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Chevrolet Avalanche Speedometer



  • chiller3chiller3 Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Avalanche w/speedo problems. Could not find any recalls. Got my info from a Goodyear dealer. Had truck dash replaced by Munday chevy Conroe, Tx. Found lawsuit on Web. Speedometer settlement approved after two appeals and as of March 10, 2009 case now final and you can proceed to seek your cost only (no labor refund) .Letter from Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center dated 4-14-2009, PH # 1-800-222-1020, apologizes for any inconveniences and our commitment to customers is a top priority.
    We went through all that and received a check for $322.51. Deposited check in Bank Of America. Bank letter states : (confidential information indicates that the deposited check may not be paid. ) So if you do get the reimbursement check it may be no good.Check came from North American Operations, General Motors Corp, PO Box 62530, Phoenix, Az., 85082-2530. Check dated 4-15-2009. Now what? All of this is find and dandy, a worthless check. What to do next?
  • tbiggstbiggs Posts: 1
    HI looks like I have the same problem everyone else has. Any help to get it fixed without spending a fortune.

  • seafarmerseafarmer Posts: 16
    Many of you have contacted me via e-mail as listed earlier in the thread for a copy of the class action lawsuit pertaining to the speedometer problem. Can anyone post the file to this discussion board or have a web site to host a link for easy access so others are being shafted by the dealers claiming to have no knowledge of the special notice? Those having found success, pass the word!
  • Deane45Deane45 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your was beneficial. If you don't mind telling what was the cost of the work you did? I am not sure if it is an instrument issue or a computer issue with my vehicle.
  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    To answer you question. I took my Avalanche to the same dealer that does all my work and they didn't cahrge me a dime ! ! They replaced the Instrurment Cluster and didn't charge me anything !
  • wash1wash1 Posts: 1
    Could you also send me the Special Recall for the Avalanche instrument cluster, and the class action law suit filed for correction. My email address is

    Thanks in Advance.
  • My speedo just went out on my 03 Avalanche w/55k. It is pegged at 120.
  • I'm happy to provide a copy but you'll need to either post your e-mail address or send me a private e-mail to I suggest a subject line pertaining to Avalanche recall or the like so I don't delete it as junk mail. For other future visitors, please make note. I'd also like to have you all post your results back here so others can benefit from it or take an alternate action to get GM to correct this issue.


  • Thanks for the offer Chris. I actually found it shortly after posting the request. df

    The link is a PDF of the GM notice and is what my dealership looked up too. They are fixing mine today or tomorrow depending on when the part arrives. This thread was very helpful though.
  • Mine did that just this weekend and I was told it was the speed sensor you can get this part from for $17.15 plus shipping. The part number is ARBC313305 I do hope that this does fix the problem, I do not like going 130 mph going to work.
  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    Hello, Everybody
    I've been out of town for the Holidays. As previously stated by a couple of others.
    Please send me your E-Mail Address and I will send to you the
    It's six pages in length. I tried to post it here, but I'm not a computer whiz-Kid !
    As previously posted my dealer replaced the instrument cluster, and It didn't cost me a dime ? I also had talked to the Manufacturer Rep. who was in contact with my service manager.
    Hope this helps. My Direct E-Mail:
  • west8west8 Posts: 4
    yes, i have an 04 that the speedo sticks all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago but the opposite iam going 70 and it says 40 was hoping i could get an answer on this also.
  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    Sorry, I've been out of town.
    Send me an E-mail address, so I can send you a copy of the information, and Letter I have.
  • My apologies, I should have posted an update. My local dealer took care of the issue right away... No questions asked. Thank you for the offer. It is nice to know my speed again!
  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    Good for you !
  • they had a recall on those my 03 had same problem . argue with GM YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN a recall notice.
  • jburwelljburwell Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Ava and my speedo does the same, it quits when I am going down the road and I have tyo pull over and restart the truck to get it to work again....Anyone know of an re-calls for an 05?...Thanks
  • seafarmerseafarmer Posts: 16
    The class action lawsuit covers model years 03-05 for speedo problems. I can't figure out how to attach the .pdf to this post but if you e-mail me at I'll forward a copy. Please list your subject line at "Avalanche Recall" so I know you're not just spamming me. ">
  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    My computer dumped my files for the recall letters and files I had !
    I'll have to look thru a bunch of hard copies I have, and dig the material out, it may take a day or two. if you'll send me a fax number I'll send as soon as I find them.
  • missjaimmissjaim Posts: 1
    I also have an 04 that the speedometer and oil gauge have stopped working. If anybody still has a copy of the recall and could email it, I would be greatful! Send to Thanks so much!!
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