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Lexus ES Starting Problems

portlandchrisportlandchris Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Lexus
I have a 2000 Es300 model lexus with about 99k miles on it.

About 2 years ago it got a new transmission.

Today I went to drive it and started slugishly, turning over for about 10 seconds before starting, when I went to my local welding store and came back out side the car did not start again.

Thinking this to be a battery / alternator problem I had the guys that work there use their jump start battery on the car, to no avail.

A few guys suggested it could be anything ranging from Fuses and Relays, the Solenoid, Spark Plugs, the fuel pump.

The check engine light has been on for a week or so now, but the only lexus dealership is 20 miles away.

If ya'll have any ideas that could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I realize it is hard to diagnose without better information from me, but this is all I have.

Thank you.


  • the 94 lexus 300 we own, just got a new transmission, air conditioning motor, a battery and cables. It had been running fine until yesterday during my wife's lunch break when it would not turn over at all. Just nothing or click click click. When she called me to jump start the car as she left work, I could not even touch the lexus before she turned the key again to let me hear what it sounded like and boom it turned right over and started. She shut it off and cranked it again and it started again. She turned it off to shut her trunk, came back to her seat, turned the key and nothing. Just click click click. We let it sit while I went back to get the jumper cables after it sat about 3 minutes and just for fun I told her to try one last time before I tried to jump it and .... you guessed it, it started. We came home and parked it last night. What the heck could it be?
  • sean300sean300 Posts: 41
    I have posted quite a bit in these forums regarding my es. Anyway, I have a hard time starting the car when it is rainy or damp outside. Sometimes I will use my automatic starter and the car will not turn over. When I cancel the auto start then start the car manually it will start for a few seconds then stall out. I have to turn the key and hold down the accelerator for 30-60 seconds then the idle holds up fine and the car stays running. Any suggestions would help, not sure if it is Idle valve, carbon buildup or coolant temp sensor.
  • kinley2kinley2 Posts: 1
    I pulled under my friend portaco the other night, parked and went in side to retrive her. Within 10mins I had her rounded up, out the door and landed in the passenger seat, now that was a feat in and of it self!

    I inserted the key: normal.
    Turned to ACC: normal.
    Proceded through ON: normal.
    Hello START: ABSOULTY NOTHING! All interior lights are bright as always, the radio was crystal clear however the car do not even make an attempt to turn over and start. Not one indicator light was advising me that there was an issue. The engine immobiliser system and the key were operating perfectly together. The battery is new, the starter and alternator were recentally given a thorough check up during one of the expensive scheduled maintence increments.

    I tried start again.... dead silence. I called a friend who owns a dealership and had one of his guys transport my ES 300 on a flat bed wrecker about 7 miles back to my house. When they unloaded my car I decided to try and start it again.....PREFECTION, purrr like a kitten. I blurted a few obsentities and pulled into the my garage.

    The next morning it started right up. I went into town parked, 15mins later returned to my drivers seat and once again NOTHING! It would not start for about 30mins and then out of the blue I turned the key.....PERFECTION!

    For five days now it has been like rolling dice, will come or will it go. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I would like to seem INFORMED as well as ANGERED when I pull into the service area next week
  • I recently experience some staring problem on my es300, the engine turns over fine but the car won't start. However when I slightly press the accelerator while I turn the key, the car starts fine. It seems like a fuel injector issue. Anyone has experience on this?
  • jandejande Posts: 2
    It seems the hotter it is outside the harder the car is to start. Last July I had to press the starter 16 times before it would start. Many times it is 3 to 4 times, other times it will start up on the first try. When I take it to the dealer it always starts right up. Has anyone else had this problem? What was the remedy.
  • Had two similar problems within the last 2-3 years.

    First problem: It would turn over nicely, but would take a few minutes to start. When it did start, a lot of smoke out of the exhaust. The problem ended up being, if I remember correctly, a bad fuel preasure valve. The mechanic replaced it, and the problem was solved.

    Second problem: Several times(not very often, thank goodness), the car would just die.....I mean it was being driven. Sometimes, when we would try to start it...there would be absolutely in power. CHECK YOUR BATTERY CABLES AND TERMINALS FOR COROSSION! There was a minimal amount of corrosion on the cable end. When I cleaned it off, the problem was solved. Use terminal grease also, as that keeps them, for the most part, corrosion-free.
  • jandejande Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information. When I take my car in for service I will ask them to check the "fuel pressure valve." JohnT
  • I have the same problem. What was the answer?
  • I couldn't locate the fuel presure valve that you described from the dealer, can you provide the part number? Thanks.
  • Did you ever find out your problem? I am having same issue with my es300. Frustrating.
  • No, I haven't, after spending big $.
    If you find something, please share. Thanks.
  • I was having an air intake installed by a custom shop and in the process they have not been able to start the car in almost a week. The car is getting fuel, it has a brand new battery, but they tell me no spark to the plugs. They have tried replacing the coil pack and no luck. They will replace the ECM (part # JA1091) soon but have not yet done it.

    Has anyone ever had trouble with the factory security system keeping the car from starting? Currently the security light on the dash isn't coming on. The key fob isn't locking or unlocking the doors either.
    Do you know what to set the codes to if that could be the problem?
  • tikimakatikimaka Posts: 5
    This is a common problem on 97 - 01 ES and RX with V6. It's called the Idle Control Valve. My 97 ES will start up with no problems in the morning but if i turn off the engine, i'd have to give it gas to restart, otherwise it will start again but engine is unable to hold idle, and stall. There was posting on on how to self clean but seems pretty laborious. Dealer cost is about $600.

    My solution? Just step on the accelerator when staring the engine. Not worth $600; i could clean it myself but i'll probably screw something up.
  • ladyq2ladyq2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 ES 350 that developed starting problems with one of the remote keys. I replaced the battery in the key and had no trouble starting my car for about a week. Now, the car will not start. Roadside assistance could not start it with a jump. I ended up having the car towed to the dealer. Has anyone had this difficulty?

  • andiamo924andiamo924 Posts: 7
    Yes, yes, yes. Same problem. Car towed from my garage to Lexus an hour away.
    They replaced the start push button. Got it back. Next day same thing. Back to Lexus and they've had it for a week now. Said it's because two fobs in the car. I told them when i brought in that I only have one in my pocketbook. I thought maybe something wrong with them. It did it at the dealers last week also when I brought it in.
    It's a 2007 ES 350 only 24,000 miles on it. Bought it brand new. I can't believe they can't figure this out. They made me think I'm the only one with this problem. Even had a Lexus field tech looking at it. Whatever that means. It's been doing this on and off far apart when it happens for about a year. Always thought I was pushing the start button first and brake last. Nah, I don't think so. I'm glad I'm not crazy but now i have a car that's not dependable.
  • tkaotkao Posts: 1
    My 1999 Lexus es300 recently have a problem: every time it gets started then right away dies. Does it happen to any one?

    There’s no problem to get it to start, but right away dies. If I keep adding gas, the engine will keep going, but as soon as I stopped my foot on gas pedal, right away it just dies. At first I thought it’s battery problem, I replaced it with a brand new battery. After one day, same thing happened again. I had it towed to an auto repair shop. They change an air flow sensor for me for about $360 (they wouldn’t give me the old parts, saying that I had to pay $40 for that, because they would send it to rebuild shop). After drove for one day, now same thing happened again. Can anybody give me some advice?
  • chkwongchkwong Posts: 4
    i recently had similar problem. I had the idle control valve replaced. It works fine now.
    The part costs $236 and labor $85.
    Good luck.
  • Has anyone been able to get a "fix" on the starting problems? Our 2007 ES350 has 26,000 miles and in the last six months began having problems. Replaced both key fob batteries. Have tried only one fob, leaving cell phones out of the car, no other keys, etc. Nothing seems to be identifiable as any electronic signal problem. Will attempt to start and it shuts off immediately. Usually after 6 or 7 attempts, the car will start and run just fine. When first starts up though, the auto a/c has shut itself down and the windshield heat control switch is flashing on and off. Thinking this may be a clue for the dealer, I have taken it to the dealer. They say nothing wrong and no computer messages are being recorded during the starting problems. Seem to me to be computer related. This morning when it did it, there was a strong catalitic comverter smell. Will relay that to the dealer the next time I take the car in. The dealer tries to tell us that we are the only people in all of Las Vegas having this problem. Hard to believe. This is our third Lexus and just may be our last. Any help or clues would be appreciated. :mad:
  • After keeping the car in the shop for five days, the dealership was able to duplicate our starting problem. Turned out to be an intermittent short in the push start button. Replaced the button and no problems. :)
  • Did you ever find out the problem? Our 2002 ES300 has started doing this and it is so frustrating! Would really like to get it fixed, but would also like to know the problem before spending an arm and a leg to get it fixed!
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