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Mazda CX-9 Audio, iPod, Bluetooth, MP3, AUX questions



  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    A tech might be able to able to do a software change. Otherwise, it might be cheaper to re-burn your DVDs with a program that can change/remove the lock.
  • jamueljamuel Posts: 7
    Every time I use the steering wheel controls to adjust the radio it beeps to confirm the change. After 3 months of constantly changing the volume or station I'm about ready to find the engineer that thought this was a good idea and tell him to shove his beeper where the sun don't shine. Seriously, this is driving me crazy! Does anyone know how to turn this beeping beeper off?
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    I've the nav system like you...and it gets (got) on my nerves too... what you do is go thru the "display" system controls on screen... to turn the beep off...
  • jamueljamuel Posts: 7
    Thanks, that works!

    I had already turned of the beep on the nav system but never knew how to do it with the audio system. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY :)
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    whoo whoooo.... Like I said before... Mazda's bringin Cx (y) back ... yeah... enjoy y our car...and your weekend... !
  • I haven't found any information on the website whether their CD player can play MP3 CDs or not. I know it has a separate IPOD jack, but I want to know if I burn MP3s on a CD, can I play it in the car or not. I asked the salesman and he did not know either. The brochure does not specify explicitly.

    Some current owners, please comment.

    I'm looking for the one in Sport model, but welcome responses with a 6-CD changer or other premium audio options as well.
  • todostodos Posts: 13
    yes it does. I confirmed this last week when I burned several mp3's to CD's went to my CX9 and it played without a problem. My vehicle is a touring, 3 weeks old
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    If you haven't already... download the owners manual pdf... it's much easier to get around... it explains everything about using mp3 cd's... file management..etc...
  • Thanks to both the responses so far.

    I cannot find the owner's manual on their website so far. I found the Complete Features and Specs page, but that has only the following information:

    AM/FM Radio with CD and 6 speaker sound system

    AM/FM radio with CD changer and 10 speaker Bose® sound system with Centerpoint® and surround sound
    AM/FM Radio with CD changer, 11 speaker Bose sound system, 9" DVD rear seat entertainment system with
    Centerpoint and 5.1 surround sound

    Dealer Installed Accessory:
    In dash 6-disc CDMP/3 changer (modular audio)

    Let me know if you find the user's manual. I will continue searching on google/yahoo to see if I can find some external link there.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That is NOT an forum.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Go to and register as an owner... you're given the owners manual in a pdf format... it's also a good way to keep track of warranty info for your car.
  • woody25woody25 Posts: 2
    If you buy the CX 9 with navigation system it will play the CD/MP3/WMA files, but not with the regular cd player as it will not play MP3. But for the Ipod jack, it will not play from your Ipod unless you buy and seperately install a Ipod integration device. Does anyone have any better solution? I want to play my ipod in my fully loaded CX9 grand touring.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    You can play your ipod through the aux port in the center armrest... what you dont have with that is onscreen direct control of the ipod or the one plug charging that you have with the integration mondule
  • woody25woody25 Posts: 2
    I just bought a CX-9 with the navigation system, Sirius satellite radio, and rear seat entertainment system. Obviously my first shock was that I could not use my Ipod in it. After reading the discussions here I went to my dealer and asked whether they can install TD13-79-CFZ (switch box) for me. They said it will not work. So I called Mazda and their tech support said the same thing. I am now confused. Does it realy work? Can some one help me with more information on it.
  • jamueljamuel Posts: 7
    I have the nav system and satellite radio. All I can tell you is that I got the same response from my dealer. They said they called tech support and was told it would not work. I told my dealer to order it, install it, and I would pay for it, whether it worked or not. And guess what..."IT WORKS".

    I can’t answer your question directly because you have the entertainment system and I don't, you may have to take a gamble on it like I did and just tell them to do it.

    What I’m waiting for is for someone to try the Ipod module along with the switch box. It would be great if I didn’t have to remember to turn the Ipod off every time I get out of the car.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    It's the ipod module that will NOT work with the nav/sirius system... the switch box brings back the aux capablities... there's confusion... but realy when looked at.. there shouldn't be...
  • Thanks for the confirmation/clarification. I have decided not to buy CX9 at this time for other reasons. Going with a conventional minivan (Sienna) instead.
  • You are right ... I stand corrected. It is some other Mazda discussion forum.
  • Anybody hearing problems with the on board Bluetooth system in CX9? On about 3 of 10 calls from my wife's car there is wall to wall static/white noise that eliminates any opportunity to talk. If we hang up and try again it typically works ok. I have tried it on her phone wihtout the bluetooth and don't have the same problem.
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