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2009 Toyota Camry



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    I would disagree with the comment about the I-4 being " is horrifically underpowered and suffers from all kinds of transmission and vibration problems because the five speed transmission can barely handle theEPA gas mileage and 50 state emission control requirements. Just scroll to the beginning of this forum and notice all the problems with TSB’s and transmission issues".

    First, the Camry I-4 had a few issues that have been corrected with two TSBs that just involve the computer being reprogrammed (takes about a half hour.) Second, the Camry I-4 is not the slowest midsized car. Don't let the horsepower rating fool you, you have to look at torque also, and the Camry has more useable torque than many others in it's class. You can see 0-60 numbers on the net if you want, and you'll be surprised. Finally, the 2010 Camry being shipped to dealers right now has a NEW 2.5 liter engine and 6 speed auto or 6 speed manual transmission that is quicker and more fuel efficient than the 2007-2009 Camry.

    I'm not saying the V-6 is bad (it is having an issue with an oil leak right now that Toyota has not yet released a TSB for). It is very fast and efficient, but the four is not nearly as bad IMHO and experience that you make it out to be. Consider the new 2010 I-4 AND the V-6, and let us know what you decide.
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    Even if the 2010 Camry has the Venza I4 4-Cyl, 2.7 L 182 HP engine, (kbb does not have the updated stats yet), the difference is still the same. The I4 is centainly adequate but guntherops' prioritis are smooth quiet ride and good fuel economy - thus I stand by my advice that the V6 fits HIS top priorities which are the same as mine.

    If his top priorities were exterior styling, nice looking interior, and handling, I would say get an Accord if he could can handle the road noise. If his priorities were American brand and styling, I would say go with the new 3.5 Liter V6 263 Horsepower 2010 Ford Taurus SE with an invoice price of $23,983,17" painted aluminum wheels and the same 28mpg EPA highway rating as the Camry SEV6.

    If his top priorities were image, smooth poweful ride, and luxurious interior, I'd say get a Lexus ES350.

    If his top priorities were flashy styling, once a year 15,000 mile (synthetic) oil changes and lots of power, I would say get a 300 horsepower BMW Turbo Diesel 335d like my brother drives - and not to worry (at least if you live in Dallas, Texas); BMW gives you a free loaner car when you take it in for its bi-weekly warranty
    claim service !!!!
  • bjosephsbjosephs Posts: 13
    I brought the car into the dealer Saturday morning and had the TSB performed. The problem has disappeared and the car drives great. Thanks to all who responded. Just a note- the service writers didn't appreciate the fact that I had the TSB numbers and facts when I arrived at the service desk. However the mechanic who test drove the car with me was glad to see customers well informed about their cars.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Great to hear you had the TSBs done and you're happy with the car. I guess some service writers are different than others. When I had mine done last summer, they were more than fine that I had the info.
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    Did they do both TSB's or just the 0069-08 that had to do with the lugging or shudder problem? Thanks.
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    It appears the issue applies only to 05 & 06 Avalons plus 07 Camrys. TSB EG0380-06 states that a production run change was effective October 2006 as copied and pasted in relevant part as follows: :

    Models: ’05 – ’06 Avalon & ’07 Camry (V6)
    Technical Service BULLETIN June 19, 2006 TSB REVISION NOTICE:
    October 9, 2006: Production Change Information has been added. The Applicable
    Warranty has been updated in the Warranty Information table.
    Previous versions of this TSB should be discarded.
    Some 2GR–FE engines may display evidence of a small oil leak, located on the rear side
    of Bank 1. The source has been identified as unused side and end bolt holes in the right hand (Bank 1) cam housing. A repair procedure has been developed to correct
    this condition.
    �� 2005 – 2006 model year Avalon vehicles.
    �� 2007 model year Camry vehicles equipped with the V6 engine.
    TMMK 4T1BK36B#6U134505
    TMMK, Line 1 4T1BK46K#7U003571
    TMMK, Line 2 4T1BK46K#7U501527
    I did find several instances in Internet Forums about Camrys leaking oil but they all involve the 2007 model year. Some Australian built Avalons had a more serious problem that required a more complex fix.
  • bjosephsbjosephs Posts: 13
    They just did the shudder problem, she doesn't have the hesitation problem in her camry. It took about 45 minutes to complete the flashing.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Most, the MAJORITY, of TSBs only "apply" under specific customer complaints. If the customer doesn't complain then the problem doesn't exist. If the customer becomes aware of a TSB they will undoubtedly become more conscious, easier to notice, and may even "invent" complaints.

    Best to keep the customer in the dark.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,138
    My V6 gets 36 mpg on the highway

    I had the previous gen Camry V6. It certainly was a smooth drivetrain and hard to tell from a V8. Even with premium though, I don't think it quite meets the Lexus specs. However, I never got better than 27 or so on the Interstate at 70-75. In town it got 16-17. Premium runs at least 20 cents a gallon more than regular so you want to do the math before you automatically use it since its not required on Camry V6, only Lexus.

    I've got a 4 cyl current gen Camry right now. I've found it quite smooth and comfortable on the highway and in town. No harshness, and only loud on very steep hill climbing. It gets 21 or so in town and around 33 on the Interstate at 70-75.

    My take is the V6 gives you an almost luxury car feel, but the I4 is more than adequate for most needs. So it boils down to a tradeoff of drivetrain luxury versus a couple of grand more in price out the door. However, if you are going to load up a V6 XLE, you should also look at a Lexus 350 deal right now as well. The Lexus seating is nicer and you get a bunch of the difference in price back at trade in.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Just so that you're aware of the differentiation. Tires are the one feature of any car from any manufacturer that is not covered by the various manufacturers' warranties. The tires are the sole responsibility of the tire maker.

    This is why at the time of delivery you get a separate tire warranty from Firestone/Bridgestone or Goodyear or Michelin. Tires have nothing to do with Honda or Toyota or GM or Ford or any maker.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    For those shopping it's worthwhile to make sure to drive one of the remaining '09s and then one of the new '10s back to back.

    The new 2AR 2.5L engine in the 2010 is far far different than the 2AZ 2.4L engine in the 2009. It's more powerful and more fuel efficient and quieter all at the same time. This is the final engine to be converted from 1990's technology, the 'Z-family' of engines, to the new dual VVTi technology of this decade in the R-family of engines. The changeover for the entire product lineup is complete now.

    The next step should be the inclusion of Valvematic technology beginning soon in the smaller autos. This should bring another boost in both power and fuel economy.

    Also VSC comes standard in the 2010s.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,138
    Tires have nothing to do with Honda or Toyota or GM or Ford or any maker.

    Except those companies pick some of the cheapo pathetic OEM tires they put on the vehicles in the first place. I don't know about you, but I'd sure rather pay a couple hundred more on a $20K+ car and get decent quality tires.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    First thing I do when buying a new car is before I ever take it home I head to my local Discount Tire store and they always give me at least 1/2 of what the OEM tires are worth and they have good deals on almost any tire you would desire. Plus they give free repairs, rotation and balances for as long as you own the car with the tires plus I pay a little extra and get their warranty which means they replace the tires if they can't be safely repaired. On my wifes last CAddy I hit a chuck hole that put a big bubble on the sidewall and they replaced it with a new $200 tire even though the tires were only a week old. Spend all that money on a new car may as well be happy and it will be a whole lot cheaper than the dealer/stealer with do it for.
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    Let this be a message to others. I am paying now $1500 to replace tires and wheels which is more than it would have cost me to just buy a Camry SE V6 with Michelin tires in the first place. I just renewed my insurance and paid my premium 3 weeks before it is due. When I talked to my insurance agent about this issue because I wanted to insure the new wheels, it turns out he has an 08 Camry SE V6 and he told me he searched the lot for one with Michelin tires but acted like he did not know how the difference. Bottom Line: If you buy a Camry V6 LE, plan on spending any savings on a great deal on your next set of tires if it comes with Bridgestone Turanza tires.

    Side note: He said he also uses pemium or mid range gas to get better gas mileage - as do I - which more than pays for itself in better gas mileage than regular.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    My 2005 SE came with Bridgestone EL400s. I just replaced them at 30,000 miles because one blew (1" crack in the casing) after hitting something in the street. They had at most a few thousand miles left on them.

    I bought Kumho Ecsta LX Platinums. Neither the cheapest nor most expensive but with decent Tire Rack reviews, a 600 treadwear rating (compared to 260 for the EL400s), and a $50 AMEX gift card rebate from Tire Rack. So far so good with about 300 miles on them.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    I just got a set of Kumho Ecsta LX Platinums for my 2005 SE V6. I got 30K miles out of the Turanzas. Paid $580 installed at Tire Rack (which is 7 miles away). I wasn't willing to spend the extra bucks for the Michelins or Yokos. The Kumhos have a UTOG 600 rating.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    I had the previous gen Camry V6. ... Even with premium though, I don't think it quite meets the Lexus specs. However, I never got better than 27 or so on the Interstate at 70-75. In town it got 16-17.

    I have the 3.3L V6 in my 2005 SE. Last summer I got 28.5 mpg on a 2600 mile trip by watching my speed. On the same trip two years earlier, I got 27.5 but I was driving slightly faster on average.

    If you keep it at 72 or below, you can get decent mileage. I have also experimented with premium vs regular and have concluded there there is no extra mileage from premium.

    I believe either 1) Toyota tweaks the Lexus ES V6 a little to give it a couple more hp than the Camry V6 and that tweak requires premium or 2) premium gives it a couple more hp but they have to require premium to claim the increase hp. Of course, I could be wrong on both counts. :P
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Side note: He said he also uses pemium or mid range gas to get better gas mileage - as do I - which more than pays for itself in better gas mileage than regular.

    Fyi, I have done extensive (several thousand miles) experiments with regular vs premium on the 3.3L liter engine in both a Camry SE and a Highlander and have never gotten any significant difference in mileage.
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    Is the 2010 Camry being retailed currently?
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    Yes in Kansas City. I stopped by Molle Toyota a few days ago and none were in and they told me a shipment would be arriving in a couple of days. As of today the 2010's in stock is on their website at:

    They are giving away the 2009' LE 4cyls for $18,888.. They are overstocked and have it right on their showroom floor with big yellow price tag letters on the windshield of the floor model. That price is also the first thing you see when visit their website which lists the 2009 model year inventory as well.
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