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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • IF anyone else is unhappy with the NAV systems, please call the following department to get the complaint logged. This is one of the ways Toyota tracks issues and works to resolve them.

    Contact Toyota's Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Anyone know where I can get 2009 model year info including prices, options and colors and/or when this info will be available?
  • Just got va 2008 Limited 2x4. Had 8.2k on it when I bought it as a Corporate Vehicle. Supposed to have been used by the Corp. Training Ctr. (about 30 miles away). Has all the options I wanted and was the only red Sequoia available on the West Coast at the time. I am hearing a loud 'clunk' from under the front of the engine or tranny when the car is cold and it shifts into 2nd (or maybe its 3rd) and I have moved just less than 300ft. Once warmed up and driven a bit no noise is hear at all when the tranny shifts...its actually very quiet then.
    Has anyone had a similar 'clunk' noise and if so, did you find out what was causing it?
    Thanks a bunch!
  • I read some where in other forums that they are going to release the 09 version in November, but not sure when. Anybody have any idea? I'm waiting to buy a 08 model once they relase the 09 models, they offer good price on 08's.
  • Please let me know if anybody bought in atlanta, GA area..
  • Hasanyone found a supplier for a full front Brush Guard (not a 'Bull' Guard) for the 2008 Sequoia? I am also interested in a 'rear' bumper guard as well. Thanks for any suppliers you can tell me of.
  • I am thinking of putting one of those wood 'Dash kits' on my '08 Sequoia. Has anyone done this themselves? and how difficult was it? also, who was the supplier? I am thinking of the 'Burl ' wood (medium-dark wood)....any comments? Thanks all!
  • When you finish putting on the "Dash Kit" let us know your experiences. I agree the Burl wood would look very good. Also, could you post pictures of the finished product.
  • Thanks for the info. I just got my new Sequoia with the installed XM and am enjoying it so far. It took me 5 days to figure out how to retain the audio screen. Check out p.179 of the Nav system owners manual. I might figure out the rest of the system by Christmas. Granted, I don't have much time to study this but some of this is getting rather overwhelming!
  • gc1gc1 Posts: 4
    Does anyone have any info on the 09/10 Sequoia? One salesman told me that they're skipping the 09 and will bring the 2010 out this spring, but I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere. Specifically I'd like to know if they're planning on adding side torso airbags in the 2nd row like the LandCruiser and Lexus LX570 have. It already has 3 row head airbags. Thanks for your help.
  • I HAVE THE SAME ANNOYING NOISE!!!!!!!!!! Any word on a fix? This noise is the same as you would have on an old car with AM Radio that picks up the engine RPM over the car stereo speakers when you drive underneath an overpass.

    Question is what is causing the engine RPM to get picked up by the speakers? The engine not grounded properly? Perhaps the antenna, speaker, amplifier, power cables not properly connected/isolated/grounded? I am not an audio expert but there is definitely a high pitch noise that is exactly as the original poster describes.
  • trust me it is not the speakers or stereo as i have disconected it. your first step is to call the 800# and file a complaint, refenence mine as well.

    A long history...I eventually took toyota to arbitration and lost because the arbitrator could not hear the noise....he was a 70 year old guy with bad hearing. this was after several trips to the dealer. What it is, i have narrowed it down to 2 things, there is a large mesh screen behind the butterfly throttle valve, it was dented. i straightened it out. Maybe it had a reed effect as the air passed over it?? The other thing i did is ran some silicone sealant around the intake manifold on the top of the engine - remove the plastic engine cover. i think it is air getting in to the engine through this manifold seam but toyota wont listen. the noise has greatly diminished and only happens around 1500 rpms. bottom line, the field engineer said it was "normal operation" and that was treated as gospel. even thouh i took it to othe dealers and they all said it was not normal, his decision trumped all. i gave up.

    You can test it by doing a powerstand for a very short period, put emergency brake on, put in drive and keep push on brake pedal. bring rpms up to 2000 and you can hear it quickly. I made a dvd of it too.

    good luck, feel free to email me directly and i'll give you my documentation. :mad:
  • Hi everyone,

    My wife and I purchased a new 2008 5.7 2WD SR5 back in may. We have over 7,000 miles on it already and I think it's the best car I've ever owned.

    We drove it, in October, 2600 miles through Oregon, Idaho, Washington State and Northern California.

    The 5.7 engine with the 6 speed automatic never strained once throughout the trip. We averaged about 20 mpg, with a one of the tanks of fuel being wind aided that registered 24 mpg.

    We are currently looking at a new Venza for my wife to replace her RAV 4.

    It's a great vehicle, but for us there is no doubt the high feature V-8 and the 6 speed transmission is what sets it apart from the competition.

    Thanks for this message board
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    CanStacker - thanks for sharing. I feel the same way about our 08 Platinum - although we only have 700 miles on it so far the engine/transmission is superior to vehicles in its class that I tested prior to buying the Sequoia....
  • Please help - the stock sr5 size is 275/65 r18. the only tire i want to put on the truck is bf goodrich all terrain t/a. so do it you say......well they dont make the BF goodrich all terrain t/a tire in that size! they do make it in 285/65/ r18.

    my question is - does anyone know if that tire will fit the truck? How can i find out?

    Thanks in advance.
  • tee gotee go Posts: 6
    The only difference is the width of the two tires...a 275 is slightly less wide than a 285. Just ask the shouldn't be a problem.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Not only is a 285 wider, it's a bit larger in diameter. Assuming it fits, that will make your speedometer read roughly 2 mph slower at expressway speeds, and when your truck has 100k miles on it, the odometer will read only about 96k (if you care) :) .
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    I am looking to purchase a set of Tire Chains for my Sequoia. Does anyone have a recommended brand/type of chains? Where is the best place to purchase and the cost?
  • I know that all cars will idle fast when first started in cold weather, but my 2008 Seq. sounds like a jet engine when I first start it. It does return to what I feel is a reasonable idle after about 10 seconds. This can't be too great for the engine can it? Does anyone else think theirs is excessively high?
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