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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • Have a Jeep Libery that I purchased new in 2003, have had the rear windows repaired at a dealership 4 times to a tune of over $1000 and have not received any recall or notice about a refund. Windows just fall down and you cna do nothing- they know there is a problem and I have called customer service repeatedly but still not results! How did you get a refund and why are they not correcting this problem?
  • I posted several months ago about speaking with a customer service rep, who told me I would be receiving a refund for the deductible I paid on the window repairs and I was getting an extended warranty to cover my windows until 2013. I did receive the refund but never the letter. I had fogotten about it until my window fell last week. I called my dealership and was told my jeep was not on the list to receive free repairs, so I called Chrysler and was told the same thing. After numerous phone calls and a diagnostic visit to the dealership, I was finally told that my jeep is not included because although it's a 2006 model it was built in 2005. They are only covering 2006-2007...and they mean built in those years, not actual model year. They did agree to cover all but $100 to replace all 4 window parts, but if I ever have this problem again I will have to repeat the process and hope that Chrysler if feeling generous that day! I just paid off my Jeep in December and I'm already planning on selling it within the next year. It just isn't worth the no car payment to worry with wondering when the next window problem will occur. I love my Jeep, but as long as Chrysler owns the line I will not be purchasing another one. :cry:
  • alorinalorin Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    Wow, just looking at all the same issues happening with the windows, how can there NOT be a recall? I had my window on my 2003 Jeep Liberty go down 4 inches back in June 2010 and I at first thought someone had tried to break into my car but then since nothing was missing, I figured it had just broken. I had no idea it would cost $460 to get it fixed. So I have just been using packaging tape to hold it up. It is very odd for it to be more expensive than a car payment to just get a passenger window fixed.
  • cris4cris4 Posts: 1
    I too have a 03 Jeep Liberty that I bought in 2002 new. I have replaced the rear passenger and rear driver twice each. They are both broken again right now and I have shims keeping them up. The one breaking today was the straw that broke the camels back. We called Jeep today and they opened up a case for us. The lady that did that said she could neither confirm nor deny that there was a recall until the company said something officially. Replacing these windows every year at a cost of around $600 is getting very ridiculous!
  • I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport. My left rear window regulator has broken 3 times in the last 3.5 years and my right rear window regulator has broken twice. The left one broke about a year-and-a-half ago, exceeding the warranty. My right r/w/r was repaired last june. Now the right side broke again. To add to this, my rear right side door is stuck, only opening about an inch before catching and not opening. Has anyone has issues with doors getting off track or any problems with the whole door, as opposed to just the amazingly faulty window regulator?
  • loveintelloveintel Posts: 1
    YES!!! My left rear window just spontaneously fell one day and now the door won't open either! It's unbelievable.
  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    I too have a 2003. About 2 weeks ago, for the 4th time in as many years, my rear driver's side window dropped again. I agree that there should be some sort of recall. If it wasn't for the fact that I really don't want a car note, I would certainly trade in my Jeep. In the past I have been reimbursed, but it is such a pain wondering if and when it will happen again.
  • woodstahkwoodstahk Posts: 3
    I had the same problem. First the driver side stopped working and the window fell (removed the door panel and wedged a board underneath to keep it up - redneck engineering) then the passenger side broke 2 months later. To make it worse, it happened when my boss was trying to roll the window up. We had to drive 2 hours on the interstate to a meeting with the window down. Needless to say I was embarrassed, but the cherry on top is that the door wouldn't open when we got to the meeting! My boss he'd to crawl out of the other side.
    I finally decided to tear into it to see what the issue was and found the regulator cable had worked itself inside the door catch. This is safe.... God forbid someone is faced with the situation where they need to escape their vehicle and can't.... subversion, fire, etc.
    I ran across a website that claims this inherit problem is due to a plastic piece the regulator cable attaches to on the window track. The plastic piece breaks, cable becomes loose, you know the rest. They offer a steel replacement for about $80 each side. Why doesn't Chrysler bite the bullet and do the same instead of throwing known failing partaking back into their product...
  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    Very frustrating. When I had it repaired the last time, my guy told me the same thing. It may even be worth it to get the $80 part for when it happens again (notice I did not say IF it happens again - so sad).

    Could you please provide me with the website and name of the part please so I can look into it?

    Thanks so much.
  • It happened to me again!!! Why am I not surprise?! The whether just starts to get warm and boom! Now I have both rear windows broken!! Can you please give me more information about this 80 bucks thing once you get that?
    I will appreciate any advice.
    Many thanks
  • woodstahkwoodstahk Posts: 3
    I ordered one for both sides, will post on the details of install and experience after the install. The website is

    Good luck!
  • I have Liberty 2004 and the same window dropped 3 times so far
    1st time was on 03/25/2008 Costed $260 plus tax
    2nd time was on 10/16//2009 Dealer fixed it for free
    3rd time was on 06/01/2011 Dealer charged a deductible of Chrysler for $100
  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    Thanks so much!
  • lissettelissette Posts: 1
    I live in Tampa and have a 2003 Jeep liberty Sport 4x2, 4Door. Both rear windows have failed and now my rear right door is jammed. what can I do? jeep said they wont do anything for jeeps over 3years or 36k miles.
  • woodstahkwoodstahk Posts: 3
    What I found when my door wouldn't open is the window regulator cable had broken away from the window track and became lodged in the door catch, which prevents the door from opening. How I fixed this was by popping off the top right corner of the door panel (had to be a lil brutal to do this) which allowed me to reach into the door and pull the cable out of the door strike.... hope this helps.
  • winneckewinnecke Posts: 3
    Well, it happened again. This time the rear left window. Called Jeep to tell them I was bringing it in for the same reoccurring issue, and service told me "Jeep has extended its warranty, which covers your vehicle, if the regulator is the problem (very snide)." My window just randomly fell down, 4th window, 7th time. I am guessing yes. STOP acting like this isn't an issue with all jeep my year and style. You stated lasted year that you have seen numerous jeeps with the same issue and it is a known problem. Please, read my original post 182 for my last time dealing with this. :mad:
  • I agree with you that Jeep windows are a problem. I have had my second Jeep Liberty now for almost 3 years. I have replaced windows/regulators 4 times so far. First 2 were under bumper to bumper warranty. Third one I paid for out of pocket. 3 months later I got a letter from Chrysler and I sent all my info in and was quickly paid a full reinbursment. That was when I got the letter extending my warranty until April of 2013, with unlimited mileage. They are now claiming it is not the regulator, but the window lift plate. I just had THAT replaced a few days ago. Included with that is a new window seal. My window works great now. But as others have stated windows are not a safety issue. However, about children falling out of an open window? What if the window was put down on purpose by an adult passenger? And aren't ALL children under certain height and weight requirements supposed to be in federally approved child safety seats, properly strapped in so they don't fall out any windows or be thrown through any windows in the event of a crash? Seems to me windows are not the issue you should be looking at. Are your children not restrained properly and that is why you worry about them falling out an open window?
  • I have replaced 2 rear driver's side window regulators. I took it to my automotive repair man because I didn't know at the time that this was a jeep problem. They replaced the regulator twice and when it failed the third time they suggested that I call Chrysler. When I called the first time about a year ago mind you, the person took my info and gave me a case number. He said I would receive a call or text back within two business days. The guys did call back during the hours I specifically told him I would be unavailable and left a message on my phone and then one on my husbands. They then texted me once. After that I got a voicemail saying they were closing my case b/c they couldn't reach me. Needless to say I was unhappy, but life got in the way and it took me more than 8 months to call back and try to deal with it again. This whole time now totaling over a year I have been driving around with shims stuck in my window to keep it up for the most part. It still falls down all the time. When I called back and finally got in touch with a case worker I told her I had receipts for the times that I had the window fixed and that I would like them to at the very least fix it now and would appreciate being reimbursed for the previous times, knowing that b/c I didn't use a Jeep service that probably wouldn't help. She informed me that since mine was a 2003 model and so far out of warranty they could do nothing for me. The Jeep dealership said they could fix it but it would cost ballpark $500 and it would break again. I am at my wits end, the car has been paid off but we cannot buy another one right now.
  • dlafoot1dlafoot1 Posts: 9
    I know the feeling. 2003 Liberty, happened 4 times in 4 years (most recent 3 mos. ago) , can't be reimbursed anymore. So frustrating because I cannot afford to replace the Liberty. I just hope it does not happen at the most inopportune time like when I am away for weeks at a time and it is just sitting in my parking space.
  • The problem is that the plastic drive cracks in the worm drive. here is a web site that sells the parts needed for you to repair. will show you how to install with photos. I've replaced all 4 and not a problem since. The problem is really with Damiler not Chrysler for they were being given back to the U.S. after Damiler took all the money out of the company. You want a fine machine and I mean what it was designed for, add the Kennedy Lift pump, exhaust muffler mod, and Sun coast Torque Converter. Our family has two and both have been modified as the design engineers intended and we love them.
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