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Honda Civic Si Automatic

coupe2coupe2 Posts: 6
edited April 5 in Honda
Does anyone know why Honda does not offer by now a civic si coupe or sedan with an automatic trans?


  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I've heard several:
    - An automatic transmission ruins the sporty image of the Si brand
    - The automatic that fits that car can't deal with the power of the engine
    - The automatic hurts the performance of the car

    Which is the truth? Don't know, however, I surely wouldn't want to own an Si with a nasty slush box. :P

    Best Regards,
  • Thanks Shipo for the info. Subaru WRX...Eclipse.GT.Mustang GT...can make an auto...and it doesn't hurt their image at all. A six speed auto...would be awesome for people like me who prefer the auto...if Honda can't make it ...shame on Honda.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Obviously opinions differ, however, that the Mustang and the WRX have an automatic available means that for many individuals (me included), their prestige is seriously jeopardized. :P

    By the way, the Si isn't the first performance version of an otherwise pedestrian car that has been available only with a stick. The original version of Audi's Quattro system comes to mind, and while the list is relatively short, that isn't the only example. As I understand it, when Audi initially developed the second generation Quattro system, it was automatic only, and the cars languished on the dealer lots. Dedicated Quattro drivers wouldn't touch it and eventually forced Audi to bring the stick back.

    Best Regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Thanks Shipo for the info. Subaru WRX..."

    This just in, the 2008 Subaru WRX STI is only available with a stick and a proper clutch pedal under the dash. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Torque converters can't rev over 7,000 RPM. The Si is simply too high revving to have an auto transmission.
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    Then how does Mazda put a six-speed automatic in the RX-8 (redlines at 7500rpm)? Or what about drag racers revving over 10,000rpm with auto tranny's? I thought the only limit was heat generation and having enough transmission cooling capacity.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Honda probably doesn't want people who aren't skilled enough to drive a stick in their halo car for the USDM Civic line. Nevermind that an auto probably wouldn't be the best choice to take advantage of a car that makes all its power near redline.
  • I automatic makes sense..especially with an si sedan...Oh well....guess I have to buy the eclpise with a 5 spe :D ed auto...
  • Does not make any sense to me. People who buy Si love to have control over their cars, and often drive them close to the limit.

    I personally don't want an auto to change gears on me and trigger a loss of traction while I'm in the middle of taking a corner...

    Mustang owners obviously are more into straight line acceleration, so auto option is absolutely valid and does not surprise me here, and WRX is probably just trying to please American market...

    For the record - I own 92 and 03 Si, and used to own 84 JDM one...
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "...and WRX is probably just trying to please American market..."

    Of course, the new Subaru Impreza WRX - STI is only avaliable with a 6-Speed manual. No nasty slushboxes need apply. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • I did not check this myself, and used info available in this thread - shame on me :blush:

    and good for Subaru :)
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'm thinking that you were half correct as the base 224 hp WRX is still available with an automatic, it's the 305 hp STI model that is manual transmission only. ;)

    Best Regards,
  • Just drove an SE-V6 Si~
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    ...the status of the Si remains intact. ;-)
  • jmerjmer Posts: 4
    I am planning on buying a car in the next few months and loved the Si I just test drove. Most new ones I have seen on lots are mid to high 23s once the dealers tack on all the fees. I've heard you can get them for just over 20 or 21 though. Does anyone have any recent experiences?

    I was also looking at used to possibly save a few K. Although its a Honda, the concept of buying a one year old Si makes me a little nervous because I have to wonder why it was already traded in- not broken in correctly, ridden too hard, etc. Is it worth buying an 06 or 07 with 20K for $19k from somewhere like Carmax/Honda dealer or for that difference is it better to just go new?

    Also, I saw a few used ones that have leather seats. Is it worth looking into or does it take away from the way the seats grip you when going around a curve?
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Learn to drive... a stick. It is easier than waiting for tow trucks and the Mitsubishi dealer to fix your car.
  • mdtamdta Posts: 27
    I drove stick almost all my life; until my nagging wife ordered me not to buy new car with stick.

    Some snobs laughed when BMW introduced 4 doors M3.

    There is a maket for people who are forced to drive auto. but is still longing for the taste. Just like light beer.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    Personally, I would never buy an Si (or any other sport-type car for that matter) if I were forced to have it as an automatic. You just can't have the fun with an auto tranny as you you would with a manual. With the exception of the beater car I had in high school, I've always driven standards, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    In general, if you care about the image of the Si and getting full use of its performance, then you'll absolutely go for manual. If you want the name and image but don't care about the performance as much, then an auto would be fine. (this goes for any car, not just the Si, of course... mustangs, BMW's, whatever)

    In the way of comparison... Automatic transmissions are specifically designed for economy and ease. They are designed to keep the engine within the most efficient range, no matter what. However, if you want to use a car's full performance, you can't do that... using the performance capabilities is inherently inefficient. While I'll admit that some trannys have made progress toward allowing for more performance use, a) this defeats the purpose of autos b) it still limits your performance (relative to what you could do in a manual) c) it's difficult to switch between the 'normal' and 'sport' modes. I gauge this from a test drive I did in the auto VW GTI. While their double-clutch system works very well, there were still usable regions of the tach that still went ignored. Additionally, in order to change the tranny to the 'sport' mode (to allow me to bring it above 3k rpms), you have to stop the car and then change it :sick: . Flash forward to my Si, and anytime I want to suddenly switch from driving like normal to having fun, I just stand on the pedal and enjoy. Easy as that.

    This is just me, but really, I can never be convinced that an auto tranny belongs in any sporty car on the road. It just defeats the purpose of having that sportiness, or keeps you from utilizing the full capabilities of the car.
  • spikeparkspikepark Posts: 9
    Well, it definitely makes sense to me for Civic to offer an automatic version of the Si Sedan in 2009. Check out the competition:

    Nissan offers the Sentra Se-R (race inspired) in both manual- the Spec-V with 200 HP and in automatic with 177 HP.

    Why doesn't Honda take a similar path and develop a less powerful automatic Si- with say 175 HP. I'm sure that it would draw a lot more people in- especially with the regular Civic only offering 140 HP.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I simply don't understand why folks don't just learn how to drive a car with a real transmission. I mean, come on, Honda transmissions are some of the easiest to clutch and shift manual transmissions ever built, and I've got to tell you, if my 73 year old Mother-In-Law can drive a stick well enough to appreciate my old 530i 5-Speed (she had a ball driving it by the way), then anybody can do it.

    Best Regards,
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