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2008 Scion xB transmission problems



  • My wife's 2008 xB has about 100k miles on it now. Recently the check engine and VSC indicator lights came on. Yesterday I noticed on the freeway that the automatic gearbox wouldn't shift into 4th gear anymore. Anything from gear 1 to 3 goes fine, it just won't shift into 4th.

    This morning we took it in to the Toyota dealer and they checked the error code. The error code was P0793. They said they needed to replace the speed sensor which comes down to a little over $600. This price seems a bit on the high side, especially after doing some research on the internet.
    I found this article for instance, which states that it's about a 25 minute job to replace the speed sensor:
    I'm just not sure if the speed sensor which they mention in that article (or as they say in the article Scion also tends to call it 'transmission revolution sensor') is the same as the 'Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor' which they mention in the official Toyota error code description here:丰田Toyota%20RAV4%20Repair%20Manual/U140F%20Au- tomatic%20Transaxle/Automatic%20Transaxle%20System/0260023.pdf

    Can someone here enlighten me and tell me if this is the same thing? And would it be this part here? mission_speed_sensor.html

    In that case the part would be around $100 + 25 minutes of labor which makes the dealer's price quote a bit ridiculous. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

  • jasa63jasa63 Posts: 1

    Recently the check engine and VSC indicator lights came on my 2009 Scion XB. It has 150,000 miles and automatic gearbox does not shift into 4th gear only. Anything from gear 1 to 3 goes fine. Does anyone have any ideas what’s causing this issue? Please advice?

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