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Honda Civic Si Automatic



  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Apparently there are no plans for a civic Si automatic. Sorry but the K20Z1 is just too good for an automatic :). It would probably be detuned and wouldn't rev so high due to the torque converter.
  • tiger72tiger72 Posts: 21
    "Obviously opinions differ, however, that the Mustang and the WRX have an automatic available means that for many individuals (me included), their prestige is seriously jeopardized."

    I seriously agree with this statement. What's the point in having a performance car if you want to leave all of the control to the tranny? Just because other manufacturers defile their performance cars with an auto doesn't make it a good idea.
  • tiger72tiger72 Posts: 21
    "Why doesn't Honda take a similar path and develop a less powerful automatic Si- with say 175 HP."

    If you're willing to take that big of a performance hit just for an auto tranny, why not just take the Civic EX?
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Another thing to note is that the WRX is gutless with an automatic because of the powerband. An automatic mustang wouldn't be that big an issue if you were going to set it up as a drag car.
  • spikeparkspikepark Posts: 9
    Because, the regular Nissan Sentra is 140 hp just like the regular Civic.

    The Sentra Se-R is 177 hp in auto. and 200 hp in manual.
    The Civic Si is 198 hp in manual and could be 175 hp in auto.

    Makes sense to me.
  • tiger72tiger72 Posts: 21
    What's the point of the Si badge if it's just a 30hp boost? Just put a new intake and exhaust on the EX, hrow an Si (or Type R) sticker on the car and bam, you've got what you're looking for: an underpowered "performance" car.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A slammed Civic with fake badging? Yeah, what a totally cool idea! :P
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    A lot of people are overlooking the fact that the other performance cars mentioned have good horsepower, but also have a pretty good torque band as well. In the Civic Si, the power really doesn't pick up until 6,000 RPM. To utilize that properly, you really need to shift it yourself.

    The Sentra that has been mentioned has what amounts to a Nissan Altima powertrain. It's larger in displacement, and offers much more usable power, without the race-car experience of the Civic Si. An automatic is ok there, because around town, it'll still feel punchy. A Civic Si has only 139 lb-ft of torque, and would feel little different from the mainstream 1.8L Civic with an auto left to rev under 4000rpm, as most people drive. The torque peak in the Civic is over 6,000 RPM, with max horsepower coming at 7,800 RPM. You need a manual tranny to utilize that power properly.
  • spikeparkspikepark Posts: 9
    Thank you Graduate- finally a real explanation of why Honda will probably not make an automatic version of the Si.
    Others that have posted comments to my Si vs. Se-R comparison should take some pointers from the Graduate.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation.
  • tiger72tiger72 Posts: 21
    I thought what he posted was fairly obvious already, and I figured anyone interested in a Civic Si would already know that a high-reving engine (like Honda engines) would lose all its fun with an auto tranny.
  • spikeparkspikepark Posts: 9
    Fair enough.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Well, I was basically responding to posts like #20 that recommended Honda do something like the Sentra and offer an automatic, maybe with reduced peak power.

    The Sentra wouldn't lose all the fun because it has a lot more low-RPM power to play with, and automatics typically find the highest gear they can comfortably perform what the driver's foot expects. With a Civic, if running down a two-lane road in a "fun" way (i.e.: fast), and you let off the gas, the an automatic will go back to lower-RPM versus the high-RPM you were doing when you gunned it down the next straightaway. From that low RPM, the Sentra will still have some punch, while the Civic would be left waiting for the downshift to get it back "on-cam" and making its high-revving power.

    With a manual, you can leave the Civic on-cam while not actually using the gas pedal, and will be immediately ready for the next big acceleration burst.
  • spikeparkspikepark Posts: 9
    Great explanation. I own an 06' automatic Civic and a friend of mine owns an automatic Sentra Se-R and I definitely agree with what you are saying.
    I guess it is time to move to the manual Si when my lease is up.
  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    some of you seem to be be ignoring the fact that just because you COULD get an automatic you can still get a manual if you wanted. It's not an either/or situation. It's called an option....

    btw, some folks can't "learn" to drive a manual. They have no right arm.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    I knew someone who drove one with his prosthetic.
  • We're just explaining why they aren't very plausible with this extreme powertrain tuning. I'm not ignoring a thing.
  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    my comments weren't directed at you in particular, it's just the way the forum is set up... but 2L or 1.8L, it's still a 4 cylinder civic for pete's sake. Some folks would gladly trade "performance" for a bit of power.

    even tossing 25-30% with an auto, the 2L would still give you more power than the 1.8L (with auto). It's just that simple. Even tho personally i am perfectly able to use a manual and have in years past, my present needs just don't warrant a manual. (Driving 60-80 miles a day in Houston traffic isn't exactly cut out for performance of any type! ...endurance, yes, performance, no....)

    Granted, the lack of torque at useable speeds would remain a handicap for most normal drivers, there's just no getting around the fundamental shortcomings of a high-rpm, low torque power plant for most urban drivers, manual or auto. Altho the auto would exacerbate the problems, it would still provide a bit more power for those that want it.
  • A more plausible engine for this car, if you wanted an automatic, would be the 2.0L from the Acura CSX (in Canada).

    2.0L i-VTEC I-4

    155hp at 6,000 RPM
    139lb-ft at 4,500 RPM
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