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Saturn Maintenance & Repair



  • Our 05 Saturn ION wouldn't start this morning, very cold -7 this morning, I jumped it, but to no avail. After a few tries it would start and then turn off after about 5 seconds. We called Saturn, they said: "warm the key up and reinsert, maybe it will run". That didn't work. We called Saturn again, they said try this: "turn the key off and on 20 times quickly". We did this, and the car started.
    Good Luck!
  • On a cold start my 96 Saturn SL, 158K, starts right up. After a drive and an engine cut off, I have a half-hour window where it'll start up fine again. Later than that and it misses and chokes to death with gas smell and valve clicking and pinging, and if I rev and flood the engine it'll fix itself. Service Engine Light was on before and pointed to EGR valve, which I replaced and promptly cleared the light. I've replaced the PCV valve, gotten new plugs and wires, checked the air filter. Any ideas or clues that could point me in the right direction? I feel like it's not keeping good compression on a warm start--bad valve seals?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Remove the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator and check for gas in the hose. If so, replace the regulator. If it's ok, have the coolant temp sensor checked by a shop with a scan tool.
  • my 05 ion has the same problem it started when the car only had 75 miles on it i bought it brand new in feb.,been taking it back to the dealer for the 16th time ,i have a lemon law lawyer on this case because saturn wont do anything about fixing it ,also i am waiting for a regional manager from saturn to call me on monday dec,12th ,2005 if he doesnt call my husband is calling our local attorney general in on this case ,the service manager at the local saturn dealer and my lawyer both said this car is a lemon ,saturn said they dont know how to fix this problem ,no wonder why so many people on this forum are getting lawyers against gm ,i will never buy another gm again ,by the way my ion is a automatic . :lemon:
  • sk73sk73 Posts: 1
    Lately, my Saturn is slipping during stop and go traffic. At first, the car will ride fine. After some travel, the wrench light comes on and the car begins to jerk when accelerating from a stop. Any suggestions? I have taken it to a few shops and had the transmission fluid flushed, but it did not work. Some thought it might be a solenoid. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, did you find a solution (hopefully affordable)?
  • Hi to all,

    I'm new to the list but not to the problem, sadly. 2000 Saturn wagon. Sitting cold over night and now won't shift out of park. Put more transmission fluid in, which has worked before (it's stuck in gear before), but it has not helped. Sitting on a steep hill so can't measure fluid levels. Any thoughts?

  • Hi to all,

    I thought my name would come up automatically when I posted the previous message so I'm just attaching it here. Thanks for any help you can provide to the question about the 2000 saturn wagon transmission problem noted in the previous message.

    Doyle Sely
  • My L200 has just over 37,600 miles on it. (These things always happen just after the warranty.) Today, I was driving when the Passlock light came on and then just as suddenly switched off. After a while I noticed that it was coming on and off more frequently. Then I noticed the light on the radio was flickering at the same time the passlock light was coming on, but not doing anything when the light shut off. The next thing I noticed was the coolant temp gauge and fuel gauge were going down to nothing, then returning to normal. When driving at night, I noticed that apparently the headlights were also flickering on and off with the passlock light turning on. There have been no other performance (i.e. fuel shut off) Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?
  • I had a similar problem with my 2000 LS2. It started jerking from a dead stop. Felt like it was going from 1st to 4th gear in one jump. No power. This happend two times. both times selenoid in transmission needed changing. Went at about 23000 and 51000 miles. $600 each time.
  • I had an LS2 2000. The brake peddle has an interlock of sorts with the transmission. Is you brake fully depressed when trying to take out of park?
  • How old is your battery? Low battery and if a bad alternator. both shifting and fan are electrical based
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Well known problem with alternators in midsize GM vehicles. this is most likely the culprit.
  • A follow-up to my original posting. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the BCM (Body Control Module) at no charge to me. They had to keep it overnight since they didn't have the part. They offered a rental car but we already had a hard time securing a rental car for another vehicle that was in an . Can't complain about that kind of service. :)
  • My wife recently purchase a 1999 Saturn SC2. When we took the for a overnight test drive. All the symptoms you described happed to us, a trip to the mechanic the next day. Turned up a bad alternator, if this car is under warrrenty, have them check it out, as they only need to run a computer diagnostic, a new alternator can run around $350.00 installed. Hope this helps
  • Just traded in my 03 Vibe on a 04 V6 FWD Vue. The deal was too good to pass up. Blue, 24k, moonroof, power/heated seats, 6 speaker CD, like new condition. I paid $14,875 and added a 100k bumper to bumper extended warranty for another $1100 for a total of $15,975.
    So far I have driven it about 400 miles and just love it. The Honda V6 was the big selling point for me. I am averaging just under 25 mpg which I consider to be excellent for this type of vehicle.
    Now my question. I have a rather loud sqeaking type noise coming from the front end. It sounds like rubber rubbing together and only happens on road imperfections during slow speeds (like going over speed bumps for example). Its still under the factory warranty so it will be going to the dealer next week. I am just curious as to what it could be.
  • I have a 2000 Saturn L100 with barely 60000 miles on it. Suddenly I have to get a new engine because the timing chain slipped and caused a piston to go through the valve. From what I understand this isn't normal - has anyone else had a similar experience. Input appreciated.
  • I have a Saturn Vue and I have always had problems with the starting of my Vue. It has eaten up 2 keys. now it will not turn to the lock position but it lets the key come out. I don't know what to do I can not find anyone to help me. Can anyone help Please you can start my car with no key :confuse:
  • common Saturn problem unfortunately if one is to believe the various automotive forums online.
  • this high idle, tac dying off and such happened to me on a 97 saturn just before ?after? my alternator died. I was on a lonely georgia highway, and distance from the first problem till the car shut down was about 70 miles. I tried to conserve battery, but I needed the lights and it was night. This is the only problem the car had in its first 78,000 miles. The dealership said that the new alternator was a higher rated unit.
  • I have 1998 SL2 with similar problem as described above.

    The car stalled on starting and while driving and with the foot on the acceleartor maintaining a steady speed, all of a sudden acceleration slowed by itself and lights dimmed out. Happened a couple of times. Fuel engine was replaced a year ago.

    Could it be bad gas? or water in the gas?
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