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Anyone have any trouble with their 2002 Chevy Venture

Hello all!

I have a question about anyone who has an '02 (or close in year) Venture van. Mine is nearly 6 years old and has 107K miles on it. It is overall doing fine but I know vehicles don't last forever. Did anyone have any major issues with it as it got older? I'm going to start a savings account for a new vehicle, not to replace soon, hopefully, but I thought in a few years (hopefully 5 more or another 100K miles) it might be time. Anyone out there have to replace their aging Venture van due to major and expensive trouble?


  • Yes I am, electrical, somehow according to chevy repair shop I need to repair wire #1340 which is not currently getting power (from battery to module) so my daytime running lights, tail lights and dash lights do not work and he wants to charge over $750.00 to repair.
  • These are the troubles I've had - annoying, but not absolutely terrible. Our A/C condenser went out Jan. 2006 so we had to replace that then in March 2007 the passenger side window's motor went out so we had to replace that. I've heard of transmission troubles in other makes of vans in the earlier years so I'm grateful we haven't had that, knock on wood. I know 2 people that had to replace their transmissions on their '99 Windstars at around 80K miles and also similar to the older Quests. Our van is not quite 6 years old but has 108K miles on it b/c we travel a lot b/w visiting family and vacations. Thanks for any input. I'd like to know about what's in store as the Venture gets older. We'll probably replace it in a few years. We just replaced my husband's ancient Civic with a new Camry so we're not exactly in the market to replace the van just yet.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Ours is a 2000 - 85K miles.

    No major problems (knock on wood)

    Items replaced which do not count as routine maintenance:

    front blower resistor
    fuel level sending unit

    Typical problems which I've heard about but haven't had to deal with:

    Intake manifold gasket leak
    pressure control solenoid in transmission

    You'll find the biggest problem with these vans is the fact that due to their design, even small jobs are major ones as there is so little room under the hood to work and often lots of stuff has to be disassembled to do even the simplest jobs - the part might be 50 bucks but the labor to replace it could be 500. As an example - It took me the better part of a day to replace the alternator and I've replaced dozens of alternators...can't imagine what the labor charges would have been for that job.

    Overall has been reliable and a nice ride - its great on the open road and not too bad on gas for its size...and since they tend to depreciate rather quickly (like many American cars) we got it for a pretty good price when we bought it used. Keep[ up on your routine maintenance and I think you'll be good for a long while...good luck

  • We have a 2001 with 67000 miles on it (108000 km) - at 17000 miles, we replaced the transmission -- under warranty. We had the fan motor for the HVAC replaced at 11000, fuel level sensor at 12000 (apparently this was very common at the time if you bought certain gasoline) -- under warranty. The lower intake gaskets and a wheel hub was replaced at 29000 miles - under warranty. A/C condenser was replaced at 41000 miles - thank goodness, we had extended warranty for that. Control arm bushing at 43000 miles - again, thank goodness for extended warranties. Water pump and the other side needed the wheel hub and bearing replaced at 51000 miles, again, thank goodness for warranty. Wheel cylinders and power steering cooler and pressure pipes at 55000 miles. GMPP lost money on us, let me tell you.

    Some out of warranty stuff we did:

    Spent about $1500 replacing the guts of the driver seat and the seat track (and we're not that heavy), had the oil pan gasket sealed, which cost about $500 but is still not working (the alternate is a much more expensive fix because as someone else said, every job is a big job on these suckers).

    I always found that the thing I was most disappointed with on this van was the assembly quality, there was always way too many squeaks and rattles which get worse over time. I've had other GMs before which weren't like that, and my 2005 Cadillac CTS is certainly not like that - it's unbelievable the stark difference between 2 products made by the same company.
  • My 2002 Warner Bros Edition has 75K and just ran out of it''s warranty. We have replaced the wheel bearings on 3 tires and a wheel hub, A/C condenser, and lower intake gasket all before 67K. Now, a tie rod was found bad while 4 new tires were replaced. The warranty ran out, the control sensor was replaced which hasn't repaired the knocking and the control arm needs to be replaced. All this now costs nearly $700. I just loved this van with its great gas mileage (19mpg) and excellent handling in the snow. I'm just not sure if I should keep the van any longer now that the extended warranty is expired. It's comforting to know some of you have reached 100K.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Keep it...make any repairs that come up and enjoy the fact that you don't have a car payment - 2 new car payments covers the $ 700 repair that you did...Our 2000 Venture has 90K miles and runs good...I intend on keeping it until it just won't run any more...

    All cars break and require repair - even Honda and Toyota have Service Departments
  • I have a 2001 Venture with 141,000 miles. It runs very good. When it had 82,000 miles I had a blown head gasket, 84.000 miles the transmission went out. These were repaired under the extended warrantee. I'm on my second battery. Front brakes and rotors were replaced twice. I just replaced the thermostat, rear brakes and brake cylinders (the rear wheel cylinders were leaking). Other than the head gasket and transmission problem, it's just been the usual stuff. I'm happy with the car.
  • Feel blessed if you made it to 100k miles.I have a 2001 venture.Just rolled over 100k and head gaskets went.Took to dealer and they want around 2k to do job.They threw in xtras that they said should be replaced so original quote came out just over 3k.Only problem with dealer is they want to sell you every little thing they think it needs and charge you rediculous amounts of money to replace themIt is so bad they wanted 45 dollars to replace a rear wiper blade.Needless to say got van fixed for 850 and runs great.Not by the dealer.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    I purchased the van used from a Govt auction with 75000 miles. Had to have the OD rebuilt right away($1200). Had the Dexcool crap flushed a little too late now that I see what it had done in my intake gaskets. New water pump and thermostate too($400).

    Now over 110000miles and the intake gaskets are leaking pretty good. I am waiting for finances to fix real soon($717). Just did the front break pads($25). Rotors looked great, I just roughed them up to take the shine off. I also had a engine seal leaking on a engine mount causing it to fail($275).

    If you search my other enteries you will see my fuel delivory issues and other electrical. My fuel issues have been attributed to electrical issues with plugs and such going bad or terminal shorting out. I had replaced two fuel pumps before I realized that when you moved the harness to drop the tank it corrected the connection for a little while. ($1600) A junk yard harness ($20). Tail light harness from junk yard ($20).

    Honestly I really like this van. It gets kick butt gas mileage for the power, comfort and convienence to get 7 people in and out with bags. Wife wants to get rid of it but like someone else said above if you fix the problem you have a great running van paid for for the fix price of a monthly payment.
  • I'd generally say don't worry, but then with these vans, quality seems a bit of a crap shoot. I purchased mine in November with 210,000 miles on it, an 02, and now have about 233,000 on it and no major problems, just been sinking a lot of money in to cover what the last owner didn't do.
  • brad0395brad0395 Posts: 2
    We have just bought a used 2002 venture, wondering if anyone knows how to hook up the vcr, the power on the monitor will not even come on. Wondering if I need to buy any adapter cables or what.
  • jodyrjodyr Posts: 9
    I love my mini van and want to take care of it properly. Any suggestions regarding maintenance for a 2003 Chevy Venture with 60,000 miles on it. Also, my transmission slips a little when engaging the gas from stop position, usually in low speed. I have also noticed it doesn't have the get up and go it used to have, any recommendations for these questions. Thanks so much, Jo
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Hi Jo...

    We love our Venture too, its a 2000...

    At 5 yrs/60K miles here's what I would recommend if you haven't done these already:

    Flush radiator/check/replace hoses & refill with new antifreeze
    Change trans fluid & trans filter - this may cure your "slipping" problem
    Replace cabin air filter (its in the back of the glove compartment - check your owner's manual)
    Replace air filter

    That's really it as long as you've kept up with the regular stuff...good luck
  • jodyrjodyr Posts: 9
    Thanks for the great advise. I have already taken care of the trans., now I need to do the radiator and the air filter. Any recommentations for a Radiator Professional? Thanks again. Jody
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    You don't need a radiator pro - your regular mechanic probably flushes radiators all the time...have them do it next time you get your oil changed...

    When you said "taken care of the trans", what did you have done, and did it cure your "slipping" issue?
  • jodyrjodyr Posts: 9
    As far as the trans. is concerned, I had it flushed. But, no that didn't help the slipping. I think the slipping started after I had that done. Thanks Jody
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Di they change the filter before/after/during the flush? If all they did was flush out the old fluid and didn't change the filter, the flush didn't do a lot. There are some cars where the flush has been known to ruin the trans although I don't believe that the Venture is one of them...

    If they didn't change the filter (requires removing the bottom of the trans) I'd recommend having that done ..think about it like changing you oil but not the oil filter, you're just putting clean fluid through a dirty filter...
  • jodyrjodyr Posts: 9
    Yes, they were supose to have changed the filter too. But, I think when they filled it back up they over filled it would that cause a tranny problem? Thanks Jody
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Depends upon how much...the big fear is that the level is so high that it:

    1. Creates foam...the foam does not lubricate like the fluid and could lead to failure...
    2. As it expands, fluid comes out the fill pipe, once its cooled, your level could be too low to provide proper lubrication and could lead to failure.

    A little high is no big is possible that the overfill could be the cause of your slipping - not necessarily likely, but certainly may want to get that straightened out...
  • Has anyone change their front wheel bearing hub assemblies yet.
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