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Chrysler Town & Country power steering problems



  • well it turned out it was the rack & pinion, thankfully my friend is neighbors with a great mechanic and he did it for half what I was quoted but it still hurt the pocket book!!

    still have issues with puddles splashing up and making my steering belt slip, looking for more info on if Chrysler has or plans to replace the splash guard to prevent this?!?!?! living in Florida we have the downpours during certain months that make this problem a nightmare so would love to get it fixed before then!
  • I had this problem also. Private shop changed ps pump and the noise was still there. Put the old pump back on. He found a filter/screen in the reservoir that was dirty even though it looked clean. After cleaning in solvent and reinstalling the noise was gone. He researched the problem and found the fix in a Chrysler service bulletin. I inquired at the dealership and they were no help at all. Told me every thing from "it's cold out" to "it's normal". Very poor customer service for a well known problem. For me the repair was very inexpensive. It's worth a try!
  • My 2001 T & C has stiff steering wheel from when I start it up. It makes no noises during this time and the steering frees up within the first 100 feet, after which the steering operates as freely as ever. This problem is intermittent, happening maybe every other day or as infrequently as every other week. When it frees up, there is a short (1-second) air pressure/fluid pressure release sound that quickly descends in pitch from high to low.

    Has anyone had this exact problem? Could this be a clogged filter? I've been told it is hard to diagnose - could be rack and pinion, something clogging or pinching the line, deteriorating hoses, bad pump. Based on the symptoms, I think it is likely a clog, but I'm no mechanic. Thanks for your suggestions!
  • pycklespyckles Posts: 3
    I also have a 2001 T&C with stiff steering. I live in Arizona and don't have a problem with the cold, rather the heat after the car has been on the road for at least 15 minutes and only in the afternoon. When turning and only when the brake is applied does the steering get really stiff. Once I accelerate it almost frees up instantly. I have had the van for 3 years now and this has only been happening for the last 6 months and only in the warm weather. 80's at least. No sound from the unit and no leaks. Totally Has anyone had any experiences like this??
  • I replaced the Power steering pump on 99 grand voyager. Your advice worked great. Still a little finagling but is way better than pulling the steering knuckle or exhaust system. Took me 20 minutes to get this out. Good advice thanks!
  • There is a company called GATES that makes a locked in system for the serp. belt to not slip off. I use to own a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan SE All Wheel Drive and if i drove in the slightes bit of snow, the belt would slip off and leave me stranded. yslerBeltProblems.PDF

    Hope this link helps, good luck. Cost for the 3.8L v-6 is around $350.00 for the new system! ;)
  • jamestownguyjamestownguy Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    My 07 Grand Caravan 3.8L started making noise a few years ago around 100 thousand miles, SO...... i visited my local Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep dealer in Jamestown,NY and of course, have never heard of any issues concerning the P/S on Chrysler minivans! Being a lil suspect of what seems to be a brush offed answer just to get me back out the door, i turn to google with said problem and BAM, i find this blog with multi submissions of same concern. I replaced the P/S resivwar and this seemed to have cured the problem. FAST FOWARD to current day just short of 130,000 miles, my power steering pump is fine as long as i do local driving, take my caravan on the freeway or any type of driving above 55 mph for 10 or 15 min and it screams like a very unhappy child when u slow your speed and come to a stop. It remains this way til you shut the van down for a good 15 min, start it back up and it's fine again TIL you drive it on the HWY again. I'm taking my van into a local machanic next week to get the P/S pump and the front struts replaced @ the tune of aprox. $1,030.00 before tax. The power steering pump will be new and not a reman., it is also going to be a mopar pump. I hope this will be the fix that my self and the van is looking for. I have also had to replace the water pump and the rear A/C condenser around 80 thousand miles. I bought the van used with 73 thousand miles in May of 2009, I'd say it's been a good van in the last 60 thousand miles but @ 1st i was going through alot of outter tie rods until i put moog tie rods on it, no problem to date but i have been replacing the front pads and rotors every 15 to 20 thousand miles. There is always a pulsation in the peddle after about 5 thousand miles on the new set of pads and rotors! Good luck to all Chrysler minivan owners! :confuse:
  • chuckmmmchuckmmm Posts: 1
    Don't pay the Dealer to replace the rack and pinion, power syeering pump, etc. Cost over $1000.
    Buy LUCAS Power Steering liquid Leak repair fluid. Replace approx. 3 oz. of the old fluid with the repair fluid. In neutral or park run engine and turn wheels back and forth many times to circulate the fluid.
    Whining GONE. Cost a few dollars.
    I went through this with my 2006 T&C which had less than 40,000 miles.
    5,000 miles and still no whining has returned. Simple as that.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Replacing the power steering pump on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Touring.

    How do I change a bad power steering pump on my 2006 Chrysler Town and Country? (Edmunds Answers)
  • helio400helio400 Posts: 1
    I get 31mpg empty at 60mph. 26-28mpg loaded on a trip@65-70 Tires inflated to 35psi and running 5/30 oil. Set the cruise or better yet go easy on the pedal.
  • Hello, I own a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country, and there is a very loud whine coming from the power steering unit. I saw that you had the same problem and it was a dirty screen/filter. I was wondering if I should try and do the same thing and see if the whine stops. How do you take out the screen/filter from the reservoir, if you don't mind my asking. I've only had this car since last March. I bought it used from a car dealership here in Washington. Thanks very much. Danny
  • Replace the reservoir. I don't believe the screen is serviceable. Good-luck.

  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    While the screen itself may not be serviceable, there's no reason you couldn't remove the reservoir from the van, clean it (including the screen) with a mild solvent, and put it back on. And of course, top off the power steering fluid with the approved type.
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