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2008-2009 Honda Accord Accessories



  • I have a 2007 2dr Civic EX and a 2008 Honda Accord LX which i have upgraded both of the sound systems. My problem is, on my 07 civic of course you stand outside of the car and u can hear the trunk rattle and the inside sounds crystal clear! on the 08 accord same thing but i am getting a rattling noise that sometimes overpowers my sounds and might i add they both are running 2 12" subs with 1000 watt amps with 2 farad caps, but the accords rattle is mind boggling! i dynamatted as much as i could with out taking apart the back dash. Has anyone else had or have this problem? or even maybe a way to take apart the back dash so i can line it with spray foam or dynamat?

    Thanks for any advice that is given!

    and yes even the littlest hint or tricks or solutions would be great!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Are you sure it isn't the license plate rattling?
  • Yes im sure...ive been doing self installs for myself and many friends for a while now its easy to pin point most rattles on any car but when it comes to my 08 accord theres something in the back dash thats rattling. but thank you for trying to help!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Sorry to hear that. I used to be able to hear my tag rattle when going over bumps. Had to tighten it and then I was rattle-free. Thought I'd mention it. Good luck rattle-hunting!
  • Just to chime in that some dealers do this. My first Accord (1993) I bought with the understanding they were putting in the CD changer and alarm. Come delivery day, it had a Sony aftermarket changer, and an Automate alarm - same price as the Honda ones, of course. Raised a stink, and they put in the Honda changer with the special trunk mount and the controls that replaced a cubby under the radio. Left the automate alarm, as it worked, but made a mental note for the future about spelling it out. This was a dealer near East Brunswick, NJ.
  • thanks buddy! i am almost tempted to rip apart my back dash and just goto town with sum dynamat
  • dnv100dnv100 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2009 Accord EX-L V6 without navigation. How can I add bluetooth? Cost? Thanks.
  • Has anybody asked Honda to install the camera on the coupe? Has the response been black and white NO? I know officially it's only for the Sedan, but I'm wondering if some dealerships will do it for you regardless if you buy the actual component from them? I've heard it's not too difficult of an install, but I rather not attempt to drill holes and rip apart panels if I can avoid it..haha. Thanks.
  • Since you mention the rattle is coming from the back dash of the car, it may be related or similar to the rear shelf rattle issue discussed on the forum section: Honda Accord (2008-) Maintenance and Repair. Try post # 1091. Good luck.
  • Since you mention the rattle is coming from the back dash of the car, it may be related or similar to the rear shelf rattle issue discussed on the forum section: Honda Accord (2008-) Maintenance and Repair. Try post # 1091. Good luck.
  • ugjugj Posts: 3
    Hi David, wondering if you did actually get your accord the seat covers and if so can you tell me the vendor details and the price? I got a new Accord LX last month and need to have the ivory cloth seats covered before my 4 yr old starts spilling on it. thanks

  • Instead of buying a seat cover, we took a nice heavy throw/blanket and folded it in half and put it on the back seat bottom. Tucked it in between the bottom and seatback and it works. It has two booster seats to hold it down so it doesn't slide around. The trick is finding one the right size and color. My interior is black cloth, so just about anything will work color wise. Of course it doesn't look like factory, but I can live with that. Another thing we did was to set a rule of little or no food to be eaten in the car. Drinks in a cup with a lid. Nothing trashes out a car quicker than kids and food, I know from experience. Several years back my wife gave our son some broccoli to munch on. Some ended up underneath the seat in that old green Taurus. (it was winter time) Just imagine what that smells like when the weather started to warm up! :surprise: Had to stop and check the little guys diaper a time or two before I found out the source of the offending odor. eww factor x2.
  • ugjugj Posts: 3
    Thanks! I ended up doing almost the same for my 2011 accord rear seat. Just that instead of a blanket, I got a vinyl table cloth that perfectly matched my ivory interiors and the way I have fitted it makes it look like leather. And for the food rule...trying to enforce that as well.

    Thanks again, ugj
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    I have silver with Black interior. Any one with black interior has lint problem. It is actually black with charcoal. But all looks black.
  • fujisfujis Posts: 27
    Don't put anything on the seat-back of front seats. It will block the airbag from deploying. Safty issue!!!!
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