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Mazda Tribute Transmission Problems



  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    This is a diagram (link below) of the parts.

    The forward drive drum/hub was not easy to source through a dealer and that was the biggest glitch. ebay has rebuilt-refurbished I think.
    I had a shift kit added that reduces wear on the parts and I'm told most kits have better parts / components than factory new.
    I also went with the advice of using one bottle of Valvoline synthetic then the balance of regular trans fluid by Valvoline. It reduces operating temps just a bit but the synthetic can/will be a problem if you use more or too much in the ratio. I'm sure the rebuild by a qualified shop or mechanic will out perform - outlast the factory original.

    How many miles are on that thing anyways ?
  • Wow, Thanks! :)

    She has over 200,000kms on it.

    She is still weighing her options. Something about girls not liking to "wing it" with cars, or "experiment" I guess. Personally, if it's at all possible to fix, I would rather do that. She apparently has an offer by someone to replace it with a low-km transmission from a wrecker for $1600 CAD, with a 90 day warranty, and then she'll probably try selling it and getting something smaller. She's moving soon anyways. If she does get her tranny replaced though, I'm definitely going to try to get my hands on the broken one and see what I can get done, or do myself, with it. Apparently rebuilt ones are in high demand.

    The diagram is for a 4sp-FWD. Do you think it's similar enough to the AWD?

    I haven't been working with cars much until this year, but I'm starting to enjoy it. :) I just wish you could work on them without the urgency of needing them to work before your life falls apart. haha.
  • My son's above referenced car (truck?) is having serious problems with his transmission. The reverse went out completely. No one has dropped the transm. to examine it, but a prof. has it now and after driving it around says that at about 100k miles these trannys fuse together in spots where the ventilation is not good. He would be afraid to take it out on the street to check the other gears. It will go forward in Drive. He estimates about $2,000 to fix it if the problem is as he fears. No other problems with the car. He has been very happy with it. But (gulp) now are looking at an expensive repair. Advice?
  • I've been a Ford person for decades, and subsequently bought a Mazda Tribute (Escape platform in a different wardrobe.) It has run well for 9 years, until this morning when the transmission refused to engage in any gear. The Overdrive light flashed intermittently just prior to the transmission disengaging. Although they haven't opened it up yet, the transmission repair person told me that the transfer case is often the culprit with 4WD or AWD vehicles. I won't know for sure until they get it apart, which could be a few days yet.
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    Barbra --

    $2000 sounds about right, maybe even low from $2500 - $2800 depending on the damage. Understand that with a factory fix and parts, you may be set up for the same problem 70k to 100k miles out again. Factory parts and design (Ford transmission) is what it is.

    I'd be more inclined to find or stick with a mechanic or shop that is off the trail from a dealership and make sure they can and will use a tranny rebuild kit that fixes the glitches of a factory design. Say it just that way and when you get a bite from a shop or mech that understands what you are saying, get an estimate from them. Trans get too hot often due to poor design. For some in the older days, it just meant drilling a pilot hole in a part of the valve body to let fluid get to parts it was not getting to as well. Ford could have easily fixed or modified it on the assembly line on the older cars but never did.

    Get it fixed right and keep it forever b/c it'll be better than new. If you get it fixed via factory parts, drive for another 20 - 30k miles and sell it. Tell us how it works out though !! Good luck -

  • On April 6th 2010 I posted on here about my transmission problems. I at that time had 43,000 miles on my car and owned my car for a little over a year and a half. Here we are today Jan 12 2012 I now have 85,000 miles on my Tribute. And guess what I will now be replacing the transmission again. So Warning to all I guess Mazda only makes there transmissions last for about a 1 &1/2 and for 43,000 miles. I am so pissed of now. But I am awaiting a call back that I bought my car from that gave me warranty forever on, so lets see the reasons they are going to try to give my to not replace this for a second time for free. :( :mad: :cry: :lemon:
  • Way too many problems with trans. The noise I've heard and $3080.00 repair bill on Jasper rebuild proves this is not isolated incident. Failed after less than 60K. Used by wife just to take kids to school and grocery store etc... probably why this 06 model took so long to die. That is so long in the housefly lifespan of a Mazda. This is a very poor performance by Ford. Our Tribute hardly ever ran for more than 45 min at a time - just didn't have need to drive for very long or far. Damn thing should have gone over 100K before tranny died. Don't know what can be done outside of everyone taking a few moments to complain to Ford / Mazda folks and vent in forums like this. Guess I shoulda spent an extra $8K and got her a F150.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you have the F/awd system then there is now little doubt that the entire drive train is being overstressed via the automatic activation, engagement, of the rear drive even on highly tractive surfaces.

    I suggest that the longevity of the driveline could be seriously extended if you add a switch such that the rear drive clutch could be disabled unless the driver is aware or suspicious of slippery roadbed conditions.
  • crow10crow10 Posts: 2
    Abruzz, I have a 2009 Tribute with 6 speed automatic tranny and 4 cyl engine and I am experiencing the same sound problems that you have reported at low rpms and at low speeds more so with air conditioning on. It is a low growl sound coming from under the hood. The noise disappears as the car increases in speed. I seldom get the noise with the a/c off. Were you able to get the noise problem resolved? I have reported it to dealer once and they were not able to find anything.
    I also had the leaking rear window problem as you did. The dealer replaced the rear window and seal and it helped some but still has a small leak.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Absent the use of a balance shaft in the design L4 engines generate a lot of NVH. oftentimes mechanical harmonic effects from things like the A/C compressor, torquing the rear drive line, etc, will amplify the NVH inordinately.
  • crow10crow10 Posts: 2
    wwest, my Mazda did not generate these noises when new. They started when I got about 3000 miles on my car. I did not notice any noises at all when I purchased the car new with 4 miles on the odometer. I feel you are correct that L4 engines produce a lot of NVH, and it appears that the noise is inherent for the vehicle and its design. Is there anything that I can do to reduce or eliminate the noise? Do they make noise canceling oscillators which can be purchased for automobiles? Any advice you can give me?
  • mik15mik15 Posts: 1
    Tribute with 195K miles, within past month when coming up on a hill doing about 40 to 50mph there is a thumping coming thru gas pedal, feels like transmission is skipping and can't downshift. Have to get off gas pedal in order to regain acceleration. It is a V6, 4wd with overdrive. If the overdrive is turned off, it doesn't do it. Never does it when on level road. Any idea what is the cause?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Motor mounts....
  • I've been having some minor shifting issues with my 2008 i4 automatic Mazda Tribute. It has been shifting roughly while going from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th. Sometimes there is some hesitation, but it would then shift. Occasionally, there was some downshifting issues, but those were far less common. However, today on my way back from lunch, I was on the highway doing about 65mph. Then for some reason, I was unable to get any acceleration. I would put any amount of pressure on the accelerator, even all the way to the floor. All the car would do would jump a little bit but not accelerate. It would not go past the 2 on the RPM gauge either. Fortunately I was on an exit ramp. Once the car got down to about 45, I guess a gear engaged and I was able to drive again. I'm not sure what to do. Is that a transmission problem or something else? Thanks.
  • My first car was a 2006 Mazda 3, really liked that car.. Had twins and needed a bigger vehicle. Chose the Tribute because I liked Mazda and it was cheap.

    Picked up a 2010 and had no problems until at 33k I had to accelerate quickly at a left turn and the tranny failed, wouldn't get power to the wheels. I nearly cause a major 5 vehicle collision at an intersection that could have killed people.

    The vehicle showed no signs of any issues prior to this incident. Dealer replaced the transmission under warranty but the new one is now having problems too. It is shifting very roughly.. I will be taking it in again soon.

    I apparently didn't research enough because I had thought any issues were worked out prior to the 2010 model year.

    There was someone who posted earlier in this thread that described what happened with my 2010 the same as his, a terrible shuttering that would shake the vehicle. I know this because the dealer advised me to bring it in.

    I wonder if I had caused a horrific accident and killed people and the investigators found a faulty transmission on a new vehcile if Mazda would have had to deal with it then?
  • So do I have a story. I bought my 2003 Mazda Tribute 4x4 (6 cylinder) with 34 miles on it. No problems with anything other than regular wear and tear, tires, brakes, etc.. I have 205,000 miles on it today and have spent about 2,000 in the last month getting it running. I had a rinky dink outfit in Duluth MN give me a bunch of bull about it needing 4 new coils - then after that grand, it still didn't run - towed it down to the cities and brought it to another local ma and pa shop with a "trustworthy" mechanic who replaced a cylenoid and another coil. Drove it for a few days and it broke down again so I had it towed to Mazda in Burnville where they informed me that it needed an alternator - another 800 bucks. Drove it for another week, and now I have 1st, 2nd and reverse but no drive gear. I think its time to give it up but it has been so good up until this point. I think I should get another 100,000 on this vechicle - it is loaded, still looks great, but I don't know what to do. Can't afford another vehicle (as I still have a car payment on my 08 Honda) nor can I afford a new transmission - Is there a way to piece this vehicle out or sell it not running - I don't know what to do. I am very attached to this Mazda - sounds stupid I know....
  • gdaou76gdaou76 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I took my car in to the dealership last week to have it serviced. A few days later I took it to another Mazda dealership to have tires and brakes done(was significatly cheaper at the other dealership). The next day a gold wrench appeared on my dash board, and my car started idling high. I called the dealership (where I had the service done), and they asked me to bring the car in. Well.... in a few days time, my car suddenly needs a transmission!! Up until last week, I'd had no issues with my car, have stayed on top of the scheduled maintenance, and ALWAYS take it to the dealership. It makes no sense that a 08' with 69k on it would need a transmission. Since the warranty mileage came first, Mazda has only offered to cover the parts (refurbished at that) but none of the labor. I know that this is not normal, and so does Mazda. I'm so over this whole experience.
  • To further warn anyone considering buying a used (or new) Mazda Tribute, I add this story about two transmission failures in my 2004 Mazda Tribute, the second one with only 27,000 miles on it. The first failure occurred at 48,000 miles when the vehicle was just beyond its warranty, and was 400 miles from home. At that time, Mazda customer service extended a "good will" warranty in providing a "remanufactured" transmission, but I had to pay $1000 in labor charges and plane fare. That replacement transmission recently failed with ONLY 27,000 miles on it!! How pathetic is that? I reached out to Mazda customer service, asking that they extend a good will warranty replacement on this second outrageous failure. They opened a "file" and after two weeks of back and forth shenanigans, they refused to help out. Moreover, I'd always taken the Mazda to the dealership for servicing. With all of the reported problems with Mazda transmissions, and their refusal to "own up" and replace when an unreasonable failure, they deserve to have their customer disregard and irresponsibility publicized. My advice: stay away from Mazda!
  • I have the exact same issue with my 2001, 2.0 liter. Can you tell me if you ever resolved your issue. My clutch went out yesterday, but it was replaced in the last few years so i find it odd that it went out so soon, perhaps made worse by this stutter.

  • Hi - Was this question ever answered, because IT IS EXACTLY what's happening with my 2006 Tribute.
    After running at 60-65 mph, the engine is loud and sounds like an airplane motor. RPM doesn't go above 2, and have to push accelerator to the floor to keep speed up.
    Worried I'm gonna burn my trans out, but not much $$ to afford a major fix.

    My problem started after having the alternator replaced - coincidence?

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