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Ford F-Series Steering Problems



  • f1200guyf1200guy Posts: 1
    Hi, I had the same problem with a 2008 F250 diesel 4x4. Truck has 34600 miles on it so I only had 1400 miles of warr. left. Took it to the dealer last week they said it was the steering box. They said it has spool valves inside that caused the wheel to jerk back and forth. It would do this standing still or while driving as long as yo had some steering tension on the wheel. They said they have never seen it befor. Got my truck back today Sat. July 17. Problem is all gone truck steers great. Hopr this helps Craig
  • My son put a new power stearing pump on his 1972 F100. It seem to work for a trip around the block and then quit working. When we checked under the hood there was fluid coming out of the fill tube. The pump was very hot, too hot to touch. Is there a broblem with the stearing box?
  • I have an 03 F250 7.3 diesel with approx. 118000 miles. I have been experiencing a bad wobble when putting on my brakes. Now it is to the point that I can be going down the road and it starts wobbling. Took it to a mechanic and he ck'd the tie rods and ball joints and they seem to be fine. Then he rotated the tires and I thought it solved the problem but then it has started up again. I do not feel any vibration or wobble in the brake pedal itself when braking. Does that eliminate the possibility of warped rotors that could cause this problem? Any other suggestion on what to ck?
  • kessler172kessler172 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    heres the Fix to your problems. I also have a 04 250 Diesel, I have replaced ball joints, All tie rods, and track bar, Steering Stabilizer, had a fresh alignment and bought all 4 new tires and my same problem was still there. ( Same Loose Steering and all over the highway )... Heres the Problem fixer on the Leaf Spring front ends. The Leaf Spring Bushings on the front ( Not at the Shackle ) but at the very front, Start to wear out and cause the axle to move ever so slightly forward and backward that causes the drifting and sloppy steering. I bought a complete Energy Suspension urethane bushing set and really only used the ones for the springs. And OMG the entire problem went away. The steering was tight and no more wondering down the road. check around but expect to spend about $60-$100 depending on who u buy it from, And it takes about 2-3hrs to put them in the right way.
  • jer45acpjer45acp Posts: 1
    Another me too. I have just put new tires on and it seems to have started right after that. I jacked it up thinking maybe someone left a few lugs loose, but not so. Also all the knuckle joints seem OK and I cant seem to find any slop in anything else. It also acts weird going straight down the road, seems to want to pull to one side or the other and when I correct, it will make a sudden lurch in the direction I correct towards. It can be a bit exciting on narrow roads with opposing traffic. I see the big white around some old ladies eyes! :surprise: The worst part is it is not constant, but often enough to be annoying.
  • Did you ever figure out what caused it? I have a 01 F-250 that just started doing the same thing. I have 182000 on mine.
  • No, i never did figure out what was wrong with the steering. I heard alot of people had trouble with the Ford trucks. I sold mine 1 year ago. Maybe because its a FORD. LOL
  • I have a 2001 F-250 5.4 and it is doing the same thing.It just started this week.I had a steering box leaking and I bought a new one and ever since I had it installed I cant keep it in the road.I never had the problem until then.I also put a new stablizer shock on to .So its one of those culprits causing my problem.
  • lazyspurlazyspur Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Super duty with the 6.4 diesel. I have about 80,000 miles on it. It just started having problems with the brakes and steering. When going about 55 mph then start to slow down, I apply the brakes and then the brakes thump and I lose brakes and steering. Has anyone had this problem. My husband is a diesel mechanic for 30yrs and he is at a loss.
  • galena50galena50 Posts: 3
    edited June 2013
    kessler172, I have a 04, F250 4WD and have the same problem and have changed several thing without success. Is there anyway to check before changing that this is the problem. This solution makes so much sense but trying to get more info before I make the change.
  • galena50galena50 Posts: 3
    ktalley, what you talked about sounds like my problem but I don't seem to have any play in the bushings. Anyway to verify without changing out first
  • remarcincremarcinc Lawrenceburg, KYPosts: 1

    our F250 superduty, 2000, about 2000,000 miles started to have front end noises, my husband replaced the wheel bearings- it helped a little- on bumpy roads the truck would squeak- then make axle noises again- mechanical have blames turn out hubs, etc etc. We replaced the turn-outs with Warn - easier to use but still the noise. Then we drove the truck with the hubs turned in, but not in 4 whell drive- a lot quieter. On closer inspection, there are two washers that fit between the wheel bearing and lock washer on the turn-outs- they were completely gone. Still looking for just those parts, but they would prevent the axle from travelling side- to side, and make make some of the other readers happy with an easy $6.00 fix. We have wear issues in the universals, expected at that mileage- but the other noises were the puzzle.

  • htrustyhtrusty Posts: 1

    My 2002 F250 Super Duty has all of these problems. In the last 25K miles I have put on new tires. Hub & bearing assembly both sides front, Front track arm. Upper and lower ball joints, Both sway bar links, Front stabilizer shock cylinder. Alignment. 2 adjusting sleeves, both inner and outer tie rod ends. Another alignment. a new steering gear box. I still have trouble from time to time. I am considering new power steering pump, new tires again, shocks. And as much as I don't want to buy a new truck it might be necessary. After 5 Ford pickups this might be my last.

  • dwoody69dwoody69 Posts: 1

    i have a 2000 f250 7.3 1,364,000 miles it just started swaying left to rite changed everything but the spring bushings so that has be prob if you have play in stearing found out hard way do not get rebiult one get the red head its little more but you will be getting one any way as rebuilt boxes for the norm only replace seals the rest of the parts on inside are still worn out.

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