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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • I emailed Chrysler thru their "Customer Service" email link, that was a week ago, I got up this AM to an email from them. They asked for my telephone number to call me about the window issue, I will post when they call, what they say. I am still driving around with the driver side, rear passenger window taped up, we are taking a road trip to Atlanta for Christmas, I sure would feel better with the window fixed. Also my mirror adjuster no longer works & my fan only works on "high". I still owe alot of $ on my Liberty, we went into the loan upside down, I am not a happy camper but I do LOVE my Jeep.
  • Their number is 1-800-992-1997. The recording lists options to pick from, one of which is "dealer or product complaint" or something to that effect. An update on my story from above--Chrysler finally called me back (not within the 24h window that they told me) and stated that if I paid $150, they would pick up the rest. This is a 2006 Liberty and honestly, they should pay for the whole thing. I wonder if they are doing this since I am not the original owner. Any lawyers out there---do we have any recourse other than to keep calling/complaining about this? These vehicles should all be recalled AFTER they come up with a fix for the problem, which I hear is a cheapo plastic piece that keeps breaking. How about making one from metal??? What would it cost them--a dollar instead of a dime? :mad:
  • Thanks! Couldn't find the #. I will call tomorrow. I have a 2007 jeep and so far only 1 window broke but was a back one and I rarely used it! Of course garage ripped me off and replaced motor even though it seemed to run, I guess just replacing the regulator too cheap a job for them lol. Will let you know if I get any results ...Thanks again for the info...Shelly
  • Well yesterday i was at a drive thru, and i pushed my auto window to go down, and it lowered with the auto 1 touch feature,. well my jeep has the one touch u feature too. and when i went to make it go up. i had to hold the switch, it wont auto up anymore. is there a switch or a fuse for the auto up feature? any info will help...
  • Well my windows just started dropping down. Of course it started to snow this week. So I am not sure why some ppl are told it's a heat related issue when I live in Michigan. I am wondering is there a "quick and cheap" fix for keeping my windows up until I see if Chrysler will pay for them? I would appreciate the help. :cry:
  • I agree this problem is not just a nuisance, it is potentially a serious safety hazard. We have had the same window regulator (rear driver side) fail 3 times, twice it was repaired under warranty and now it has broken again. This window regulator is not failing from excessive use or abuse (it is almost never used) it is failing because it is defective, and Chrysler knows it is defective, yet they expect us to pay for it. This is not right.
    It isn't an inexpensive repair procedure, either. Consumers are being ripped off for thousands of dollars.
  • I live in Central Arkansas & I own a 2007 Liberty. The first time I had a regulator problem it was under warranty, this time the warranty was up. I was told that I had to purchase new window glass with the regulator when the old glass is perfectly fine. Haven't had it fixed yet but have a local mechanic looking for a regulator.
  • Today the final blow !! Window number four the driver side fell....I had it taped up by the great people at Safelite and I ordered a new window and regulator form Moss jeep on Riverside, Ca. for $293.00 and Safelite will install for $65.00.
    I hope that in all my communication with my friends, family and associates, I have bad mouthed Jeep enough that no one will ever buy a Jeep or Chrysler product again. As a Major Sales Representative in a Huge Textile Market, I touch a lot of people socially as well as professionally and I make sure that everyone I come in contact with knows the story of how Jeep/Chrysler has turned it's back on this huge problem. I pray that no one should ever suffer harm from this problem that was engineered by Chrysler, but should they, I hope it bankrupts this company... Oh!! Wait a minute !! They are Bankrupt !! Then why are they still producing and promoting this Junk !!! Because they are being kept afloat by the Government... Which is you and I !!! Pull the plug and let this joke die !!!
    Where is all the Consumer Protection we hear about ??? Is there anybody out there????
  • They want me to have mine diagnosed, at a cost of $99.00, what a crock! We are driving to Atlanta for Chrsitmas, I guess we'll go with tape :( I plan to start annoying someone with the problem when I get back! The lady that called was an intern and won't eb back after 12/23, nice huh? They don't care but I have a big mouth and don't give up!
  • RUN don't walk as far from the dealer as you possibly can except to purchase your new window and regulator. I just picked up my window and regulator at the dealer except this time it came with a sticker for 58cents to put on the window telling anyone who was repairing the door that the window was not the 2006 window and it refered them to a Mopar bulletin # 68058661AA. Sooooo the guys at the parts counter looked up the bulletin and printed out 3 pages for me. I says exactly what is happening to our windows, what to expect and what models are affected. Looks like 2006 and 2007 Liberty and Cherokee(international markets) are the only ones.
    Anyone who would like a copy of this Service bulletin dated April 15,2009 can email me at, give me your fax number and I will fax it to you right away. This is hard core evidence that they know they have had a problem all along. The guys at the parts counter at Moss in San Bernadino said they were wondering why they were selling so many windows and regulators....Duh !!
    Took the window and regulator to my local safelite and for $65 they did a beautiful job in less than 30 minutes and showed me why the old one broke. Cheap plastic part. So I saved about $150 because the dealer charges $200 to install the window and regulator.. I tried every parts place including NAPA to get after market windows and regulators but no one makes them. I hope some consumer interest group or government agency catches on to this problem and one day we can all present our receipts and get refunds. This has really been a costly problem for me and I am sure everyone else.
    At least one thing you can be sure of, Chrysler/Jeep will never see me, my family or anyone I can convince in their showrooms and we have a lot of new cars in our futures. Ed Lankford
  • Here's a quick fix if you want the window locked in the up position:
    (1) Push the window into the up position.
    (2) Get a heavy duty wire tie, put it through the hole where the window rail mounts to the top of the door.
    (3) Loop the wire tie under the cheap (and broken) plastic guide under the window, and pull tight.
    (4) Attach more wire-ties until you feel confident that they won't break loose.
    (5) Put the door back together.
    After reading your post I decided that I didn't really need to open that window anymore. We've only used that window about 20 times since we bought the car back in 2006, so it wasn't really an issue of the thing wearing out, it was designed that way. I found a quarter inch piece of plastic that had broken off inside the door, so it must have been a pretty cheap design.
  • I am currently using Grey Duck Tape on the two rear windows of my soon to be traded in 2003 Jeep Liberty and I tell everyone who passes by my vehicle about the cruddy design of the widow clips. So far about 10 people said that they thought about buying a Liberty, but did not want me to say I told you so if the widows fell. I would have them fixed but this is the 3rd time each of them have fallen. The 1st time each of them fell, it was before the extended warranty ran out so I had them fixed. The 2nd time was less than 6 months after each had been fixed and I had to pay $130.00 both times to have them fixed, because the dealership that I purchased them from in Thibodaux, Louisiana said that the replacement motor did not have a warranty. This time passenger rear window fell and I used clear Duck Packing Tape at first to fix it and used my vehicle to go into New Orleans, etc. a week later my 2nd window fell and with the wet cold and wet humid weather the clear tape was not holding anymore so I had to turn to the Grey Duck Tape and I can not go into New Orleans with both my rear windows taped up with Grey Duck Tape, so the Jeep has to my 4 year old niece and 8 year old newphew would say............
  • After duct tape (or transparent packing tape), this is probably the cheapest fix for these windows. You take out the two screws that hold the inside of the door on, pop the inside of the door off with a putty knife, remove the speaker and the vapor barrier, and then put on the wire tie. I'm not really describing this well, and it's better that you do a search to get better instructions on this. But if you've muddled through it once, you can probably do it in well under an hour. Which is most likely what I'll be doing when my other rear window fails!
  • I would just like to say that I called the Chrysler toll free number and spoke with a representitive. I made it VERY clear that I was not happy paying 30,000 dollars for a car to have the windows be like this. She was rude and I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he would call me. Well the rep called me back the next and did a conference call with where I get my car fixed and they said if its a manufacturer problem they will fix it for free, if I pay a $50 deductible. So I brought it in and EVERYTHING including the windows themselves had to be replaced and Chrysler footed the bill. It doesnt hurt to call. It could have cost me over $800, but didnt. I also told the place where it was getting fixed not to put that junky plastic parts back in it and they said, they were upgrading it to a better system. I hope they stay working and not falling. Good luck all!!! :D
  • bought my daughter's 2006 used but we had one replaced this summer under warranty. Passenger window broke over the weekend. She took it in was going to cost $487. I printed out some pages from this website and the website from the guy who has made to part to fix this problem and went to the dealership. They agreed to fix at no cost. Wouldn't touch the other two windows that haven't broke yet. Guess I will have to go back at least two more times.
  • Anybody got any good ideas of who we contact to start a recall of the 2006>>2007 Jeep Liberty with bad windows. This is costing us all a lot of money.
    Also, Don't forget to email me for a copy of the MoPar Bulletin detailing the window/regulator problem. They know there is a Major problem.
  • Please go to :

    Click on Safety Complaints
    Click on Search Complaints

    Fill in your type of vehicle, there are about 22 complaints registered concerning the Windows and regulators of jeep libertys. Please detail your complaint. If enough of us do this then there is hope that someone will investigate MoPar and why they are not issuing a recall.
  • I was wrong, I got it in pdf form, not jpg so carspace will not accept it.
    Any suggestions ??
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,975
    There's a snipping tool out there (default proggy in Win 7 for example) that will let you copy anything to the clipboard and save it as a jpg.

    You may be able to open the .pdf on your screen and then hit the PrintScreen and paste it into Paint and save it.

    Or just email it to me and I'll try to save it and email it back to you. Click on my name for the email address. :shades:

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • ritzerritzer Posts: 1
    I bought a Jeep Liberty 2007 and we had 5 windows fixed so far. We only put on 8,000 miles since we are retired. We are still on warranty but we are worried about what happens to us after it is up!! It looks like this problem has been going on for many years. This is just rediculous!!!!!!! Has anything been done about this mess?
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