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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • as a fellow 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer owner I just want to be sure you know that there has been one recall on the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. It is the rear door sash recall. Your dealer can hook you up with it.

    If you already have had the recall done disregard this. The reason for the recall is to prevent the left side rear door from opening upon "certain crash impact angles."

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • thank you for all you guys intel and advice on the cars, im still having difficulty making up my mind on a 09 lancer gts with navigation or a civic ex with navigation or a accord lx-p, i was wondering 1 question though, im not really a sound guy, i mean i am, but i dont need 650 watts of rockford fosgate in my car and i dont like that 10-inch subwoofer in the back trunk waking up like 1/4 of the trunk, is there anyway i can get the tech package and the sun and sound package but only get the sun package? if you guys know?
  • 1/4 of the trunk. More like about 1/8th of the trunk. It's a nice Rockford-Fosgate stereo system, man. I am happy I went with the Sun and Sound system in my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • lele7lele7 Posts: 1
    That is to funny. I am having problems with my 09 lancer as well. About 3 weeks after I bought it too. This week will be the 4th time I have had it at the dealership as well. They tell me it is my cellphone one week, or the store brand of gas like sheetz, rutters the next week.
  • I'm sorry that you too have been experiencing problems. My biggest complaint is I purchased an 09 so I wouldn't have to be at the dealership for problems. I have had 3 other mitsubishis(eclipse and spyders), the only problem I had was when the spyder hit 40000 miles everything went wrong. Within one yr I spent $5000. The Lancer, though, is by far the worst car I have ever owned. I've can't wait to trade it in and boy am I going to take a loss. The worst part is I don't want to deal with the ONE and only Mitsubishi dealership in my area because they ripped me off on my last visit. The next closest dealership is over an hour away! This will definitely be my last mitsubishi! What a headache! :mad: :mad: :sick:
  • I got my 2009 Lancer GTS in September. I have not had one problem with it yet. It is a great car. It is fun to drive, good on gas, and has one of the best navigation systems I have ever used. For the money there are few cars out there that match it. I would recommend checking it out for sure. :)
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,purchased a 09 lancer es with the cvt in sept.i like the car very much,handles great,quiet inside,good power and good mpg.however,i noticed that the radio reception isn't the greatest.has anyone else experienced this at all with the lancer and could i maybe install a larger antena on it.thanx...steve
  • Dude, what stereo, that takes 1/4 of the trunk space, are you talking about?!?!?
    I have the Rockford Fosgate in my Lancer 09, which sounds fantastic btw, and the sub takes at max 1/8 of my trunk. Are you sure you looked into a Lancer?!?
  • I also experience problems with the radio reception (moreso AM than FM). I think the problem is the antenna...I was going to ask the dealership about it on my next oil change. I like to listen to ESPN news on AM band but it doesn't come in at night. I thought radio signals are stronger at night than in the day? I guess Mitsu figures no one buying a Lancer would listen to AM frequency.
  • I've had my lancer gts since June now and have not experienced any problems at all. Its in perfect shape and runs smooth everytime. I don't know about this radio reception you guys are complaining about. I haven't noticed anything wrong with it but i also have only listened to Am and FM radio once I think since the satellite radio it came with is much better.
  • BradeBrade Posts: 1
    I had recently had a fender bender with my 2000 Galant, which never gave me any major problems, but it was considered totaled. So when looking for a new car, I had sort of settled on the new Mazda6 and Ford Fusion. I test drove both, and got 3 Mazda dealerships involved to get the best offer. By the way, the thing I do when negotiating a car deal is tell them exactly the monthly payment and length I want to do--then make them work out the details. This is great for avoiding "hidden fees" which are all too common if you simply negotiate an overall price.

    So I got the Mazda6 iSport AT down to 375 over 60 months. After taxes that brings the actual car cost to around 19,000 with the special 2.9% APR. I was just about ready to take this, but something didn't feel quite right. I decided just for kicks to check out what was going on with the compact car segment. I checked out the U.S. News reviews and even though the Lancer is #9, the reviews indicated this was almost entirely due to interior concerns--the exterior and the engine received great marks. And I noticed that I could buy the pimped-out GTS trim with Sun & Sound for just a tad higher than the no-frills Mazda6. So I took a test drive. It just so happened that the GTS that fit my specs (most had the Nav package which I don't need with my iPhone) was Rally Red--my favorite color. Things were looking good :)

    When I took the car for a spin, I was utterly sold. It felt lighter, more responsive, and the CVT really impressed me with its seamless shifts. I cranked the 650-watt radio and was sufficiently blown away--it should take care of any issues people have reported with tire noise at low speeds. The red backlighting on the panel is quite nifty--something I really liked about the Mazda6 so was happy to see here. Loved the logical layout of the engine compartment--everything should be easy to get to if needed (esp. the circuit box) and it's clear the Lancer is ready for customization (not that I'll be doing any). And of course, the car just looks incredible. A+ on the design, Mitsubishi. I've shown it off for a few friends, and now they're joking about getting into a "fender bender" so they can upgrade too :)

    I've only had it a few days, so we'll see if I have any of the problems mentioned here. But I've had 3 cars in my life, and all have been Mitsubishi--as I've said, that worked out by coincidence, but I believe that speaks well of the combo of performance/reliability/styling that Mitsu brings to the table.

    BTW I had read that an Aux jack (for MP3 players) was standard on this model, but never found it. The dealer agreed to install the optional "mp3 cable" this week as part of my purchase price, so hopefully that takes care of things, but I was still confused not to see this as a standard feature, when I thought it would be. BTW I ended up getting this car for about 19,900 which is about 1500 below the TMV here on Edmunds and quite a bit below invoice as well. So with taxes etc. and the 5.9% APR Mitsu offers, my payments are 355 for 72 months, but it's very likely I'll pay it off before then. Perhaps could have gotten a better deal with more Mitsu dealers involved, but I gave them my goal of 375 for 60 months (from the Mazda6 offer) to work from, and I felt the offer was adequate. Plus I really needed a car ASAP after my accident.
  • bravo! Bravo on your choice! I don't know about you, but the Mazda designs can appear nice, but, when popped up against the 2008-09 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS they fail miserably. I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS with the automatic CVT tranny, Sun and Sound package and Rally Red paint. I have read of paint troubles with these new world order Lancer's. I don't have paint problems with my GTS.

    I just can't believe how cool Mitsubishi made this generation of Lancer look. I was going to go with an ES and save money. But I realized how much I loved the wrap-around bodykit Mitsubishi installed on the Lancer GTS. It's really done well, it enhances the overall body style so much that after appreciating that I couldn't settle for an ES or DL or whatever the lesser Lancer models are named.

    I have 30,515 miles on my '08 Lancer GTS. I just had it's 30,000 mile service done. Every 6 months we get an 'Auto Butler' paint protectant/polish combo put on by the dealer. The cost of these was paid for in the contract we signed and well worth it, IMO. Keeps our Lancer GTS looking shiny and cool.

    Some have had trouble with their tires pulling to the left or right. I have had tire rotations done every 7,500 miles. I've had a 4-wheel alignment done, too, and I just have not had this trouble some are claiming with "pulling" to the left or right.

    Day after tomorrow I take it in to Tucson and get some Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires put on. Not cheap, it's gonna come to $813.14 after mounting and balancing, etc. I have heard really good reviews from owners of these Pirelli tires, though, and I think I'm really gonna dig having those tires on my Lancer GTS.

    Again, very fine choice you have made, Brade. Hey, that rhymes! I think you'll be really happy with your Lancer GTS, and be sure and include your ownership experiences on these Mitsu threads so we can see how you're doing, OK? :)

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Narrowing my choice down to the Lancer GTS with CVT (probably will wait for the Sportback) or the 2010 Mazda3. So now I am starting to compare other things like potential repair costs down the road. I know the Mazda's auto would be typical of an auto tranny in terms of repair cost. Does anyone know what it would cost to replace the CVT in the Lancer? For example the DSG in the VW GTI is something like $5-6K to replace! :surprise: I want to know if replacing the CVT in the Lancer would be crazy like the DSG or more like a normal auto box.
  • When I bought my Lancer GTS 09 back in April, I took the two models (CVT & Manual) out for a ride in the dealership. The one thing that came immediately in my mind is that in the CVT, if you want a quick response from the engine, you must rev it up hard. I played with the paddles, cruised around, but every time I wanted t adjust to a higher speed, even by a little, I had to "scream" the engine. That put me completely off for it.
    That's not only in the Lancer. I took many rides with other manufacturers, and the only conclusion I got is that this CVT, or whatever other car makers call it, is nothing but a manual control on an automatic gearbox. The clutch still slips a lot, like in the old days automatic cars.
    The manual, in the other hand, really transmits what the engine is talking, to the wheels. If you want a sportier car, with a ready response, manual is your choice.
    I ended buying the manual, and I never came to regret it. The only thing I would criticize is that it surely deserves a sixth gear. The fifth has, compared to other cars I've driven, an awful amount of torque. It delights me, when I'm cruising at 70mph, a little notch extra on the gas is readily responded. But at 80mph, you're already at 4000 RPM, a sixth gear, would keep the engine below the peak torque range (4k RPM), and bring consumption further down when cruising.
    I got my Lancer in April 9th. It has already 16.5k miles (I do field service, my car is my office). I haven't had a single problem with it, nothing wrong at all. I am sorry for some folks around here, who are experiencing so many different issues with their Lancers. Maybe my testimony serves as a good example...
  • great review man! I'm actually looking into an ES myself.
    say, what about teh noise from the CVT engine consumer reports were complaining about? have you experienced "the noise"?
  • just what did CR find wrong with the '09 Mitsubishi Lancer's CVT automatic tranny's? I have had nary a problem with my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. No CR "noises", no paint chipping, no "pulling" to the left or right. I have had my car recalled to put a clamp on the LR door. Apparently the crash tests revealed that a clamp needed to be put on the LR door to help keep it closed upon " certain crash angles." But that's it. No cost to me to have that done and it took about an hour to do.

    I just replaced my Lancer's OEM Dunlop tires with some P215 45ZR18 Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S Pinna's. The car now handles my hometown's bumpy roads smoother. I did get an alignment with these new Pirelli tires and they found that my car's alignment was wrong- the toe and camber were off. That was fixed and there is no "pulling" to the left or right side of the road.

    Also, these P-Zero Nero's give off much less road noise than the OEM Dunlop's did. So, you may consider getting some new tires. I replaced my OEM Dunlop's at the 30,565 mile mark. You may be surprised at the better driving dynamics some new tires could give.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • this is from their road test:

    "While it's an improvement over the old model, the redesigned Lancer still scores only midpack in its class. The Mitsubishi's handling is quite agile and the steering is responsive, lending the car a sporty feel. But the ride borders on being too stiff, the engine is noisy, and the brakes were disappointing. The Lancer also had subpar fit and finish, tight rear-seat head room, and mediocre fuel economy"
  • I bought the 09 GTS back in September it now has about 3300 miles on it, so far ive had no promblem except the sun roof doesnt open all the way, it stops just a little bit before it completely opens. Replacing tires might not be a bad idea tho. Def. a fun car to drive. I just wish they wouldve made the GTS model AWD :/
  • then this is it:

    "While it's an improvement over the old model, the redesigned Lancer still scores only midpack in its class. The Mitsubishi's handling is quite agile and the steering is responsive, lending the car a sporty feel. But the ride borders on being too stiff, the engine is noisy, and the brakes were disappointing. The Lancer also had subpar fit and finish, tight rear-seat head room, and mediocre fuel economy"

    Consuner Reports is usually biased one way or another, and I have never read their pack and gotten a lot of good out of it. The brakes are disappointing? That's not true. My brakes haven't needed a bit of service (although they've been checked numerous times) in my 30,915 miles of '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS driving.

    The "engine is noisy"? It is?

    "Subpar fit and finish"? That is utter nonsense, my car crazy friends.

    "Tight rear seat head room" I wouldn't call it tight, maybe I'd call it a bit close, but not tight.

    "Mediocre fuel economy"? Nonsense, too. I get 22 in town and 32 mpg average on the freeway, and that includes a lot of Arizona's mountainous up long roadways then down terrain. That is really good fuel economy, in my humble opinion.

    Once again, I am highly suspect of Clodsumer Retorts car theology. I reject it like a solid picture shot of Dennis Rodman sitting on the Piston's bench, him feeling whiny about not playing. It's not believable.

    "The ride borders on being too stiff." That I can almost come to agreement with CR on, but, my '08 Lancer GTS' situation has recently been improved with regards to ride. I recently purchased some P215 45ZR18 Pirelli P-Zero Nero Pinna's. With these tires I purchased an all-wheel alingment. Turns out my toe and camber were way off. That was fixed.

    The tires handle the bumpy roads of my home town way better than the stock Dunlop tires. And these Pirelli's don't produce anywhere the road noise that my stock Dunlop's did, either. Situation improved...and I love the looks of this Lancer GTS, I love it's foglights, sunroof, wrap-around bodykit, leather-covered gear knob, leather-covered steering wheel, 650-watt Rockford Fosgate stereo with 10-inch subwoofer in the truck, red backlighting on the dash controls, spoiler, and tight seat bolstering for good posture and good lean-hold when you want to push your Lancer GTS in to turns. This happens naturally as these cars love to take turns and hold on a dime when you push them in to turns.

    Great car. And once again, Clodsumer Retorts is wrong. You need to check magazine car printouts with your own experience, never go buy what a bunch of paid-to-write automotive magazine writers are paid to say...I...I mean think they "feel" about a product. Trust more what someone who has bought the car, and has spent a lot more time with the car, says.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • hi guys, new here with a comparison question.

    I'm going car shopping with a friend and we're starting off looking at the 09 Lancer and the 09 Hyundai Sonata.

    The Sonata and Lancer are in two different car classes so there isn't alot of hard comparisons other then online websites. A local dealer has a base model Sonata at 14600 and a ES Lancer at 14900. I've heard/read about a few problems with the Sonata's road noise and transmission shifting, but haven't found much in problems with the Lancer other than some highway road noise.

    Has anyone out there driven both and notice anything I should look for?

    thanks in advance.
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