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Acura MDX gas questions



  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    I am driving my new 2010 mdx around town (lots of stops and starts) and am using premium gas. I am averaging 13. 4mpg (according to the car computer reading). What have others been getting for milage with 2010's?
  • hello ireneatlas19 I have 2010 honda pilot 4wd. the car required octane 87 or higher.. But I have been using octane 91 for better performance or engine. I am getting 20 mpg. 90% highway. I drive 60-65 mph.

    I think 2010 mdx should able to get 19-20 mpg if you drive 60-65 mph highway driving.. but remember your mdx required octane 91..
  • Thread jack-

    kingfans1- how do you like the pilot? Did you drive an MDX before? Will probably replace our '07 MDX with a Pilot.
  • I like my Pilot very much.. It is only 3000 miles.. sometimes I can hear some kind of noise when I press brake.. It is only happen in the morning when the car is cold.. after I drive for couple minutes, and press on the brake, the noise disappear.. I think it is normal.. ( since brakes are brand new, and I don't use a lot of brakes.. ( most of my driving are 90 % freeway).

    the car is very quiet.. I read on the forum, other pilots owner are complaining about wind noise.. I don't hear any wind noise on freeway driving.. i have ex-l model. that ex-l and tourin model have Acoustic Windshield.. so it is very quiet..

    2010 pilot is a great car.. When I am driving it, I didn't feel heavy.. My brother have 2008 4runner 4wd v6.. When i drive 4runner, it feel heavy..

    for now, i am happy with the pilot... I do like acura tl.. I will probably consider in 2 years..
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    your mdx suppose to get 21 highway mile. it still have special break in oil. so you will get better mpg after your first oil change.. If you turn off the fan/AC, drive 55-65 mph, your mpg will increase..

    so far my 2010 pilot ex-l 4wd average 21.9 mpg. 90 % highway.. the car have about 4200 miles..
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