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1998 Dodge Durango Problems



  • If your vehicle has a security system have it checked, sounds like a possibility.
  • Scanman1- check the throttle plates and see if they are clogged up with carbon, in other words clean your throttle plates, Its also called induction system cleaning.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Well, it could an oxygen sensor problem. If one or more is bad, the induction system will be set overly rich and it will belch out unused fuel, and your fuel mileage will be bad. This is just one possibility of many however. When you said it was putting out whitish gray fumes an internal coolant leak came to mind, but if the coolant level is good then that's probably not it.
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    It deffinately is not coolant. It's an exhaust related fume.
  • maryemmaryem Posts: 1
    I have an issue and need help. First I thought the fuel pump was bad, but now we are being told that possibly the factory alarm may be causing the fuel to be shut off. Is this possibly be true? I didn't think we had an alarm because we never have had an alarm box or key less entry for it. Now all of sudden the horn blows and security flashes on dashboard after the truck cranks. The truck cranks over, but does not seem to stay on. It has all the signs of bad fuel pump. But when we took pump out and test the relays, power wasn't going thru on constant basis. There was only power on the relay on the crank only. We switched out the relays to see if relays were bad but had same issues. Can someone tell me what could possibly be the issue. Trying to see if it is the fuel pump, before I spend $250 for it. THX.......please help :sick:
  • the reason your check engine light is on and off is because of a misfire. i had the same problem in my 98 durango v8 magnum 5.2L, and i changed the spark plugs and wires, and it runs smoother and the check engine light is off now.
  • same problem with my 98 durango. i replaced the fuel pump and now it runs great. i did not have enough pressure in the fuel pump and that was the problem.
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