 2007 models. I just saw a really nice looking Yukon Denali, and walked up to it and looked in the window. WOW. The interior was not tacky at all! At my casual glance it just seemed awesome and much better than the Toyota. Must be new for 2008. I never even considered looking at them because of the models up until now. I should have considered them.
  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    I drove an 08 Denali and while it was nice looking inside, it was a real piece of crap on the road. I am an old gm nut since '79 and that denali drove like my old 91 silverado did. It handled loosely, the steering wheel wood felt like it was seperating from the leather, the exhaust noise was getting old quickly and I found myself in sixth gear with that awful exhaust drone at 35 mph. Kick it down to get it out of sixth and it downshifts abruptly and goes right back to sixth. You did well to buy the Sequoia especially if it drives as well as my Tundra. Great powertrain. I fear for the future of gm if they continue to turn out vehicles like this. Read some of the escalade forums, its not good.
  • Well my husband and I went to Tampa for a couple of days for an RV show, and while we were there we went by Stadium Toyota to look at the 08. He had only seen them in the pictures posted online and neither one of us had driven one. I was looking to get a Limited in Pyrite Mica, and we had been talking to one of our local dealers that was supposed to have one coming in, but the price just didn't sound right. So while we looked at them in Tampa the had a Platinum on the lot and the salesman showed us all of the neat gadgets and features and we were very impressed with them so the dealer eager to make a sell asked what we wanted, I said I did not want white since that is what I have now and I don't like how quickly it starts looking dingy after it has been washed and I really like the Pyrite, so they found one that could be ready in 4-6 weeks with all the options. Then the GM started talking numbers with my husband and we finally settled on $52,600, My question is this, does this sound like a good deal for a loaded Platinum or not? It is less than our local dealer was quoting us for the Limited which is why we said yes to the deal. I would like to know your opinions so I can let my husband know.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    $52,600 is probably a good deal for a loaded Platinum but it is much easier if you relate it to dollars over invoice. People have reported paying as low as $1500, $1000, or even $500 over invoice. Then you need to see what BS 'standard' fees they will add. Mine added a $280 document fee. Some dealers add less, some add more.
  • When you say over invoice what are you refering to? I do know that the sticker price was over $58,000. I do not know what the invoice would be.
    Thanks for the input.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    It sounds like a great deal however you'll need to check a few things to be sure. $52600 is the dealer's factory invoice on a fully loaded Platinum. Loaded means the addition of these 4 options:
    Rear Entertainment
    Cold Kit
    Laser Cruise
    DRL on/off

    I would say if he's willing to sell a Platinum with these options at $52600 its an outstanding deal. In fact its about $6000 under MSRP. If it doesn't include the rear entertainment (which I kinda doubt since the Platinums are being delivered with one of 2 options... either everything above .... or everything above minus Laser cruise.) But if it doesn't have the rear entertainment then it would be about $1400 over Factory invoice. Still not an awful deal.

    You need to see if he's willing to put that deal in writing because if he is and its the vehicle you want, you should sign up as soon as you can.

    Mommytruck, nice negotiating by your husband if the deal is a loaded Platinum. Let us know. I paid $53400 for a Platinum with the following (I didn't want the Laser cruise):
    EY - Rear entertainment
    CK - Cold Kit
    RL - DRL On/Off
    Z1 - Preferred accessories package
    WL - Wheel Locks
  • The invoice is more than 52200. You can find the actual number with the options you want from
  • Actually we did put it in writing. We put a down payment on it and will pick it up in 4-6 weeks. Thanks :)
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    What options were included on your new Sequoia?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You got a heck of a deal! And on a Platinum no less! There's about a $3800.00 mark up on these trucks. So you definitely got a GREAT deal!
    MACK :shades:
  • Well it did not have the rear DVD but otherwise loaded. We will put in an aftermarket rear DVD in the headrest.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324

    Here's the factory invoice for a Platinum Sequoia with all the options. You can just subtract out the options not on your order (rear entertainment and any other options not on your vehicle) to figure out the dealer's factory invoice. If you subtract out the rear entertainment ($1336 invoice) and Laser Cruise ($480 invoice), you'll get a factory invoice around $50791. This Factory invoice will vary depending on whether the destination charge is higher or lower than the $685 on this invoice.

    This would make your dealer's offer of $52600 around $1800 over factory invoice or about $3825 off MSRP. Not bad.
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