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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • I am glad to see I am not the only one with this window problem. I replaced the left rear window regulator ($400) about a year ago. Once again, it broke a couple of days ago and the estimate is for another $400. I have a 2002 Liberty. Nothing but bad luck on this one. At about 88,000 miles, the engine blew and after debating with Jeep for 2 weeks, they agreed to pay half of repairs. My half was $3000. Luckily, I did some research and saw this was a fairly common problem in the 2002 Liberty's. It was going to be between $6000 and $7000. I have only owned Jeeps for past 18 years. They just don't make them like they used to. I guess that is why their warranties are crap now. I think I will check out a Ford this time.
  • I've not had this problem, but my daughter's Liberty CRD has on multiple accounts, I've ordered these kits for the front and back and from doing my daughter's it takes about 1 hour the 1st one and the other is easy. The company is Steiger Performance and this will fix the cheap plastic roller bushing. In all fairness to the designers it was plastic to cut noise, just the plastic used is not up to the task. This should fix your problem forever for the parts in the kit are steel! Good luck.
  • This is an easy fix permanently. I ordered for my daughter's Liberty CRD a kit from Steiger Performance. The kits are rear left and right and front left and right. I performed the broken one first took about an hour, Learning Curve the other working was much faster, and the same went for the working front windows 1st learning the 2nd easy. My Liberty I just did it as a preventative measure. Good luck and you'll be so happy with the results.
  • I got a call on November 1st from Jeep asking to confirm my address so they could mail a reimbursement check for a window repair from February '10.
    At that time they paid for everything but a $100. deductable (which I guess is standard with an extended warranty even though I do not have an extended warranty) the dealer charged me a $90. diagnostic fee (not sure why…. Stevie Wonder could have seen what was wrong) for a grand total of $205.98 out of pocket.

    Jeep is reimbursing the entire amount, and stated they will cover all the window regulators for as long as I own the vehicle

    The repair that they did required installing new window glass......something about the lift points on the newly engineered parts being different than the original.

    It gets very muddied up with just how they are doing the repairs and what parts are being used.

    The most important point to bring up when you talk to customer service is that they will not sell you the part that was installed at the factory! They have reengineered the window regulator and discontinued the one they sold you. A company does not do something like this unless they know they have a problem!

    Below is the list of parts & part #s for 2006
    Door, Front, Glass and Regulator
    1 GLASS, Front Door
    55360374AH 1 Up to 2/25/06. With Lift plate,
    DD09984GTY Collision Replacement Glass
    55360375AH 1 Up to 2/25/06. With Lift plate, Left
    DD09985GTY Collision Replacement Glass
    55360998AA 1 After 2/25/06, Without Lift plate,
    DD11118GTN Collision Replacement Glass
    55360999AA 1 After 2/25/06, Without Lift plate,
    DD11119GTN Collision Replacement Glass
    2 WEATHERSTRIP, Glass Channel
    55360958AA 1 Right
    55360959AA 1 Left
    3 55360959AA 1 SCREW, M6X1.00X15.5, (NOT
    4 REGULATOR, Front Door Window
    04589265AA 1 Used After 2/25/06, Without
    Lift plate, Left
    04589268AA 1 Used After 2/25/06, Without
    Lift plate, Right
    55360030AM 1 Used Up to 2/25/2006, Right
    55360031AM 1 Used Up to 2/25/2006
    , Left
    5 06504029 7 BOLT, Hex Flange Head,
    M6x1.0x20, Regulator to Door
    M = MEDIUM
    T = JEEP - 2WD
    J = JEEP - 4WD
    U = JEEP - 4WD (RHD)
    74 = SPORT UTILITY 4-DR EKG = 3.7L V6 Engine
    ENR = 2.8L 4 Cyl Turbo Diesel
    ENJ = 2.5L 4 Cyl 16V Turbo
    Diesel Engine
    ED1 = 2.4L 4 Cyl DOHC 16v
    SMPI Engine
    DG6 = 4-Spd. Automatic 42RLE
    DGV = 4-Spd. Automatic VLP
    DGQ = 5-Spd Automatic 5-45RFE
    DEH = 6-Speed Manual NSG370
    DDD = 5-Speed HD Manual
    DDK = 5-Speed HD Manual
    AR = use ase required - = Non illustrrated part 2006 KJ

    Good luck to all

    Best regards

    Rich O, N2ZKX
  • kei48kei48 Posts: 4
    My 2006 Liberty had the side windows fail...three times. Left rear window dropped out of sight in April of 2007, right rear July of 2008, right rear again November 4 of 2010. Called the original dealer, and when told the model and year, the rep said"window problems, huh"? I called the dealer where I now live and told the rep the model and year and asked if he could guess what I was calling about, he said "windows"? I called the Chrysler complaint line and spoke with a really pleasant young woman. She took all of the information, without making a commitment, and said someone would call me within 24 hours with a determination. I'm a bit hopeful since I've found literally thousands of complaints on multiple sites addressing an identical problem and Chrysler accepted responsibility to a couple of people...Chrysler is aware of substandard parts in at least those years...even found service bulletin 23-008-09 issued on April 15, 2009 which alerts the dealers about the chronic problem. I have an appointment with the dealer in the AM, most likely I'll have to pay upfront but hope to get reimbursed from Chrysler. I'll get my money from them, the easy way or the hard way. I'll post the results in the next couple of days.
  • I have the same issue as all of you.. All Window regulators have broke Since I bought the car 3 years ago, and some more than once, and I currenlty have one broke, and have been waiting since JUNE 2010, to get the part..

    I went in June, they were on Backorder. Supposed to be in, in August.. I went in August, supposed to be in, in Sept. I just called today, and now they say, there is no "Promise delivery date" from chrysler. Which means it could be another year that I am driving around with tape on my window.. Does Duct tape hold up in the winter?

    I am in Rochester, NY, and have called all the Chrysler dealers here, and not one shop has one.

    Anyone have any news of a delivery date for these? I hope they are new design!
  • kei48kei48 Posts: 4
    When I posted my complaint yesterday, I made a mistake. My wife corrected me and said it was the SAME window all three times. I took the jeep to the local dealer at 7:45 this morning and worked with a really pleasant and helpful service rep. Within an hour they had diagnosed the problem as being a broken cable of some type. They had to get the part from across town and said it would be ready in the afternoon...$150 for the part, $120 labor.

    The Chrysler rep called me shortly after and we had a spirited discussion and he said he would get back to me after talking with the service manager. He called back a couple of hours later and said that Chrysler would pay the bill, and, they were going to replace the whole assembly, window and all, just to be certain this didn't happen a fourth time.

    He said they dealt with these issues on a case by case basis and, if it happened to one of the other windows, they would make a determination at that time. He didn't acknowledge that he was aware of a flood of window problems, just that Chrysler would pay for this one. I'm happy until it happens again.
  • Just got off the phone with customer service, who by the way was very nice but could not give me an answer. Same story just another person. Took my liberty in to get the right passenger side window fixed and $450 later it was fixed. I live in Northern Wisconsin and today both my driver and rear passenger windows had the same issue, and it is cold out. After everything I have heard about jeep from the thousands of Jeep owners saying the same thing and nothing being done with it I'm just done. I'm not going to put money into a worthless product so that it will just break again. I'm tired of the excuses, I'm tired of all the lies. If Jeep cannot fix the issue or help me fix it monetarily then I'm just done. Word of mouth goes a long ways in this world. Everyone I know and as often as I can I will say negative things about Jeep. Doesn't even matter if I wasted 10 minutes to write this short book, nothing will be done. This is why I'm taking it upon myself to sell my piece of junk Jeep liberty and get a real vehicle. Maybe if jeep helped its customers instead of selling them crap and not taking the blame for it they wouldn't post such huge negative numbers in the third quarter. YES I HAD ONE JEEP AND IT WILL BE MY ONLY JEEP, THANKS JEEP FOR NOTHING.

    If jeep is listening which i'm sure they are not, I would like a $1,000 check to a least pay for some of your junk product. address is 2217 samantha st De Pere Wisconsin 54115.
  • Hi there,
    Are you calling Crystler customer service before you go to the dealership to get the windows fixed? Crystler is giving the dealerships reference numbers so you will not be charged if the problem is actually a faulty window regulator. Also, they are in the process of refunding me money I've paid in the past as an extended warranty co-pay. I know it's still a hassle having to make the phone call but a ten minute phone call is definately worth the $450 per window they are charging you.
    The number I used to Crystler is 1-800-992-1997.
    Good Luck!
  • kei48kei48 Posts: 4
    Posts 285 and 286 are mine.

    I was on my way to get my Jeep Liberty, took parts of six days to get the parts to the dealer, and the Service Advisor called to give me a "you won't believe it". Appears the technician was pulling the jeep out of the shop after replacing the rear right window when the front right window disappeared into the track...same as the one they just repaired.

    I could tell the SA, who has been really great, would rather have had a tooth pulled than make that call with the problems and the delay in getting the parts.

    He's going to talk with Chrysler in the morning and get back to me.

    I'll post the results Thursday.

    For joevolk, don't give up. When you call the customer service number, you just need to get high enough up the ladder to get results. The person who answers the phone isn't that person. Just remind the rep of all the problems you have found on your Inet searches, plus, they don't want any complaints going to the NTSB as described earlier in these posts.
  • I am with you !!! After replacing all windows and regulators at my expense, paying $1,500 for timing belt replacement, $500 front axel replacement because the rubber boot was cracked, seats that stained from clear water, constant engine failures for no reason, check engine light always on and no one could pinpoint the problem. Then the engine finally seizing and all water in the cooling system went into the engine with no outside leakage of oil or water.
    I sold that piece of junk for $5,000 because a new engine would have cost $7,000 and I was out of warrenty.
    I even refuse Chrysler products when I rent and I rent a lot. I just saw where Jeep Liberty is rated as one of the highest repair vehicles in the world.. And I have to say their customer service and customer relations have got to be the worst in the world.
    They should have been allowed to follow Lehman Brothers and just disappear.
  • kei48kei48 Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    Yup. The local dealer (great service to date) was waiting for the parts to replace the front passenger seat window to schedule the repair with me. They taped the window up so I could drive the car while waiting.

    I walked up to the car after doing some shopping and noticed the rear, left window was down a couple of inches. I thought " Oh man!". I had just used the other rear window to give my ticket to the parking lot attendant and hoped that , just maybe, I had hit the switch for the left window by accident. Nope! When I tried to raise the window it just gave me a grinding sound.

    I immediately drove it to the dealer and the service rep thought I was there to schedule the repair on the right, front window for which the parts had just arrived. Of course, he was dumbfounded when I told him. Wouldn't you be?

    He's going to call the Chrysler rep in the AM and let me know.

    A heads up on the front window replacement. They come from the factory with clear glass but most Libertys have had after market tinting, which is a source of contention. As a rule, the tinting isn't warranteed. However, my position is that if it wasn't for the dealer engineered and installed faulty window assembly, which has been re-engineered and requires a new window, I wouldn't need a new window now. So far, I'm not going to have to pay for the tinting of the new front, left window.

    This should all take place by next Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll post the results.

    In the mean time, if you've read these posts because you've had like problems, please add your experiences. This and a couple of other sites have been invaluable in getting the repairs done and paid for. Posting is easy!! And it really helps everyone.
  • Jeep Liberty power windows are a pain in the neck, but check out this You Tube video on how to fix it yourself: :)
  • I know, Jeep Liberty window regulators are a pain in the neck, and they are expensive as heck. But check out this You Tube fix it yourself video:

    Hope it helps.
  • Spoke to Chrysler and they said they were sending letters to all 2006 and 2007 jeep liberty owners on record extending the warrenty on the windows and regulators 7 years from date of purchase. I got my letter 2 days later with the form to fill out requesting a refund. The form had my VIN number preprinted. I included all my receipts totaling $1,113.00 and returned by certified mail. They received it yesterday and in the letter they stated that within 60 days I would be reimbursed for parts and labor.
    They also said in the letter that they were doing this to insure good customer relations.
    Where have they been for the past 5 years?
    I will post when I have cashed the check. Fingers are crossed.
  • Make sure Chrysler has your name and address with your VIN number in their computer for recalls. I found that my daughters 2005 was not registered.
  • Wonderful! I have been driving for over a year with one of my rear windows taped up, and the front drivers side is starting to get crappy.
    Do you have the proper link to contact Chrysler or can I just call my local Jeep dealer?
    Thank you sooooo much!
  • Chrysler

    Work: 800-992-1997

    Have your VIN number handy.....
  • I have a 2004 jeep liberty and 3 out of 4 window regulators have broken. I called the dealership to see how much it will be to repair…350.00 and up per window. Is there a recall for these? I had fixed one window already since this one happened about 2 yrs ago, but now I have two that are broken. There has to be some kind of recall.
  • I sent Chrysler all receipts for all 4 windows and regulators totaling $1,113.00. Received a check for around $900.00. They did not pay for one window because the dealership I purchased it from had changed hands and they could not verify that I had not returned the parts. I had the dealership receipt stamped paid by Amex but they wanted more. Sent them a copy of my Amex bill showing the purchase and a payment to Safelite same day for the installation. Still waiting, They really know how to insure that I will never be a customer again.
    And with diesel prices these days, I don't miss the CRD that much anymore so it was somewhat of a blessing that the engine blew up and I sold it for just enough to pay it off.
    Ford here I come.
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