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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    Check your owner's manual to see if there are any recommendations on the type of chain you can use (regular chains, cable chains, Z type etc.). I suspect you have plenty of clearance for regular chains.

    I got my last two sets at the thrift store for about $5. Expect to pay around $40 for a new set. Or more.

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  • jbm4jbm4 Posts: 5
    My two cents... bought a Limited w/Nav in early November to take advantage of the deals. Never owned a supersize SUV (also have an RX and sold an 01 Tundra when I bought the Sequoia) but needed the three rows for kids, dogs, gear, etc. While I would hesitate to pay $55K+ for a Sequoia, Limiteds selling in the low 40s are a steal. Briefly looked at QX45 (ugly to me) and Suburban/Escalades (hesitated on build quality and depreciation having owned GM before).

    Pros - fit and finish, drivetrain (transmission especially), true 4WD capability (driven in deep snow up steep grades) and carrying capacity - especially the space in the second row. Smooth as butter. Touch screen navigation is great if that's what you prefer (coming out of a BMW with iDrive it's heaven).

    Cons - fuel economy. I knew it would be bad but accepted the tradeoff, and it's bad unless you spend your time on flat highways. For the first 3000 miles, average economy 14.4 mpg, high 18.8 mpg on a couple of highway tanks and low of 9.8 for mainly 4WD snow driving. Also the width of the car can be a con for some.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    JBM - your 2 cents are appreciated - I concur with your overview of the vehicle. IMO its best in class and when you add in the "deals" that are available its a great buy!
  • Hey Folks - Just wondering if anyone elses Sequoia does this...just picked up a brand new 2008 SR5, got a great deal so I have almost no complaints...BUT, being that is brand new of course, I am hyper-sensitive to everything...

    There is a plastic sounding "rattle" inside the passenger area, driver side, just behind the back corner of the moon-roof. When on a perfectly smooth road, you hear nothing...but even the slightest bump or expansion crack causes a very noticeable "rattle". It is loud enough to hear over conversation, but not loud enough to hear over the stereo at a moderate volume. It is a bit annoying, as it is right behind the driver seat.

    If I reach back and apply very light pressure near about the area, it prevents the rattle. I haven't actually got back there yet to really isolate the area (haven't had a chance to get another driver in so I could sit back there).

    Anyone else have this? Am I being too critical? I admit it is possible, but everything I read about the Sequoia indicated that the cabin noise level was well refined, and this definitely seems strange...would love some feedback on this one.

    Thanks much...
  • We believe that we have isolated a similar rattle: it seems that the plastic air conditioning/heating duct occasionally makes contact with the metal roof causing a rattle. A little foam rubber ought to eliminate the rattle, but we'll ask the dealer to take care of it.
  • I have the exact same rattle in my Platinum.

    I would like to hear more if someone manages to have this fixed - what is it and exactly how can it be fixed.
  • Thanks for the reply, sinecure...

    I am curious about how confident you are in your diagnosis? I still haven't had a chance to investigate yet. Also, do you have any experience at all with dealers taking care of these type of things? I have no idea how intrusive of a fix this is, or how willing dealers are to address items like this...anyone with any experience on these types of things? I wonder how easy it is to get into that space...

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated...
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    A dealer only has a handful of real mechanics who really know things around. They are usually assigned to work on more serious problems (ex. replace transmission). The rest are pretty much high school dropouts who do the oil changes and fixing minor stuffs. If I were you, I wouldn't let them touch my car for a minor rattle. Trust me, they will make the situation worse.
  • Thanks for the input Kiiwii, that is exactly what I am worried about...that is what I am wondering as well, whether I am better off leaving it be or not. Again, if anyone has any experience taking care of this rattle on their own or at a shop, I would like to hear how it turned out.
  • bogartd:

    Sometimes rattles and squeeks can be perplexing, but I'm confident that we've isolated our rattle. Just a little pressure on the duct stops the rattle and I can easily make the duct tap the steel roof.

    Dealers will fix easy to isolate squeeks and rattles, but aren't too keen on tracking down and fixing the tougher cases. For example, I bought a 95 Avalon new - drove it 236,000 miles then gave it to my nephew - that had a wind noise problem the dealer was not able to fix. The dealer made two bona fide efforts (unfortunately, not without some firm encouragement) I just decided to accept this defect and appreciate the car as a whole.
  • Hi,

    I have a couple of blank spots on my dash where factory switches can be mounted. I have a loaded Platinum, so I assume these must be for options in Japan or something that is not offered in the US.

    I need to mount a switch for a project I am working on and am looking for options. I would like to find something aftermarket that would mount into those panels. The toyota switches are all prelabeled and really would not do what I want. I want to put a simple toggle switch in but I would like for it to look as professional as possible. Anyone have a line on a good dealer for something like this?

  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Ha - speaking about extra blank spots on the dash - I was just commenting on the ONE that I have on my dash - Same here - loaded 4X4 Plat but I have one blank spot to the right of the passenger heated seat scroll wheel. TO the left I have the AUX switch - so possible an additinal Aux Switch.

    Does anyone know what this blank is for?
  • I just bought a new 08 sequoia and after a week i heard the rattle. I agree its the duct that's loose but I made an appt to the dealer to have them check it out on thur. I will keep this site posted.
  • Please do let us know their response, I am debating on whether to call my dealer about it or is one of those things that is relatively minor, but just doesn't seem right. Especially given that the Sequoia is supposedly reknown for their quiet ride and refined interior.

    My biggest fear is having the dealer address it, and them attempting to do so (with all good intention) and either making the problem worse or introducing other problems.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I know this sounds crazy however are you alone in the car when you hear the rattle or do others also hear it? I had a rattle that I heard when I was alone in the vehicle. I thought it was coming from the dash, possibly vent area. I really couldn't clearly identify the location.

    It turned out to be the front passenger shoulder strap buckle which was flipped upside down and gently banging (rattling) against the seat. It was left rubbing against the upper side of the seat and simply needed to be flipped down flat against the strap.

    Problem solved...sound gone. May or may not be your issue however I thought it was worth sharing.
  • Yeah, I thought the same thing at first...I thought maybe it was a random loose item in my 4 year old's booster seat, or some other such thing!

    I honestly haven't gotten in the back seat with someone else is driving to really isolate it...but I can fairly confidently say it is coming from the ceiling, just behind the driver's seat...and I can also reach back and by applying a very small amount of pressure in the right spot on the ceiling actually eliminate/stop the noise. So I am pretty confident there is something loose up there...

    We have only had the vehicle a short period, and just haven't had a chance to get back there while someone else is driving to really search it out yet.

    I am definitely anxious to hear peoples experience getting this addressed...
  • I took my sequoia to the dealer this morning and they found a loose plastic insulation inside the headliner. they took the headliner out and remounted the loose part. i didnt hear any more rattle after that. It took them half day and was all covered by warranty. My advice is take it back to the dealer for proper repair. I went to Westbury Toyota in Long Island NY. :)
  • Does anyone know if the 40/20/40 second row bench seats are removable in the '08 Sequoia? I was told by a salesperson that the 20 portion of the bench seat can be removed and put back in when needed. I didn't get a chance to actually test it out but wondered if this is possible? Basically it would make captain chairs when needed with better access to the third row but still allow for a full bench seat later on.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Congratulations. Good to hear it was fixed and that it didn't cost anything other than your time.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    How do you open the upper console control for the sunroof / garage door opener etc., on the Sequoia? My Shop manual says nothing. Thanks. Chs
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