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Saturn Outlook Transmission Problems



  • apowapow Posts: 6
    What can you do for us? We all have the SAME issues. I just shelled out almost $4,000 for a new transmission. And yes, it was the 3-5-R wave plate!!! WOW! Just like everyone else. So, stop posting here saying you want to help us if you can't help us. We are all very upset with GM.
  • I passed on the information to my father in law so hopefully he can get some resolution from GM. I am willing to give them a chance to show some sort of customer support before saying anything negative. It can be very frustrating, especially in this economy, to constantly have to spend money to fix a car, and I totally understand the anger from these situations, I am just choosing to be hopeful. I believe persistence is key to getting resolution. You can't be willing to take No for an answer and you have to keep your cool in situations rather than get angry and yell. GM needs to stand behind their cars, and if there is a consistent problem they need to recall the car, I however don't know exactly what the issue is with my father in laws car, just that the transmission went completely out. I am hoping, since he has only had the car a couple of years, that they will take care of him the way they would want their own parents taken care of, and rectify the situation. I will also point out my father in law is kn his 70's and just like everyone else does not have the extra money yo pay for a mew transmission that shouldnt have gone out in the first place. Anyway here's to being hopeful.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Hello everyone,

    I understand that you are unhappy with your vehicle, and apologize that you're experiencing these various issues. If you would like our assistance in getting your vehicle concerns resolved we would be glad to help. I cannot guarantee what amount of cost assistance will be offered, but will work to find the best option in addressing your concerns. Please feel free to email me personally at

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I have been through all this before. Our 07 Outlook transmission broke at 87000 and two months past the warranty . GM did nothing. That's their customer service policy. Afterall they no longer make Saturns, they don't care
  • apowapow Posts: 6
    I was hopeful, too, as were the others on this site. No one is yelling as far as I can tell, but we are all angry and frustrated because GM will not do right by their customers. You'll get the same response we all got, which is, "Gee, sorry about your car". Good luck to you. I do hope you get a better response than everyone else did.
  • I have read alot of posts about this transmission issue, but noine seem to be the same as the problem we are having. Has anyone had an issue with the transmission not shifting at all? My wife for 2 days in a row now, has jumped in to go to work, and the tranny doesnt shift out of first. I reset the computer the first time, backed up 20 feet and once I put it in drive again, it seemed to be fine. This morning that didnt work as well. After resetting the computer, we had to drive in reverse at high speed before it started shifting in drive. Looking for any input we can find
  • I had this issue, would not shift out of first gear. I do not remember the part exactly, but it was a quick fix, about $500 and a day at the dealership. Happened out of the blue one day at about 120k miles.
  • My 2008 Saturn Outlook has all the well known transmission problems like sluggishness when passing or going uphill. Recently I had to stop suddenly to avoid an accident and the next time I drove the car on the highway as I was about to pass a car the transmission downshifted and I could not go faster than 40 mpg, and the car was shaking. I was able to get to my destination and the next time I went out the car was fine but the check engine light turned on and eventually went off a few hour later. A day later I took the car to the dealer and they supposedly run a diagnostics and told me that the problem was that the transmission was not getting a good signal from the electrical system and they are asking for $1500 to fix the problem even though they admit that they are not exactly sure which electrical component is failing. Could be the circuit board or a cable. The car is running just fine so I asked what is the worst than can happen if I do not get it fix and they said that one day the car will stop shifting. Has anyone experience this issue?
  • 2008 Saturn Outlook

    Well, just got off the phone with the dealership. The rep said the transmission needs to be rebuilt due to a defective waveplate. $2800 to tear it down and replace parts.

    I do have a case open with GM customer service so I haven't authorized work to be performed on the car yet. I'm really hoping GM covers as much as possible. Warranty is out by 6 months but only 76k miles on car. I'm astonished at how many of these SUV's across the Lambda platform have transmission problems at such low miles.

    I will update with what transpires.
  • 2007 Saturn Outlook with 87000 miles and 2 months out of the 5 yr warranty. GM did nothing. I would think they would at least stand behind their shoddy workmanship.
  • Recently in Oklahoma--1000 miles from home. Car started making noise and "skipping" during acceleration. Made it back to SC by towing it. Car would not move 2 days after returning home. I took it to a shop. I was told that they did not have any good news for me. Tranny needed to be rebuilt ($2500 --$2700). On the positive side, the shop is familiar with the problem because they have replaced several trannys In Acadias and Enclaves. I have 69000 miles on it and 7 months out of warrantee. I have not approached GM yet.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Hi willyo1,

    We understand that you're having problems with your transmission and apologize that you're facing a repair. If you'd like for us to start a case for you within our system, please send us your name, VIN, contact information and dealership you're working with. Please also reference your screen name here on the forum. [attn Amber]

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I am normally a very calm and collective individual but the customer service I have received between yesterday and today reassures me as to why some US companies are not rated high in customer service.

    I will start with saying I have had a few issues with my 2009' Saturn outlook which I bought brand new in 2009."

    1st the car would not start randomly in my driveway and the keys would not come out of the ignition, however it was covered under warranty, I was told the brand new battery was no good also some wiring issues. The dealership said it would not be done till the evening or next day and would not give me a loaner, go figure. Big inconvenience missed a days work.

    2nd Had to go in for software issues twice. Afterward I explained that my car was really loud at startup and idling now that this had been done. Stated they had no fix, disappointed but I lived with it.

    3rd Back windshield wiper broke while in the garage. Took it in to be fixed the part had to be ordered. Had to bring it back again to have replaced dealership broke replacement upon fixing had to bring back a 3rd time, finally replaced

    4th Leads us to yesterday on my way to clinical rotations @6am my Outlook's heat would not work I thought that was strange.. but said maybe it needed a fuse. About 3 more miles the "car shut the radio off and said engine overheating, a/c hot turn of vehicle" I pulled into the lot and walked. Upon finally paying someone to give me a ride home I contacted GM"s customer care and I explained that it had to be the water pump or thermostat as there was coolant in the vehicle. The young lady said it was probably the water pump as with my vehicle there were special considerations outside of the warranty, and the water pump was one of them. I also asked about any recalls or other issues pertaining to my vehicle as I was having other problems. She said "there were none" I said "well my car jerks when being put in reverse, shifts gears when it does not need to (yes I know about the auto feature, it is not that) and stalls driving on the road, which is very dangerous, it is also rattling I think a shock, strut or mount and it is still loud!" She then said "there are some special considerations in regards to that as well." I said "what, I just asked you about that!" She then stated "they only let you know about it if you complain about an issue." with more being said I wont get into. They picked up my suv this morning. The dealer said it was the water pump. I explained the other issues to them as I was instructed by the GM rep, they acted very nonchalantly and said it would be $100.00 to check the other things as GM wont cover it. Stunned but not surprised I said "forget it when will my vehicle be completed", he said" hopefully by closing." I said I have meetings I need a car. He said there is an enterprise up the street you can go up there and rent one. First of all if I could go up there and rent one I wouldn't need a vehicle. Second GM said it would be covered. After going back in forth with what I thought was basic common sense they arranged a vehicle with neighborhood enterprise. By the way I will not return to this dealership again. Needless to say I have missed one mtg and I am still waiting on a vehicle and the additional issues still have not been addressed. Sadly I feel as if GM is making it hard for you to obtain service, therefore once it is out of warranty they don't have to replace it. Can it be the dealer, who knows but you never get direct answers from either. Before something else major goes wrong I will take it through another avenue if it doesn't get resolved as I have been extremely patient and cordial up and to this point.
  • Welcome to the club. Just wait til your transmission and torque converter go out.

    This whole situation sounds very familiar to me, as far as your dealership goes. You wouldn't happen to live in Indiana would you?
  • No, I'm in Ohio and it was a Chevy dealer. Sad to say I for see the same.
  • marqmanmarqman Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    This is my second post to this site. My earlier post (#748) told the saga of my 2008 Outlook and its transmission and torque converter problems that have resulted in the vehicle being driven to the dealership 3 times and towed in twice. Last week I managed to limp into the dealership once again. My new GM case number is 71-122-5451459 and, after multiple communications with the service representative, Goober-mint Motors has blessed me with a brand spanking new 2013 transmission and torque converter! All covered by the warranty.

    I will pick up the Outlook next Tuesday (9-24-13), Here's hoping this fixes the problem and this will be my last post on this site.
  • I have 3 words....Class Action Lawsuit? Hello, anyone? Reading all these posts makes me sick. GM can and should do better! My Saturn is in the shop with our 3rd transmission repair. Hoping GM comes through like they should.
  • Amber or whoever else is monitoring the GM Customer Service. How does one go about getting a claim started? I fear I am heading down the path of a second transmission already in my 2008 Outlook. I am out of the original warranty, and I am now also about 15,000 miles out of the rebuilt transmission warranty, but total the rebuilt transmission has gone about 27-28K miles, and now it is sputtering again as it gets ready to shift. I fear for my family's safety when someone other than myself drives the vehicle, but have no other real choice for them to use it when taking a trip of any disctance. I am not real happy with the dealership here in Rockford considering the first transmission went out within 5 months of me leaving the lot with the vehicle. Thank you.
  • Sorry...should state that this would be the third transmission for the vehicle (at least since I have owned it) and my second transmission replacement.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    edited September 2013
    Hi mgierach

    I am so sorry that you are dealing with this frustrating issue. You can send us an email containing the information that you posted here and please include your name, VIN and mileage. Send the email to We look forward to hearing from you.

    GM Customer Care
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