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KIA Dealership Service Experiences



  • Bummer....sadly,these pre 2006.5 Optimas were not terribly reliable.The newer ones seem to be quite good.
  • up until i got the timing components and water pump changed, there was nothing wrong with this optima. Absolutely no indications of anything wrong.
  • I guess you think the mechanic screwed
  • I think either a new kia part failed or the mechanic over-torqued the tensioner arm bolt. These mechanics are pressed to keep repairs under the "alloted" time per job. I have seen way too many mechanics go to the air wrench to save time rather than the prescribed torque wrench.
  • DId you ever figure out what the problem was? I also have a 2001 Optima. Its at 111k. I am also starting to have tranny problems. Once and a while I will be driving and there will be a sudden jerk from the tranny grabbing. Then I lose power at the pedal. Now if I turn the car off then back on again everything is fine. Is this a computer problem, tranny problem or what I dont know where to start. Please help.
  • Multiple "unseemly" experiences with this service center's management, but the icing on the cake was when:

    We took the perfectly healthy 2003 Sorento in to replace its recalled "Crankshaft Pulley Bolt" a few years ago, only to have the car simply TURN OFF at 75mph in the middle of the freeway 1 day later... and then over and over again. Problem ended up being the "Crankshaft sensor".... Hmmmm.... and of course, $1500+ later, they refuse to admit it had anything to do with their recall work.

    I guess that's one way to recoup money from a recall!

    How many times do we take a vehicle in to a dealer, and end up with thousand-dollar "just really bad luck coincidence" repairs being required a few days later?
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