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Best Vehicles for Shorter Drivers



  • suzzannsuzzann Posts: 56
    I'm happy with mine.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I have a Wrangler with 30" wheels (it's taller than many) and have no problems getting in unless I'm wearing a tight skirt. Since I don't own a dress or skirt that fits me at the moment, I don't worry about that!

    My elderly mother, who probably couldn't get in my Wrangler, had no problems with a Blazer we rented. I didn't have any trouble driving it either.
  • eeeleeel Posts: 57
    My wife is 5 feet 1 inches tall. She picked a Chrysler Concorde and loves it. We've had it for almost 2 years now. Can't get much bigger than that. Her other car is an Eagle Vision.
  • I am 5'2 and have found that Hondas are a better fit than most because of their lower dash. I have a 2004 Accord right now and it's a perfect fit for me and my 6'6 husband.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Hondas do seem to work well for petite people. My husband and I both liked our test drive of the Honda Element, and I didn't have a problem when we test drove the insight a couple of years ago.

    I do find that I'm too close to the steering wheel with my Tacoma, but at least I can see over the dash.

    I recently test drove the new Ford F150 and loved the adjustable pedals. It is now on my list of possible (though might not be practical) replacements for the Tacoma.
  • The Element was VERY high on our shopping list. Actually, the day we bought the Accord we had gone with the intention of buying a Element. Didn't like the power of the 4WD automatic though compared to the 5-speed 03 Accord I was trading so we ended up with the 04 Accord automatic. The Element was very comfortable for both of us and was one of the very few cars we have ever been in that he could comfortable fit in the back seat of with extra leg room.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515 just published the following new article that many of you who visit this discussion may find interesting: Top 10 Vehicles for Shorter Drivers. Please feel free to use this area to post your thoughts on the vehicles that are mentioned in this article or to make your own suggestions.

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  • slorenzenslorenzen Posts: 273
    Ex-V6 for my very petite wife(4'11", 90 lbs, wears a size 2?). We tested the Camry and Mazda6 as well, but overall the Accord was best. We found the seat bottom in cloth is 1-1.5" longer than the leather-equipped car, so we ended up with the EX.

    BTW: the Mazda was by FAR the most fun to drive, but she got a backache after 45 minutes....sigh...
  • How are CR-V's for short people. I'm 5'2 and still trying to decide if I should get a 2002 CR-V or the Toyota Scion which really does have great sightlines as I've been in it but not test driven it yet..which I will be doing today. Does anyone know of any friends or family members who are in that height range and what are their opinions?

    Edmunds suggests the Mazda 3 which is a great car but I don't think it will work for me. I couldn't get positioned well enough to see over the back and the Corolla is HORRIBLE in this area.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I test drove the Mazda 3 hatchback last week. It was definitely a fun vehicle to drive but I did have some problems getting comfortable. I've just been diagnosed with an arthritic back and I didn't think that it had enough lower back support for me, so it is out.

    My other half and I looked at the Subies today (I didn't drive - not sure I should have with the meds I'm taking at the moment) but I rode in both the Outback and the Forester. Both those vehicles have much better back support and either would be fine. We did prefer the Forester over the particular Outback we test drove.

    We also drove the Wrangler Unlimited last week and I found it very comfortable, easy to drive, though not as much fun as a regular Wrangler.

    I sat in a Murano and didn't even bother taking it for a test drive. I couldn't see over the dash much (granted, I didn't raise the seat up). It just seemed to have too much around me for comfort.

    We are also considering replacing the seats in our 2000 Tacoma. I have no problems driving it but the seats are horrible!
  • catlovercatlover Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    I'm just getting warmed up for a new car shopping trip. I'm petite also (5 foot), and always have found both Honda and Acura cars to be great to drive and for visibility. I have memories (sad ones) of learning, early on, that the Ford Mustang was NOT a car I could comfortably drive. Anyone know whether they've corrected that in recent years? (You can tell I am not normally a follower of the automotive news, eh? :-))

    I am having a real hard time convincing myself there's a great car out there for me -- existing car still is wonderful, maybe that's part of it.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I can relate to your Mustang experiences - I bought one and sold it only months later because I had so many problems driving it. The new ones are more like the first Mustangs and I thought they might be better, but I still sat too low in one (I didn't drive it - your experience might be different than mine). I was also very disappointed when I couldn't see enough to drive a camaro.

    I really liked the Ford F150 pickup with the adjustable seat and petals. I drove that without any problems - maybe one day I'll buy another full sized pickup - I really do like them best and have only had problems with one model of Ford many years ago.

    I'm having trouble getting excited about any car that doesn't have AWD/4x4. I like Honda's Element in spite of it's looks. I'm going to be looking at the Unlimited again in August at Camp Jeep. Perhaps the reason it didn't grab me had more to do with my mood and the particular salesman I was talking to.

    If you find something that captures your interest, let me know - I'm now in a position (finally!) to buy something.
  • pearl1pearl1 Posts: 1
    I am 5'0 and am beginning my driving lessons shortly. However, I am concerned that I might have to over-stretch to floor clutch/brake pedals. What is the most appropriate car for me to learn in and indeed to eventually buy? I am considering the new minis.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Are you going to be learning on a vehicle with a clutch? Most professional driving instructors have vehicles that are automatic and don't have a clutch. While I'm a big believer of learning to drive a clutch at some point, if you are just starting to drive, start with an automatic. A clutch is now an unnecessary distraction and would make learning in the beginning much harder. The reason I ask is that it makes a big difference. I'm only 5'1" tall and have rarely had a problem reaching the brake pedal on any vehicle. The same is not true with a clutch.

    My biggest problem is when I sit low in a vehicle that has a long hood. I've always preferred vehicles that have higher seating. A number of years ago I had a chance to buy a great looking Camero but I couldn't tell where the front of the vehicle was - it seemed like there were acres of hood in front of me.

    I would recommend starting off with something that is automatic. I haven't driven the Mini Cooper, so I don't know what it is like, but I would be concerned about how low it sits. I test drove a Toyota Echo when they first came out and liked it (my husband didn't like it at all). I felt I had good visibility all around and it didn't feel too big. It doesn't have much power and I have no clue whether it comes in an auto or not, but you might look at one as a first car (they aren't expensive).

    I sort of like the RAV4 - you sit fairly high in them, they aren't too small and they seem to be pretty comfortable.

    I test drove the Prius and didn't find that too low (I can't believe I just suggested 3 Toyotas - I have a Tacoma and dislike it very much!). You might want to look at the Subaru line - I had no problems driving any of them. If you want a pickup, any of the compact pickups would be easy to drive (I bet you can tell I prefer trucks and SUVs, can't you?).

    Good luck with it!
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Whether you are short or small or big and tall or some combination of the total, YOU must drive the car for a few miles BEFORE purchasing the car. Don't listen to what your friend says, your mentor says, whoever. YOU are going to be the one driving the car.

    When you have test driven a number of cars, you will know which cars you are comfortable and which ones are not.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    If you have an opportunity, try to go to an auto show. I try to go to the LA Auto Show in January and look at all the new (and current) cars. I've found it helpful to sit in all of them that interest me. Sometimes I'll see one that I hadn't thought of/heard of and add it to my list of possibilities. It won't take the place of a test drive, but would allow you to eliminate some that don't meet your expectations. And it's fun to look at things I know I can't afford, like a Porche or a Hummer or (fill in the blank).
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    And if the model is fairly common, call your local car rental agency and take the car out for a weekend "test drive". As you can get many cars these days for under $25 per fday on weekends, it gives you a real chance to drive 500+ miles on a model that you are interested in.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    With any manual transmission, you'll have to sit closer to the steering wheel to fully depress the clutch. The same vehicle with an automatic would allow you to sit around 2 inches further from the airbag. Make sure you can sit at least 10 inches (the more, the better) from the airbag.
  • azguyazguy Posts: 23
    Thanks for posting the best for shorties list. I am a guy with disabilites and am 5'4". My wife has an '04 Camry LE/Special Edition and I have an '03 Accord LX V6. Both have power seats which are great for folks w/orthopedic problems and/or are smaller in stature.

    I can't understand why Edmunds didn't list the Camry as good for shorter people as its driver seat is higher than the Accords when both power seats are all the way up. Also, the Camry is easier to steer, but I love my Accord, too. They are both nice and high.
  • I'm 5' and in 1985 had an extended put on my Honda CRX clutch. It seemed to work, but for years, it just didn't feel right. the ratio of extension to the floor vs. gas and brake was awkward. (Just my experience). Love the fact that manufacturers now make tracks that get much closer, seats that raise and lower, and tilted steering wheels.


    For reference, local folks I trust told me to go to places that specialize in adapting vehicles for "special needs." This way, you're assured greater safety peace of mind because many of those shops have more rigid standards.
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