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Mazda 626 Troubles



  • In post 180 I forgot to mention that in the morning when the car is cold the transmission makes a winding noise & seems like it shifts late.
    Again the car is a 1993 mazda MX-6LS V6 Automatic

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

  • (Note: This is an example of the stream-of-unconsciousness thought process I use to try to figure out an answer. I include it here just in case I accidentally hit on something correct while so doing.)

    If you shift the thing manually, from "1" to "2" ("2" will actually get you into third) and then to "Drive", you're bypassing all the shift solenoids while you're in the lower ranges. This would suggest that there's a flaky solenoid - but which one? Only one of them is energized for both first and second gear, and that's the 2-3 solenoid. (If the HOLD light were flashing and a code 61 were set, that would ice the deal.)

    Still, it may not be the transmission at all, since flooring it seems to bypass all your problems. Have you checked the engine mounts? If there's some slight difference in alignment between where the engine is sitting and what the shift lever is trying to say, and it goes away because the engine has just altered its position a couple of millimeters due to high revs - well, let's say I'd look into this possibility before I started taking the transmission apart.
  • Check the CV joints as well.
  • Hello. I am the proud new owner of a 94 Mazda 626 ES model, 6cyl. So far no problems, however I do have a question. What is the hold button for?
  • The "HOLD" button is for when you want to keep the transmission from going into overdrive. It keeps it in 3rd...
  • I figured as much, but I wanted to make sure. Now, does anyone know how the factory security system works? The only way I can activate it is by locking the doors from the inside via the driver's side power lock. I can also deactivate using the keyless entry remote. However, I can't activate the alarm using the remote, nor does the panic button or the lock/unlock work. When I try to use these features I can hear a clicking noise from underneath my dash as if it is trying to work. Any suggestions?? I believe this may be an aftermarket keyless entry system added to the Mazda factory security system because the remotes don't have a Mazda logo and are rather cheap looking.
  • Actually, it works in all three forward shift positions, to lock you into the gear indicated.

    If you're starting off in D, you begin in second for just a moment, after which you stay in third; this, for me, is ideal for negotiating winter messes, since I don't have to worry that a sudden shift (in either direction) is going to spin me into a ditch. No substitute for a stick, or even a good manumatic (which Mazda sorely needs, if only for the Millenia), but a nice thing to have.
  • WIndowphobe6, thanks for the info, After driving around for a few days I have payed much closer to the transmission on my mx-6. Now I forgot to mention that when I shift the gears manually, I also use the hold button. So when it is in 1 with the hold on, I am starting in 1st. Then when I'm ready to shift to second, I release the hold,while keeping the gear selector in 1 & it shifts to second gear just by releasing the hold button. When I'm ready for third gear, I put the gear selector to 2 & I'm in third. And when I'm ready for 4th, I just move the gear selector to D & I'm in fourth. When you drive like that there are no problems.

    Another thing I think I figured out over the last few days, is that the car (when driving in D - normally) after coming to a complete stop does not shift to 1st gear. I believe it is starting in 2nd gear and as I accelerate a little the car vibrates because it is trying to get out of second and into 1st & eventually does after a few seconds. When the car shifts to second after that I get some vibration there also. After that it runs fine.
    When I floor the car it takes off in first and runs & shifts great. Is my mashing the accelerator to the floor putting the car into first because of the high RPMs?
    When I have the gear selector in D and push the hold button to take off from a start, the car starts in 2nd gear like it should. Then when it gets to about 2250 RPMs it vibrates & shifts to 3rd gear (it seems like it shifts to 3rd gear prematurely).

    Also the hold button does not flash at all. The only time it comes on is when it is supposed to, when I activate it.
  • I have a '98 626 with the 2.0 automatic and about 60k miles. Aside from having good clean styling, I've basically been disappointed with it since I bought it. I first noticed how terribly underpowered it was, which wasn't that obvious during the test drive. I then noticed how the transmission could use a healthy dose of Prozac to treat its manic-depressive nature. Trying to get on I-81 (the on-ramp goes up hill)is like riding a bull who can't decide if it minds being ridden, or not. It searches the entire range of gears, never being quite satisfied with the one it chooses. No big deal unless a sociopathic truck driver is bearing down at 90MPH.

    Okay. I got used to all that and then it really started getting strange. Now if I'm running the AC, or have the lights or rear defrost on it sputters when I give it the gas from a dead stop. Sometimes it seems to cough when I'm not at a dead stop. I took it to the dealer and they said there was nothing wrong; no error codes, nothing. They just told me to run 89 octane. Of course, when I tried to demonstrate to the mechanic, the little SOB (the car, that is) wouldn't do it. As soon as he got out and I was on my way, it was back to the rodeo.

    Any similar experiences and/or remedies?


  • This should be almost instantaneous.

    If you've come to a rolling stop, starting up again will usually be in second unless you do, in fact, mash the pedal. If you're stopped completely, the mechanism is supposed to start back up in first.

    Screwy torque converter, maybe? Something's resonating at 2200 rpm that ought not to be....
  • The control module is supposed to be compensating for increased electrical loads - and, in fact, if the A/C compressor kicks in, it's supposed to kick up the idle about 100 rpm. I had a number of minor electrical glitches which weren't repeatable, the vast majority of which went away when the battery finally died and was replaced with a new one.

    The 2.0 is really not enough engine for a car this size, and the gearing is rather tall, though the 626 weighs quite a bit less than most of its competitors, which somewhat offsets the horsepower deficit, and by '98 Mazda had figured out that buyers of the four-cylinder with the automatic really weren't looking for a torque peak way up at 4500 rpm. (I have redlined one of these engines a couple of times, and it seems to me that above 5500 rpm or so, it mostly processes gasoline into noise.)
  • geo768geo768 Posts: 5

    That's the problem when in D without the hold button on, after a complete stop the car is starting off in 2nd gear vibrates a bit like it is trying to shift to 1st does shift to 1st and then shifts to 2nd with a some vibration at times.

    Any other help before I head to the mechanic?


    George (geo768)
  • This still doesn't sound like transmission meltdown to me, but I'd definitely want to hear what someone concludes after some actual diagnostics.
  • billusbillus Posts: 4
    I have a '98 626ES-V6...with the automatic. At first I only used regular unleaded (87 octane), but having fallen in love with the car have begun pampering it with 93 octane.

    It doesn't like it when I back off the gas just after it's shifted, but other than's wonderful! Turn O/D off and it can be downright peppy, especially if you take advantage of the fact that you can crank up to 65mph in "2" before putting the transmission in "D."

    Yeah, 0-60 times are pretty lousy, but the Bose stereo is awesome, EVERYTHING still works (had to replace a headlight bulb the other day), short of regular maintenance. I have 67,000 miles and must turn my sweet babu back in, come February. If my residual weren't so high, I'd suggest one of you guys buy it!

    Mind you...I NEVER get serviced at the dealer. I ALWAYS stick with the car and make sure it gets done right. I was VERY gentle during the first 4000 miles. Synthetic oil also helps (Mobil 1). ALWAYS wait until the temp. gauge begins to move upward before putting the transmission in drive.

    By the way, if gas is as expensive for you as it is here... $1.89 for reg., $2.09 for premium, the 10% surcharge for premium is worth paying for the extra mileage and performance you get...

    Still idles nice and smooth. This baby loves it when I "drive it like I stole it."
  • I thought about the tire size, but the OEM Michelins only lasted about 22,000! I guess I'll go back to that size and just rotate every time I change the oil! (every 4k with Mobil 1)

    Are the SP 5000 a Bridgstone tire?
  • Anyone have a line on a discount supplier of
    genuine Mazda parts? I use for my
    other car but they unfortunately do not carry Mazda OEM parts and / are too generic. I need a new antenna mast and a power door lock timer/relay. Have the part numbers but need a source. Help...

    By the way, I have a 90' 626-LX with 86K that runs
    and looks like a jewel. It has been a wonderful (if not "plain-Jane") family vehicle for 10+ years. None of the mechanical problems that seem so common on the later year models. Now if I can only get the door jamb power antenna to stop breaking and the power door locks to work, again...
  • erie14erie14 Posts: 1
    I seem to be having a problem with my gas pedal.
    Sometimes it sticks when I first start the car. I
    have to give it a good push to get it past the sticking point. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out!!!
  • My guesses (not a mechanic, just an "enthusiast") would be:

    1) throttle cable or linkage in need of lubrication / cleaning
    2) throttle body dirty, with deposits causing the throttle plate to stick

    Regardless, anything causing problems with proper movement of the gas pedal needs to be addressed immediately....

    Good luck!
  • What do I have to say about my 89 626. It'a a good deal and it's not. When I read your response I saw myself all over again. I brought my 626 in Aug of 99. it had 119,000 miles on it. It was my first car and I was 17 or 18 I can't remember. I bought it for $3,000 as well. The first thing I would tell you to do that I didn't until it was too late is take it to a mazda specialist they will tell what's wrong. My car had 1,400 worth of problem that dealer didn't tell plus I had no warranty. The alternater when out in downtown atlanta on my way to work. within 4months of buying it. I had a value cover that needs to be replace, fuel gauge don't work correctly, front and rear transmission mount need to be replace. But In the year i had put 25,000 miles and it holds up pretty good it's great car for a teenage But be prepared to put some work into it. I am thinking about even purchasing another mazda for more info email me at
  • Couple days ago, I had a scary incident with my 626. I was on the first lane (counting from the left) on the highway, and I wanted to change lane into the second lane. (I was going about 70 mph at that time.) At the same time, the car on the third lane that was ahead of me wanted to change
    lane into the second lane too. I wouldn't have enough distance to do so without hitting that car, so I had to jerked my car back to the first lane. I had my foot on the break since I was changing lane. When I jerked back to the first lane, my car skidded a bit, then tt went totally out of control. It sent my car 90 degrees _ACROSS_ the hightway, aiming toward the car that was in the fourth lane! At the last moment, I let go of the break, and that sent my car another 90 degrees (without hitting anything), going parrell
    with the car on the fourth lane! I was facing the opposite direction of the traffic for a second or two before my car decided to swing back in place with the rest of the traffic. Was it my speed that caused the car to go out of control or was there something wrong with my car? I got my breaks checked after the incident. The result was normal. Is there anything else I should check?
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