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Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Are deposits refundable if there is no contract?

    A question like that might be better asked on one of the other forums.

    Stories from the Sales Frontlines is a very active forum where many car sales people and sales managers hang out.
  • snoopy71snoopy71 Posts: 32
    I see that the cash back allowance of $2500 on Dodge/Chrysler GC/T&C ended yesterday and there isn't a new amount today ... it's back to $0 off. Hopefully they will have another cash back allowance in July.

    I did get a booket in the mail yesterday from Dodge that has a coupon in it for $750 off a GC or T&C, that is good thru 7/31. Anybody else get that?
  • eriley99eriley99 Posts: 5
    I got that booklet,too. I need to dig it out and read the fine print bcs I thought it was only good on the GC. As far as June discounts go, they may be out later in the day (last month, I tried calling early in the day after the old ones expired and was told they were updating their systems. If not today, closer to the weekend. I did read the $2.99 gas option was extended into July. Of course I'd rather have the cash!
  • snoopy71snoopy71 Posts: 32
    It only has pics of the GC in it, but the first sentence in the fine print says its good for a 2008 GC or T&C.
  • Who gets the booklet from Dodge? Is it people who previously bought vehicles or something else.

  • snoopy71snoopy71 Posts: 32
    Don't really know ... It was addressed to my wife and she has never owned a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep.
  • jpappasjpappas Posts: 16
    Dealer told me about this $750 coupon. Apparently they randomly sent it to women around the country that met some demographic. I guess the dealer also has the ability to extend the coupon to anyone meeting that demographic. Hope to have more details soon. I will post when I find them out.
  • Just picked up a 2008 Grand Caravan SXT Inferno Red with no extra options.

    Sticker $27955
    -2500 Rebate
    -750 Coupon from chrysler
    -2495 Dealer Discount
    Total = $22210
  • shamcyshamcy Posts: 23
    I keep seeing you guys say 25L package, what is what ? What comes with the 25L package ? Thanks in advance.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    You can read more about each of the packages at the Dodge Build My Own tab. Select the Grand Caravan from the drop-down list and you'll see the "SE Value", "SE" or "SXT".

    Depending on which one of those you select there will be different package options (F-N) at the bottom. You can click on "Details" to the right of each one for more information. The SXT has the L package.
  • Just bought a GC SXT with 25L package, leather, dual screens, swivel n go, power everything for $27,937. Sticker was $32,845.00. Wish I had found this part of the site 8 hours ago. Still, less than Edmund's TMV. I've seen a couple of posts regarding loyalty money. I have a 2000 Chrysler G Voyager. Dealer said they weren't giving loyalty money anymore. Did I just get hosed, and do I have any recourse with Chrysler if I can prove that I currently own that Voyager?
  • jpappasjpappas Posts: 16
    You got toally hosed on that and I would call both the dealer and Chrysler customer service and raise a big stink. Thats absolutely ridiculous that they wouldnt give you that, its a nationally advertised program.
  • Actually, I did call Chrysler afer I saw the posts on the message board here. I was told that the only cash that they were offering was the $2500 rebate - no loyalty cash. It seems to change from month to month. Not only that, but come to find out, the Sirius backseat TV and UConnect that the salesperson told me were in the car were not. It has the dual screens (and dual dvd players - ridiculously cool, but also just plain old ridiculous - remember when you had to make faces at the other cars through the back window of the station wagon for entertainment?). They are putting the backseat tv in for free, but want me to pay cost for the Uconnect. I'm actually sort of blaming Chrysler for this. If you go to the dodge web-site to build an SXT GC and highlight the details for the L package it sure as hell looks like Uconnect is supposed to come with it. Although I suppose the salesperson should have been up on this regardless. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    If you go to the dodge web-site to build an SXT GC and highlight the details for the L package it sure as hell looks like Uconnect is supposed to come with it.

    I just looked at the details and that description does appear to be a bit confusing.

    If you select the L package and continue to build it the Options and Accessories page does list UConnect as a $360 available option under Sound System Components.

    The Sirius backseat TV is an additional $495 option. It's great that they're adding it for free. Did they say anything about the free 1-year subscription that normally comes with the package?
  • I talked to the sales manager today, and he said he believed it would come with the 1 year subscription. After cooling down and thinking about it, I do think I got a pretty fair price. I had been looking at the lady who posted here and got hers for $25 and change thinking I got ripped off, but she must have had some pretty special circumstances. So basically what I'll have is a GTC 3.8 SXT with the 25L package, leather, power everything (except the third row seats), dual DVD players and screens (did I mention how cool that is?:-), Swivel n go, 3 zone temp (again - love the way the temp control works), and sirius backseat tv - for $27,937 +ttl. Not thrilled about the 399 deal prep fees that got added, but they absolutely refused to budge (maybe I didn't try hard enough?). Anyway the $27,937 was the invoice price (unless they can doctor the invoice), and the backseat tv is thrown in for free - which I guess would make the whole thing a few hundred under invoice.
  • Spoke with the sales manager re: the confusion on the website with the 25L package details and uconnect. Said he had spoken with his district manager and they found several errors on the dodge web-site (not the least of which is the misleading way the details of 25L make it look like the package contains Uconnect. They're supposed to be getting with the regional manager for Chrysler at the end of the week (what are the odds they'll throw in a uconnect to my vehicle? - not holding my breath:-) I will say that they seem to be decent guys, and I'm definitely feeling better about the deal I got - so much so that my hubby is looking for a journey from the same dealership.
  • heelntoeheelntoe Posts: 21
    I have been following the Odyssey forum for months as we'd pretty much decided on replace her leased Nissan Murano with a purchased minivan. Nearly every review ranks the Odyssey better than the GC. I've nothing against Mopar; I've owned a 1999 Dakota and 2003 Ram. It just seemed like the Hondas were the class of the field.

    Before heading out this week to get really serious, I decided to check incentives one more time. With $4500 on the GC, it was back in the game but I wanted the 4.0L. These were impossible to find on the lot a few months ago but availability is better now. We drove an SXT with the 28N and *everything* but the sunroof (don't want anyways, especially at $895) and the engine block heater (don't need here in western PA). I also told the dealer about the add'l $400 cash listed on but could find no reference on Dodge's site.

    The first offer from the dealer was $31,703 which was their invoice after advertising + 1% - $4500. A pretty honest opening round on their part, I think. By contrast, the Honda dealer came in at $29,700 for an EX-L w/RES, which was equipped with far, far less. This despite my indicating to him that other buyers are having no problem getting into the 28s and that's what I expected to pay. We told the Dodge dealer we were going to drive the Honda. They were very low-pressure and indicated that, if after driving the Honda, we decided we wanted the GC and called them that day, they would either find the other $400 for us from Dodge or eat it themselves.

    At the end of the day, for a difference of about $30 a month for the GC, we thought it had a lot more value than the Odyssey. We also got the trailer tow which would have been an add-on even on the loaded Odyssey Touring model. I called the dealer back and said we'd take the GC if they could do $920 on the 6 year/70K Chrysler Maximum Care warranty. I know these things are usually a sucker's bet but I was concered about all the power sliders, liftgates, third row, nav, etc. I'd found the $920 number on one of the discounter web sites.

    So... Long story short, we bought the GC SXT with 28N and everything but the sunroof and engine block heater for $31,303 (MSRP was $38,950) and paid $920 for the 6/70 Maximum Care warranty. Combined with the incentives, you could also do 3.9% for 60 months or 4.9% for 72. I don't like to stretch out payments to six years but... at 4.9%, I figured I'd keep the payments low and pay it off early, as I did my 03 Ram in 3.5 years that I'd financed for 5 years.

    We were 99% decided on the Odyssey before I checked the incentives one last time for heading out to test drive. I'm glad I did. When we told the Honda dealer we were going to go GC, all of a sudden, he's dropping to invoice and throwing in the trailer tow package. I still think for $3000 more, we got more than $3000 worth of van. Playing with the MyGIG was worth hours of entertainment value alone last night!
  • marc35marc35 Posts: 4
    I just drove home a new 2008 Grand Caravan SXT purchased in Folsom, California (Folsom Lake Dodge). The van was manufactured in March, 2008, and I responded to an internet sale advertisement (one day only). There were two vans for the same price. I chose the sandstone. The other van was silver. The window sticker states that the base price was $27,140. The sandstone paint was $150, customer preferred package 25k (window shades, premium floor console, light shale seats) was $495, destination charge states $770. Total MSRP was listed as $28,555.

    We paid 22,070.63 OTD.
    It breaks down as follows:
    Cash price $24,495
    Document fee $55.00
    Sales Tax $1779.88
    Total Cash price $26,329.88
    License/registration $240.75
    Subtotal $26,570.63
    $2500 rebate
    $2000 rebate for financing through Chrysler at 7.41 percent, 72 months (They said there was no prepayment penalty, so this seemed like a no brainer).
    OTD $22,070.63

    It was hard to decide between the silver and the sandstone. The reason we preferred the sandstone was that it had a beautiful interior with light shale seats, (off white seats, with black carpet). The silver was also attractive with matching carpet and upholstery (dark gray).

    We paid the advertised price, which we thought was a fair price. We tried to bargain a lower price but only briefly because we were satisfied with the advertised price. It may have been discounted because the cars had not sold in 4 or 5 months on the lot, and they were motivated to move some inventory.

    I didn’t buy the supplemental warranty or the prepaid maintenance that was offered to us, but may buy a bumper to bumper warranty later from someone else. I’ll look through this forum for information regarding the btb warranty.

    This is the first new car I have ever bought in 38 years of driving! Everyone in the family seems to approve of this purchase, even the teenagers! My 8 year old was disappointed that it didn't have a DVD, but still likes the van. I hope to keep it for a long time.
  • marc35marc35 Posts: 4
    Correction: the $495 was not for the 25k package. It was for the "Family Value Group."
  • abutcherabutcher Posts: 33
    Sorry for reposting, I put this by mistake in the Chrysler forum first.

    On August 4th I bought a new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 25K, black, with the options:

    Dual Screen DVD Entertainment System
    Power Liftgate

    for $23,400.00 out the door. I also bought the lifetime bumper to bumper warranty with a $100 deductible for an additional $1,650.00 and financing for 5 yrs at 4.9%. I am not a current Chrysler owner or an employee. I bought it at Szott Dodge in Highland, Michigan. My salesperson was very courteous.

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