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Toyota Tundra Maintenance and Repair



  • the door stop on my under warranty tundra broke dealer says not covered under warranty toyota says to treat the tundra tenderly and the door stop not covered per the dealer
  • the door stop on my under warranty 07 regular cab broke and they are not covering under warranty.

    initially i had a vibration at 15 and 25 mph and took it in said they replaced a transmission converter

    the drive train in general seems to be very temper mental on my 07 5.7l auto with occasional jerks, bangs, clunks, and generally crappy transmission of power to the ground
  • I am not pleased with what seems to be ocassional transmission clunking type noises in my 08. It seems like there is slippage inside the transmission, because sometimes the truck shifts very awkwardly. Toyota in El Paso TEXAS says nothing is wrong, as they drove it and found nothing(of course).. Dont know what to do. Any comments welcome.................
  • maybe this is intimidation from the dealer to you, and they are waiting to see if you take it to another level in terms of seeking just compensation, fixing the defective (plastic??)
  • a8fana8fan Posts: 16
    I own a 2008 Tundra 5.7 4WD double cab.

    I notice that sometimes I can't get it to accelerate. It either feels 'stuck' or it herky jerks forward.

    Another time, it popped out of D into N after some slippage on the ice.

    This is happening when I am messing with the 4hi-4lo stuff.

    Please advise if I am doing it right:

    My understanding is to go slowly ahead and turn to 4hi, but then to get to 4lo, I need to stop and put it on neutral.

    It also needs to be in 4hi first, before you can take it to 4lo which was not the case with my 2000.

    But this transmission thing is so weird.

    I have not gone back yet for the 5,000 service, only have less than 3,000 on it and have a 7 year paid warranty.

    PS - I need to keep it in 4hi at times just to get up and down my driveway... which never melts even if the street is dry. But I don't ever drive with it in 4W unless the roads are snowy.
  • xplor8xplor8 Posts: 1
    Did you get a fix for this? My 07 has now twice started to shimmy violently on the freeway at 70 mph. The incidents happend about a week apart with no warning. It is so intermittent that I doubt the service department could help...

    Anyone else have this problem? :confuse:
  • what is progress of toyota fixing the problem with your truck?
    it is within warranty? did you purchase with EL PASO, maybe you can list
    name of dealership so that others can be forewarned if they are not seeking
    corrective action. What do you Tow with your Truck

    have you had third party transmission shop examine the situation?

    what truck do you have? how many miles? I am considering purchasing
    toyota and would like to know more about this to make educated decision.

    whether or not to go ahead and complete sale. What other trucks would
    you purchase if you had other choices? what do you see EL PASO doing
    to make good on warranty?
  • what is happening with your 2007 Tundra, has dealership fixed this problem,
    provided plan A or plan B for resolution, what do you tow, how many miles what load? is yours 5.7L or smaller V8 4x4 or any other characteristics for identification,

    I am looking at purchasing Tundra and would like to know all the things to stay away from in the event there is problem, before purchase.

    what other trucks would suggest besides Toyota? If you were to purchase one today.

    Who is your dealership and what are they doing about fixing this problem with Tundra?
  • what other descriptors for your truck package SR5 LTD, GRADE, 5.7L or small V8?

    who is your dealership ? what is being done to resolve situation?
    would you recommend dealership? what other truck would you suggest besides
    Toyota with this experience in mind?

    What were you towing? how many miles? what was the Load towed?

    what did Toyota do about it?
  • recently experienced problem with tranny flush,

    ,dealership didnt fill transfer case with fluid,,

    seized took transfer case and tranny out>tranny shop local said transfer case bone dry>should have been watching the man down below,,

    asking for second check , how they do it,,process and all
  • is this 5.7L or small V8 ,,towing package?
    how many miles do you have on it,,

    what did they examine first time ,,,with results?
    what is diagnostic that third party trans shop has recommended checking?

    what is name of dealership,city location?
    are they doing good job on standing behind warranty?

    would you purchase toyota again? if not what other truck would you be looking at?

    have you been towing load,,how much , how many miles?

    what is progress tell ? time miles?
  • i just encountered the big clunk but it happened after a sudden deceleration and just before getting back on the power to make the turn, there was just revving and then the clunk like i had been rear ended, any more problems with yours? thanks
  • a8fana8fan Posts: 16
    Now I too am finding problems especially after carefully switching to 4HI.

    I often have to do this to get back up my driveway after the plow has been there.

    So I head down the street and around 20 MPH I swap to 4HI as I should..

    But when I go to turn around in the next street opening, just turning the wheel brings me to a halt!!!

    I can't understand it.

    This is a 2008 5.7 Tundra SR5 TRD with less than 3,000 miles on it.

    It's going in for its first service next week and I'm going to talk about this to them at that time.

    I also am not sure how you get yourself into 4LO which I need to get out of snowbanks when the plow leaves me there....

    4HI doesn't cut it.
  • hey cajohn54 ,, my 2008 5.7 tundra does that same clunk almost ALL THE TIME. I took it in and they told me that the transmission is designed with slack in it. That is the clunk you hear. It almost sounds like the transmission is slipping. It is normal, from what I was told. Annoying as it is, I have learned to live with it. I guess this is the down side to a motor that puts out a tremendous amount of torque. WHAT MAKES ME WONDER THE MOST, IS THAT IT NEVER DID THAT CLUNK NOISE WHEN I FIRST BOUGHT IT, IT STARTED MAKING THIS NOISE AT AROUND 5,000 MILES... good luck
  • this is not normal and is dangerous, it is like a hesitation in acceleration that is inconsistent, i would not want it happening when crossing a busy street, so i am documenting these per my attorney. thanks and remember per toyota treat tundra tenderly!
  • I have an 08 Double Cab 2wd with the 4.7 / 5speed auto. I've noticed the clunk too. It only happens intermittently. I am not sure that it is a transmission problem. It may be related to the stability control system pressurizing or something like that. There is a separate sound that I hear 100% of the time, and that is the ABS pressurizing. I hear a high pitch whine, then about 50 yards from my parking space I hear a clunk and the whine goes away. This sound is the ABS. If you get on a muddy road and hit the brakes, you'll hear the ABS activate and repressurize itself. (My 2000 Nissan Frontier 4wd had a similar sound when the ABS activated. I became very familiar with it off roading.)

    I've got 13k miles on the truck and it runs and shifts fine, so I am not terribly worried about it. If I find out something definite, I'll post it here.

    If you are really worried about it in the long run, and you don't have very many miles on your truck yet, you might try buying an extended warranty from your insurance company. Geico charges me about $5 a month for a 7 year / 100,000 mi warranty with a $250 deductible. I'll probably never need it but ...
  • a8fana8fan Posts: 16
    I do have the extended warranty and prepaid service...which was cheaper, for 5 years. But I don't want to break down.

    It's going in for its 5,000 even tho it's barely 3,000 but it's been 5 months now.
  • I removed the battery on my toyota tundra 2004 with 4.7 V8 for several hours while I did some work on my snowplow. Now it will crank but not start.
    Do I need to reprogram a security key or something?
    Is there some security immobilizer on this vehicle?

    Help, I need the truck. Note, all I have is a plain key with no chip on it that I can see.
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