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Anyone have any trouble with their 2002 Chevy Venture



  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Haven't had to yet but know of other Ventures that have...not a hard job if your handy with tools
  • FYI
    I replaced both my front bearing hub assemblies on my 2001 Venture yesterday. Wasn't a real hard job. Cost me $180.00. Cheaper than $1100 at the dealer. It took about 3 hours.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Dealer quoted you $ 1100.00 ????? Wow, that is you said, its not a hard job, and the parts are not real expensive...the hub style bearings are so much easier to replace than the older style giant sized FWD bearings that GM used to use....
  • I have a 2002 chevy venture only blowing heat during acceleration. I not long ago had the a/c condensor replaced but this is the first time i've had to use the heater since then. I also tend to keep losing antifreeze. It always gets low over a period of time. Does any one have any idea whats going on?
  • Being low on antifreeze/water is the reason your not blowing hot air at idle. Have your head gasket checked. I have a 2003 Venture that was leaking water and It turned out I had a head gasket leak. It was leaking from the outside so no water in my oil and I was able to stop it with bars leak. The shop quoted $595 to replace a $5 gasket but its the labor to get to it. I still lose a little Antifreeze/water during acceleration but very slowly and I keep and eye on it.
  • lbweldlbweld Posts: 1
    My 2002 Venture has an unexplained engine miss that comes and goes with out setting an engine code. I've got 149,000 miles on it and I've replaced the plugs and wires about 3,000 miles ago. I've had this problem now for over 6 months. The first time it happened she had it towed to the local dealer where it was purchased. I was there when they took it off the tow truck so I climbed in and started it up to check it out for myself because my wife had told me it was running so badly she couldn't even get it up to 40 mph because it was missing and lurching so much. Of course when I started it didn't miss a lick however the traction control light and the ABS warning lights were on so I told them to go ahead and check things out with their diagnostic machine for the OBD. They told me that the left front wheel sensor was bad and that they had also detected a small leak in the intake manifold gasket. Which they would be glad to fix for about $1,200. I said no thank-you and paid for the diagnostic and drove it home with-out any problem I replaced the Wheel-speed sensor which requires complete hub-assembly and had my local mechanic did the intake manifold repair and flushed the radiator of the dexcool fluid and replaced it with standard coolant as I've heard of many people having problems with it. When I returned to pick-up the car from my mechanic I had barely drove a block when it started to lurch and miss just like my wife had described. I turned around and went back to my mechanic to show him the problem. He checked out the fuel pressure, the mass flow control and finaly he replaced the ignition control module with a spare he had there and that seemed to cure the problem. We drove it for a couple of months without incident. Then suddenly one weekend the lurching started again. I thought the ignition control module that he used had gone bad itself. So I took it to the local parts store where they put it on their commercial tester and ran a series of test on It 3 times in a row to make sure. It checked out fine. So I purchased a new fuel filter (the one that's under the frame) and re-installed the module. Everything ran fine again until last week when my wife went to do some last minute Christmas shopping and it started lurching and missing again only this time she noticed the lights and fuel guage weren't working right.She made it back to the house and took my car. I was busy working on something else at the time and didn't get to check it out until an hour or so later when I took it for a spin it was running fine again. I told her to go ahead and just drive mine the rest of the week so I could try and figure it out. It ran fine the next day for me but not the next morning I tried to run an errand to town only to have to turn around and couldn't even get it to go up our driveway without stalling twice I left it there while I went to get my old truck and a chain to pull it up the drive. I thought I'd give it one more try before hooking up the chain. Sure enough it started right up and I drove right up the driveway without a miss. I called my mechanic to schedule an appointment where it's at now. But of course when I went to take it over there it ran just fine. Anyone that has had the same kind of problem or has any ideas their imput would be appreciated.
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    I am going to throw this out. My 99 had a bad miss and stalling that I thought was a transmission problem. Took it to dealer and they found problem right away. It was the crankshaft sensor wiring harness that was melting on the manifold. It also set no codes.
  • My radio totally went out last week so I put a new fuse in and it started working again, now sometimes when I hit a bump the sound of the radio will go off and if I hit the side a couple of time it will slowly come back on. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
  • Our 2002 van had a similar problem..code given said there was a missfire...took to dealership...said they solved the problem....pulled out of the parking SPACE check engine light came on again....took them two weeks to figure it was a loose wire that was causing the missfire..can you imagine that. Just throwing an idea...can never hurt to check the wires. hope this works
  • smeckysmecky Posts: 2
    My Venture has been running fine since we got the transmission replaced last year, but there was a strange rattling sound when stopped at lights with a/c on... but it's been cold, no a/c, no issue. A couple of weeks ago we were on the highway and about 10 minutes into the trip, there was a whirring sound coming from the engine compartment, but as soon as I let my foot off the gas, the sound would stop, and it did not exist at slow or around town speeds. It would only start about 10 minutes into the trip at highway speeds and continued while on the highway. I took the belt off to see if any pulley was making noise and the tensioner was sloppy, making some noises, so I replaced it. I thought that was it, it's been running fine. That was a week or so ago. Easter Sunday I'm taking the family on a 400 mile trip and 10 minutes into the highway portion, the whirring noise starts again, same thing, when I take my foot off the gas, it stops, when I push the gas or use the cruise control, the noise starts again. I got off the highway and it stopped. I pulled into a parking lot and popped the hood, as I gave it gas, the engine started to go up and down like i was taking my foot off and on the gas, but I wasn't I was applying constant pressure. We let it idle for a minute and gave it gas again, and it was ok. We turned around and came home, the whole time on the highway we had the whirring noise, when we got off the highway and drove home, it was fine I did baby it a bit on the highway but it did get us there with no issues other than the noise. I don't even know where to start... Any suggestions? We drove the car, but when I get home on Wednesday, I'm going to have to dive into this problem... Please help.
  • I have a 2000 chevy venture that developed a similar problem with a whirring noise (around 85,000 miles) which also completely abated when the gas pedel was released. At first, the problem would also go away if I down shifted into 3rd gear, and would again return when manually or automatically shifted back into OD. Tried all kinds of tranmission additives which helped minimally. After about 8,000 more miles, the whining got worse, even persisting when down-shifted to 3rd gear, and I noticed my OD wasn't really working at all. Wound up having to have a full transmission overhaul.....the problem was a weakly contstructed factory overdrive gear. Replaced with a stronger, aftermarket product and now my transmission works perfectly with no whining.
    I also recently replaced my a/c compressor and have begun noticing the same type of rattling sound when stopped in gear with the a/c on. Haven't diagnosed the problem yet as the a/c works fine and the noise resolves at driving speed. However, I tend to doubt that this a/c problem is related to your whirring noise (can't completely exclude that your the a/c compressior bearing isn't going out.) Perhaps of note, the belt-tensioning pully on my Venture started whirring recently (at 170,000 miles), and suddenly my serpentine belt broke, shutting off my power steering, a/c, alternator, and water pump......turned off engine immediately to prevent overheating. On replacing the belt, I noticed that the tensioner pully had actually frozen up and melted, ruining my old serpentine belt. Easily replaced the belt-tensioner ($50) and the serpentine belt, and problem solved. Ventures are great vans, but they require a lot of tinkering.
  • smeckysmecky Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions. I had the transmission replaced last year, it completely went... I don't remember the name, but I saw the part... sheared down to nothing. I don't know that the a/c is the problem or just the drain on the engine. I've not got a squeal coming from maybe the back end. I've also got an occasional clicking or knocking come from the engine area. It does not always do it, sometimes it stops, I've been able to pop the hood and look under, but can't determine what the cause is or exactly where it's coming from. When I take it to the mechanic, it's not doing any of those things. I don't always mind tinkering, I just wish I could figure out what to tinker with. Thanks again!
  • msmimsmi Posts: 1
    Floor board pass side under the carpet is a wire harness. it might be in the harness or the connector into the BCM. I have the same problem. found when I push my foot on the carpet it comes back on or I can make it go off
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