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Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • abairabair Posts: 4
    Can someone fill me in on what the Friends discount is??

    I am looking at and 08 GC that is listed at 30,495 but is the older model (lower base price) has the mygig, family value pack.
    I was quoted 27,500 before the $4500 in rebates.
    Do you think I should ask for more off?
  • abairabair Posts: 4
    What was your MSRP? How did you talk them down? THis is the first time I have bought a car so I need some advice on negoiating.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Can someone fill me in on what the Friends discount is??

    The Friends discount is available through any Chrysler employee. Each employee is permitted to give out up to 6 discount control numbers per year.

    The Friends price is approximately 1% below invoice in addition to any rebates or other price incentives. With the current state of the economy you might be able to negotiate an even lower price than that.

    Read this for more information: Chrysler Discounts
  • marc35marc35 Posts: 4

    You said, "you might be able to negotiate an even lower price than that." Do you mean you can get a lower price without using the Friends discount, or do you mean you might be able to actually use the Friends discount to get an even lower price?
  • marc35marc35 Posts: 4
    Do you know what sales tax and fees you were charged?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Do you mean you can get a lower price without using the Friends discount, or do you mean you might be able to actually use the Friends discount to get an even lower price?

    I mean that a buyer can possibly do better than the Friends discount price on their own without it. I've been reading some messages from new owners on Edmunds and the price they negotiated with the dealer is sometimes way less than the Friends price would be.

    The Friends price is set at a specific amount on the invoice price sheet of each vehicle. Ask to see the invoice and look for the PP (Preferred Pricing) code on the sheet. That's the Friends price before any rebates or other price incentives.
  • abutcherabutcher Posts: 33
    The sticker is $30,510. Mine was built in May so the base sticker was $27,140 lower than some others on the lot that were $27,730. They must have changed it at some point.

    We have a dealer out that advertises in the paper an SXT for $18,997 for employees, plus tax title, doc, and dest, milt discount, etc. I took that price, added in $1800 for the Entertainemnt 2 system (it stickers for $2,200). I added my 6% tax to that, $770 for dest, $250 for doc. I walked in, found a salesman and said, sell me an SXT for $23,000.

    He wrote he offer on a paper, had me sign it and he presented to the manager. The manager came out with the salesman and we started negotiating. He came back with 24,700. I said no and he left and then came back. He said 23,600, I said 23,200, he said 23,500, I came up to 23,400. he came back with 23,450 and a $50 gas card. Mind you I had my wife with me and I didn’t want to have to drag her to another dealer, so I like to think I came up from my original offer for her.

    All you have to do is walk out, tell them you will try at another dealer. I also didn’t mind coming up to the 23, 450 because it came with the power liftgate which stickers at $400. I am not an employee, militatry person, or current leasee or owner. They have vans that they need to sell.

  • buntijbuntij Posts: 2
    I think I just got a really good deal. I was at the Serramonte (Bay Area) last night and was looking for a used van. The sales guy shows me a blue '08 SE they had inside for the following:

    MSRP: $22,520
    "Sale" Price: $18,499
    Rebate: $2,000
    Special Rebate: $2,000 (if you finance through Chrysler)
    Military discount: $500

    Final Price: $13,999

    Well, I didn't qualify for the military discount, but I bought the van for $14,499 and drove it home last night. This was one of those "one available at this price" deals they run in the papers. Sure it is lacking options (I think it had a roof rack and mats only above std. equipt) but geeze, it was as inexpensive as most of the used vans I was looking at. I also got the lifetime wrap for $1,750.

    and there were no other "gotchas" involved in the deal. Financed about half through chy at 5.99 interest.

    what do you think?
  • abairabair Posts: 4
    Need some help.
    I was trying to get a Black 08 that is the older model (lower base price) with the Mygig (w./o sirius), console and heated seats.
    THe sticker was $30,500 and he quoted us at $27,500 and I was thinking we could get it for $25,000 since it has been on the lot forever and he quoted it about the same as the standard vehicle.

    Also he quoted the standard SXT with only the power liftgate at $27,200

    He didn't want to budge on that price and asked what I wanted to get to after the rebates. The TMV on the standard one is $26,060 so I know those offers are too high.

    Why won't he go down and what do I need to do next/counter offer?
    Thanks for the help.
  • abutcherabutcher Posts: 33
    Sounds like he won't go down because he knows you want it? Just walk away and go somewhere else. Tell him this is what I'll pay and you wanted to give him the opportunity. If he won't to sell it to you at that tell him you'll try negotiating at another dealer. If he can sell it at his price to someone else, let him.

    I bought mine with a sticker of $30,510, (SXT 25K with dual screen DVD and power liftgate) out the door for $23,400. And now the same dealer is advertising in the paper base SXT's for $17,600 plus tax, title and doc (approx $1500 less than what I paid 2 weeks ago).

    Also, you can negotiate the lifetime service contract, mine was $1,600.
  • abairabair Posts: 4
    Was the $23,400 after the rebates or before? That is a heck of a deal.
    Any suggestions what my counter offer should be or what I should say to let him know I will go somewhere else?

    this is the 1st car I have bought myself so I am new to all this.

    Could I use a newpaper ad as a negoiating tool? Are those prices in there usually after the rebates right?
  • abutcherabutcher Posts: 33
    Yes, it was after all rebates and dealer discounts. It was out the door, no other charges.

    Make it quick, just go there and say this is what I'll pay, out the door. Write it down on a piece of paper if you have to, the sales person should understand. If they come back and say we'll sell it to you for X amount more, and if its too much, just say thank you and leave. Rememebr, you are buying their car, and their are a lot of comanies out there wanting your money.
  • Hello everyone.

    Right now I am looking at buying an 08 GC. Right now a dealership in the area is offering them for $13,998 if you finance through Chrysler or $15,998 if you don't. It is the SE baseline model with power windows, doors etc and 2nd and 3rd row stow and go but that is about it. He said they are offering up to 50% off on all of their models. Another dealer I talked to, I asked if they could match that price and he told me there is no way that they are selling it for that low without a catch. He called them as a customer, supposedly, and asked for details on it. Supposedly when he pushed he was told that the price was with $2999 trade or cash equity and it was before tax, tag, dealer fees of course. When I called them again and hounded and hounded they still told me that I didn't need a trade to get the deal and that there was no catch. What do you guys think? Is it too good to be true. Are they going to do something in the backend to try and raise the price?

    The "straightforward" guy quoted me $17 for one, which falls in line with Edmunds TMV price. Right now I am trying to get him to match it or to see if they recognize the employer discount from either of the companies hubby works for.

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a friends and family code? That would be really really helpful to us. We would much rather be able to get the new one under warranty then take the chance on any of the used 07's I have seen for 12k. I have 2 small kids and am so afraid to get a shoddy transmition in the middle of nowhere.
  • buntijbuntij Posts: 2
    It is not impossible, see my post above. I bought the same van for $500 more than you state (because I did not qualify for the armed forces discount). The dealer (Seramonte Chrysler) has another ad in todays paper for the same thing (but only one available at that price).

    I was pre approved for other financing but went ahead and used the chrysler finaning to get the additional 2k discount. Of course fees, taxes etc were additional and the dealer offered the usual extras (security system, window etcing, etc etc) but didn't push hard. So the price was really the price offered (almost 40% off). I was thrilled, best new car deal of my life. The only option I really miss is power mirrors.

    I will say that they also offered the "wrap" warrantee from Chrysler for $2,200. This gives you "bumper to bumper" coverage ($100 deductable) for AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE CAR. I've never believed in extended coverage, but I negotiated the price down to $1,750 and thought it would be worth it for the piece of mind. Later, I saw this coverage offered by a different dealer online to anyone for something like $1400 or $1500. You might want to google that and print it out to help negotiate the charge down if you decide to go with this.

    My deal, at least, was real. Go to the dealer, have them check your credit and write up the deal. Look over the contract carefully, you shouldn't see any extras. If you do, just get up and leave. Nothing is final unless you sign the contract that lists every expense.

    good luck!
  • jrujru Posts: 3
    I just bought a 08 SXT on Ebay w/2500mi it will be delivered in a week or so. I noticed that there was no mounts for a front license plate?

    So I started looking online at other 08SXT and they all seem to have to front license plate mount or even screw holes to mount the carrier or plate.

    Then I started looking for a front bracket for a 08 and could come up with nothing?

    Without the van being here to look at its hard to tell, could sombody put my mind as ease?

  • I would say that if it is coming from a state that does not require a front plate then there will not be one. Your local Dodge dealer can probably order one for you through their parts department.
  • Anyone know how to find "aged inventory" for any 08 vehicles invoice prior to Sept. 07? I believe there is a $1000 incentives for these vehilcles.
  • jrujru Posts: 3
    Ok after calling about 6 dealers in the Chicago area I have got all the same replies. Dodge quit making the front license plate mount in 06!

    If you look at my 08s front bumper you can see two little dimples where the license plate screws would go. The parts guys told me just drill there and use machine schews.

    My problem is that the front plastic is pretty flimsy on the 08 SXT but there is somthing hard behind itI know its metal but on the otherhand it possibly could have have a radiator behind that or who knows what. On top of the plate I also have the tollway transponder mounted on the front plate bolts.

    So has anyone who owns a 08 SXT ever mounted (drilled those holes) for the front license plate? If so what did you do and what bolts or screws did you use.

    One last question, as I'm new to this site how do I post a new discussion?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,620
    One last question, as I'm new to this site how do I post a new discussion?

    In some sections of the forums, members can't post new discussions. (In Prices Paid, for example).

    In other areas, if you are browsing a list for a relevant discussion, and can't find one that fits, there will be an option to: Add a Discussion.

    If you don't see that option, then you can't add a new discussion thread in that area. Here is an example of where you can add a discussion.


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