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Problems with Chevy Venture Gauges



  • talleagletalleagle Posts: 1
    we have had our van for almost 3 years now first our temp guage went out and then the gas guage and now the speedometer doesn't work we need help anybody have any ideas on what to do please help
  • sakpudasakpuda Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2002 Venture. Took it to Chevy dealer and have all sorts of codes regarding the fuel pump. They told me there is no pressure from the fuel pump, They also said something about the harness wires. The biggest shock was the price they quoted me for replacing these parts. $1750.
  • Did you solve the problem? I'm in the middle of replacing 1998 venture cluster with a used one. Coolant gauge says the motor is hot when there is no other evidence of overheating.
  • I have an 03 venture & a year ago my fuel pump wiring harness went bad. It took a lot of research however I didn't waste $ on parts I didn't need. It's located underneath the drivers side front seat. It gets corroded & messes w/ ur gauge & can cause numerous other problems. I tried cleaning mine & it didn't work so I replaced it. I pd $70 u have to drop the tank only 2 straps & not bad w/ the right tools.
  • bwsadebwsade Posts: 1

    This has happened to pretty much all the gauges on my wife's 2004 Chevrolet Venture! I won't speak for everyone, but it sounds to me like the gauge stepper motors are shot. In the case that they are your stepper motors. You will need to have the gauge cluster rebuilt / refurbished. You can also replace the stepper motors yourself.
    To rebuild the gauge cluster yourself is really not that hard. A rebuilt or refurbished gauge cluster will cost you anywhere from $200.00 to $400.00 depending on who does it. Also you will be without your gauges for a period of time. I refurbished the gauge cluster in my wife's van and my pickup in approximately an hour and a half. The kit cost me $50.00 bucks. Now the gauges on my wife's Venture and on my Silverado are working just like new again. In case your thinking, I can't do that kind of repair. Keep in mind, I myself am no big shot mechanic. I have the ability to screw up anything I touch and I did this myself in my garage with a screwdriver and a kitchen fork! Some kits contain the tools needed such as a soldering iron and solder sucker.

  • jw1983jw1983 Posts: 3

    So I bought a 2000 Venture Van last Saturday. My mechanic was selling it from the previous owner who owned it since new. The owner pretty much ran the tank to empty. I was driving it to the gas station and the gauge went from empty to full. I was thinking "okay, that's odd." I went to go the gas station and filled up the tank. Started the van after filling and the gauge went to full, back to empty and then back to full. There was a near by parking lot and I waited 15 minutes sitting to make sure everything was fine. The gauge had been working normal since then. I figured it was a safety to tell the driver it's empty, even though there is a light that says 'low fuel." I phoned my mechanic to let him know and he said "to let him know if it goes to empty again where there is gas in the tank." Drove it for a few days after and never had any issues with it.

    Reading the messages from other members at least lets me know that this is a common issue. It's a common issue that can repaired easily enough. I have a Pick N' Pull not too far from my house so I can get parts for cheap since i don't want to pay for dealer prices. Plus, if I can do it myself, the better.

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