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Mazda 626 Troubles



  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    No, 4 cylinder manual tranmsission cars are much more reliable than 4 cyl automatics. V6 models have pretty good Japanese built auto transaxle.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Severe steering wheel shake could be cuased by a bad tire with a broken steel belt, or by a loose tie rod. Not so severe shaking by a tire badly out of balance.
  • jkiserjkiser Posts: 1
    Our 1988 Mazda 626 has been quite reliable but, recently we have ran into two problems:

    1. When I try to start it, nothing, indicator lights come on but no crank. So, I am forced to push start it every time. I have to look for hills to park on, what a pain. It got this way, but at first it would fluctuate, start, not start, start, start, not start...
    Then just a few days ago it just won't start without popping the clutch on a push.
    What could be wrong? Distributor? Starter? I replaced selanoid already, what do you suggest?

    2. Just a day ago I noticed my 626 having hard time accelerating. So when I try to get on highway it takes a slow entrance and soon I am up to speed but the engine doesn't have the same umph as usual. What could be going on here?

    I also was wondering what should be checked on a tune-up? I really need to have one done soon. I want to know what is best for my vehicle.

    I really appreciate any form of reply and I just can't express how impressed by all of the posters here. What a wonderful sense of cooperation.
  • Hi, I have a 626 DX 1994 4cyl 2.0 manual, here's my problem. Yesterday when i stopped at the red light (after driving on the high way for half an hour, engine running3k rpm) my battery light turned on, it went like this for the next 10 light or so and then it didn't reappear... I suspect the alternator, is there any other possibility? I changed the battery with a brand new one this winter. Also, when i accelarate too quickly (on sliperry surface ;-) ) the front tire loose grip and then the car start to jump!!! the problem is: me, front suspension, motor rack/stand or else????
  • yahyah Posts: 2
    hey, I haven't had a tuneup on my 626 2002 yet by I get my spark plugs changed so why is my check engine light on again and there telling me at auto zone tht it's another misfire on cylinder 3 and I changed it 2 mons ago w/ plugs& wires. Help anyone!!
  • yahyah Posts: 2
    help what is a good price for a tune up
  • mazda626atxmazda626atx Posts: 227
    I have heard from many here that Auto zone will pull the codes for free. I do not know if that applies to OBD1 models.What other symptoms aside from just the CEL? There are Mazda sites that show you how to draw the codes yourself ,My Mazda is a little confusing. Usually it is done by jumping the tens pin and the grnd pin in the Diagnostic Locator box that is next to the battery. You should be able to do a google for your year car and get the exact instructions from a mazda 626 site. Those sites have generation 1 which is prolly yours . Good Luck
    :) Also this forum may have gen 1 cars on its home page
    Good Luck
  • boltsbolts Posts: 3
    Hi, I have a 1994 Mazda 626 ES V6, automatic. Within the last month or so, my car has begun to stall while slowing down, progressivly becoming more frequent. All that needs to be done is to put the car in park, turn it off and re-start (starts no problem). More recently, in addition to that problem, while driving the car it jerks and the engine light comes on. The engine light is usually on, unless the car is turned off and started again (some times a few times). I brought it to Mazda to do a diagnostics and they said it was the distributor assembly. I brought it to a mechanic that just changed it for a new distributor. On the way home same problem occured and when stopped it's even worse now, it seems like it's going to die. Any suggestins? I think I may have waisted a lot of money. Please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions or thoughts. THANKS FOR ANY HELP
  • Hi, the gas pedal on my Mazda 626 (1996) is very hard first thing in the morning or if the car has been parked for some time. If i start the car and give it upto a minute the pedal will be fine. Or unless i give it a good kick when i'm in a hurry, but not always happy doing this.

    Is this by design or is there a fault? the car has done 102k miles, if this has anything to with it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • kent5kent5 Posts: 3
    I'm considering to buy a 2000 Mazda 626 LX with an auto transmission. My friend, who helped me test driving it, felt "not smooth" when he stepped on the gas pedal. Especially when transmission shifts, he feels a little shake. I was wondering if anybody had the same experience. Is it a big problem? Thanks.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The throttle plate tends to stick in it's bore from built up residue. Time to clean the throttle body out. Remove the air intake ducting, have someone hold the throttle wide open, and spray in a liberal amount of air intake cleaner (not carb cleaner). Scrub the throttle body bore and the back of the throttle plate with an old toothbrush, wipe out the residue with clean wipers, and you should be good to go.
  • I HAVE A 2002, WHICH NOW NEEDS A TRANSMISSION REBUILT!!!! I'm a complete wreck because of this disaster - i just got this car not even a year ago, and it's a newer model, nothing should be going wrong! i was wondering if you found out anything new on the subject matter since. I'm really upset about this, and i'm not paying this bill without a fight!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Have you tried calling Mazda customer service and asking them whether they'd be willing to split the cost? Manufacturers often will, as a "good faith" gesture.
  • I have a 2000 Mazda 626 LX that I purchased in April of this year and I've been trying to diagnose my interior light problem. All the lights (dome and driver/passenger overhead lights) work fine if you manually turn them on, but when I open the doors, they don't automatically turn on. I've checked all fuses and they're fine. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Have you checked the door switches. If they stick shut, the light will not come on when doors are open.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Sorry to hear that, but there is ton of information available on horrible history of 4 cyl Mazda 626 auto transmissions. It is a good idea to do a little research before buying a car with problematic history. A manual transmission would have been a far wiser choice in this car.
  • danyekdanyek Posts: 2
    I experienced this problem w/ my Dodge Caravan and went thru the entire deduction process. The culprit was a camshaft position sensor. Apparently the sensor was going bad. It was a $40 part and eblow grease on my part. No problems since the replacement. Good luck.
  • boltsbolts Posts: 3
    You think so? Well it's 3 aftermarket distributors now. The mechanic is going to try a new mazda distributor, or changing the crank sensor. I have no clue. It's frustrating. I've spent 4 days in a garage.
  • wmlove3wmlove3 Posts: 1
    hey did you ever solve this problem? If so what did you do?
  • kirbydalekirbydale Posts: 1
    I guess this is more of a radio problem as opposed to the car. I have a 2000 626 with the Bose 6-disc cd player. When trying to eject a disc the other day, it started flashing out and has not stopped.

    I can use the radio and tape deck but not the CD player. Does anyone know how to reset it or remove the face and manually remove the cd?
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