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Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo



  • is there anything reported on the '92 stealth about it not wanting to start and drains batteries but is not the alternator? there are no drains on the battery either. i just got it back from the shop and they replaced the nuetral safety switch and it ran for about 5 days then stopped running again. i am in the army and this car is my only mode of trans so i need it to run.
  • Glad to see that some one else has a dodge stealth. BUT.. Sorry that is not the problem i am having . And we are still trying to figure out this problem. I put it back into another shop. Hopefully they can figure it out. I would thing that your problem would be an easy one to figure out. But than you would think mine would be also. I don't know if you have read all the forum's on the 3000 gt but there are people with the same problem that you are having. Just go over to your right of the page and enter 300ogt in the KEY WORD I wil let you know if i ever get this problem fixed and i hope you do the same. And by the way..... Thanks for serving our country and keeping us safe!!!!!!
  • Helo I am the one with the long time problem with my car not wanting to start after setting 45 minutes. We have most likely narrowed it down to VAPOR LOCK. Because after many of road test, we drove the car the same amount of time four times. And we discoverd that after leaving the hood down and trying to start it, it would not start. But doing the same thing three more times, but this time we raised the hoop up. AND THE CAR STARTED. I have ordered another part, but they say that this part is working, but will try a new one anyway. any body have any ideas. Other than wrapping the fuel lines?
  • Hi, I came across this message board while searching for some ideas on what to do with my 1991 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo. My cousin bought (ordered) it brand new off the line and paid a premium for black with red leather interior. He drove it for 28,000 miles and then I bought it from him. It has 42,000 original mile today and is in mint condition because it has been garaged right from the start. I'm thinking of selling it, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas of where I should list it. It's really one of a kind due to it's age, low mileage, and perfect condition. What would you do with it? Thanks, Ron
  • Hi Ron
    Well it all depends on how much you like your car and how much you want to spent on repairs. Because with the millege it has on it now is when the problems start, believe it or not. I myself must be nuts too have spent what i have these two years ,and still have not found the problem. I now bought myself a repair book and started to study. And also have been spending alot of time on the internet. Believe it or not there's alot of information out there. I have been now buying one part at a time hoping to fix the problem. None of the garages i have been to could help. Tomorrow i am putting on the crank angle senser. After that i don't no what i will do.
    Maybe give up. Here is the part number. if you google it the part it will come up and will led you to more information."MD153464" As as for the car and what to do. if you love it and have the time and money for repairs keep it. If not sell it to someone who won't mind the repair cost and down time. Hope this helps. KEEP THE FAITH
  • jerky244jerky244 Posts: 1
    Hi my name is Gaib. I own a 1996 twin turbo stealth and i'm lookin to replace my suspension. I need to know if the 96's came with the electronic controlled suspension. Also does anyone have any suggestions for a good brake kit? Is there anywhre i can buy new stock interior parts, like whole seats? And one more thing, i was looking at a couple other sites on stealth TT production numbers and they said that their were only 57 96' twin turbo stealths produce is there any validity to that or not?
  • Sorry can't help. I couldn't find seats for my 1992, but it will cost me 1,100.00
    to recover the front seats only. What i finally had to do was to buy the auto repair books. "" they were about $96.00
    Also just my googling in the part number a whole bunch of other information sometimes comes up. I was really supprised.sorry i can't help
  • dkeimairdkeimair Posts: 3
    I have a 1992 Stealth Twin Turbo that is about as pristine as you can get with the 100,00 miles it just turned over. However it has recently developed an annoying problem. When it gets warmed up after running 15-20 minutes the throttle seems to stick at 2200 RPM in gear or when you stick in the clutch. The only thing that stops it is when the wheels are about to cone to a stop, then it goes back to normal idle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Hello: I am having the same problem right now believe it or not.I think i have pinpointed it to my anti brake. Part alone is $300.00. I have a short in my passenger side front brake senser. I have noticed when the light come on i have the problem and when the light goes off it's is fine. But i have been preoccupied with an on going problem. And i am hoping by the end of the month i will have it fixed. Then I'll be famous! Ha, Ha
    If you are having a problem with your anti brake it might be as simple as taking the senser out and wiping it off. It is behind the brake disc. Or it could be your throttle position senser. $120.00. you can put it on yourself. I went on line and ordered the repair manual from"" for about $95.00. If nothing else you gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. Also i have found a site ( Jeff Lucius)
    This site is unreal! Also I have been able to get most of my parts still from the The
    Mitsubishi dealers. Also google part number MD614405 it might show you the sensor. Let me no what you come up with about your problem. Here is my e-mail address Maybe we can both pick each others brain
  • Hello again
    About your problem with the throttle seeming to sick. As i told you in the last e-mail, mine has been doing the same thing. I replaced my driver side abs senser because they told me it was bad. Now this was about 4 years ago when i paid them 100.00 to tell me the problem. I didn't have time to mess with the car because of work. So now that i have the time to work on the car this is what i am doing. I bought the senser, tested it before i put it on the car, it tested good. I remover the old one today, tested it and it tested good also. GREAT!!!!!!!!! There goes another $100.00 for wrong information. BUT! I did buy the relay fuse the same time. I read about this in the book that i bought. But in the mean time i put the new sensor on and it didn't fix the problem. So i said well I'll put this $30.00 relay in. And so far the abs light doesn't come and the idol problem went away. I took it on a long test drive and so far so good. KNOCK ON WOOD. I'll believe it, if it stays fixed for a week. So this is what you do. Replace the relay fuse. it is under the hood. as you face the engine it is on your left, in the front in that big fuse box. Looking at the fuse box it will be the roll of fuses on your right, second one up. Also it is in your owners manuel. Here is the part number 8627A011 it looks different than the old one but it is the same. Let me know if it works for you
  • dkeimairdkeimair Posts: 3
    Well I replaced theECM and installed a new idle motor to no avail, so now I guess I'll try the relay....stay tuned!!! By the way thanks for the info.
  • ramonacramonac Posts: 5
    I just got this car two mos. ago & have begun having problems starting it w/out a jump & keeping it running when stopping/braking unless I put it in neut. & keep my foot on the gas, even that does'nt always work, once it dies it needs to be jump started, when I first started having this problem I was able to restart w/out the jump before I had any problems I noticed these six wires that run to the fuel injectors (on the top R side of engine) that were melted after I spliced them together I started having this problem w/it dieing, I don't recall seeing these wires broken when I first bought it, but since I drove it six miles before I spliced them together w/out any issues I thought maybe I reconnected a problem so I pulled it apart, But I am still having the starting problem but have'nt driven it since undoing those wires, I'm afraid that I'll mess it up worse, I don't have any experience w/this type of motor, any clues what the problem might be???PLZ Help can't afford a mechanic..
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    My car i a twin turbo all wheel drive . Don't know what you have. First of all it could be many things. Believe me!!!! I am sure you have checked your battery, and checked the alternator. It has to be putting out enought amp. very nessessary. The melted wires! fuel pump. Many things. But first find a good shop and see if they can find the problem just by diagnosing. That's the first place to start. Alot of the parts on the engine you can replace yourself. Order yourself the repair manuel on line and study it. It is very helpful. I can look in my book and read all the
    trouble shooting it has to give. It could even be the computer. Injectors; is another one. Check all vacuum lines , look very close and try and fine them all, and look for wear and tear. coils, plugs and wires, But first just go and have the problem checked. NOW; some times diagnosing doesn't always show the problem. It gets very flustrating. another is Idea speed controll servo, your mass air flow sensor. See the list go on. so have it checked first. I hope this helps. heres my e-mail address PS I am still trying to fine a very difficult issue with mine. It runs great. If i ever figure it out i will be a hero!!!!!!!!! But now i am taking a break from it.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    Did you ever get your problem fixed?
  • ramonacramonac Posts: 5
    My 93 Stealth is a R/T Coupe
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    My is a R/T also .. Twin turbo ,dual over head cam, all wheel drive. Good luck and let me know how you make out with your repairs
  • rdst91rdst91 Posts: 1
    I changed the clutch in my '91 r/t turbo and shortly after my interior lights and brakes lights stopped working. The fuse had blown and keeps blowing everytime I change. It has to be a short somewhere, but I can't find it. Also my passenger window was working fine until last week. It will not go up or down. The switch box seems like it has no power going to it. If anyone has any ideas please share.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    I looked in the repair manual, and the only wire i see when you replace a clutch is up under the dash where the clutch and break pedal are located> There is the stop light switch, the clutch switch< vehicles with auto cruise control. Maybe one of those wire's got pinched sence your break light quit working. If you were up under the dash that is. Other than that i don't see any wire's where you take apart the clutch its self. As far as your window. get your self a o-meter and check for continuity in the switch. Repair manual will show you how to do this. Sorry i can't be more help. But that is probably what it is other than the motor its self. Alot of window motors are sold on e-bay.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    Me again, As to your problem with your window. There is a Power Window relay under your dash, left side; it looks like there are four different types of relays. It is the one on the bottom right. By your left knee.
  • ramonacramonac Posts: 5
    Re: My 93 stealth that wouldn't stay running, I don't want to jinx myself so I won't tell you the problem is fixed yet, but I will say that since taking it over to a friends house three days ago and putting a new battery in prior to that I'm not having any problems with it so far. My friend & I spliced those wires bak together and by the way after alot of research I now know those wires were coming from the VIC Motor and running to & under the Wire Rail. We also turned the idle speed up 100 more rpms ,it's sitting at approx 800/900rpms at a idle, my friend also told me that the problem could reappear since we don't know what fried the vic motor wire harness in the first place but it's been three days w/out any problems, I'm still holding my breath & praying like hell that it wont mess up again, Thanks for everybodys input. I'll keep ya all informed in couple weeks if it's still on the road. by ramonac
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