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Mercury Mountaineer AWD Squeak

I recently purchased this vehicle from a family member with 65k on the clock. It badly needed brake pads, rotors and calipers which I promptly replaced with Ford Genuine parts. At 67k on the clock I noticed a continuous high pitched squeek coming from the forward right side of the vehicle has developed at speeds above 15 MPH and disappears on coast down after passing through 15 MPH. The pitch of the noise is constant regardless of the speed. Applying the brakes or turning a corner has no effect. CV Boots are clean and intact. Any suggestions?


  • walterdwalterd Posts: 11
    I have a similar problem on my '98. I went through hub units and it didn't help. I am leaning to the CV joints. My boots are clean and intact too. It just seems like the logical next step.
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