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Saturn Maintenance & Repair



  • my 05 ion quad coupe 3 did the same thing and they could not find out why it did this either but there buying it back after admitting its a lemon ,i would exchange it
  • well, after the same problemss as many people here, i finally discovered what the problem with my car is.

    after a few weeks with the car, it started to have a rough idle at high speeds. i could be going 80mph, with NO change at all on the accelerator, and the RPMs would shift, from like 2 1/2 to 3. You could feel it when driving. Then, when I hit 3800 miles, the check engine light came on. Took it to the dealer. They gave me a $40 oil change, and apparently just turned the light off, and said good as new (thanks saturn!) it came on again two days later. took it back to the dealer. two days later, they decided it was a sensor on the external part of the transmission, and they would call me later that day and tell me what time to pick it up the next day. Well, later that day came along, and as soon as the phone call started with 'do you have a few minutes?' i knew it couldnt be good. Apparently, coolant and moisture contamination was found inside my transmission. At first, the sales consultant told me that saturn would either replace, or rebuild my transmission, whatevers more cost effective for them...ok, so you expect me to pay for a brand new car, and accept a rebuilt transmission? I filed a complaint with saturn customer care, and demanded an explanation. Obviously, i got a call later saying they would replace my transmission, and they gave me a free upgrade on my warranty. Any more problems with this piece, and im gonna demand they take it back.
  • rob176rob176 Posts: 2
    My 97 Saturn SL1 (70,000 km) has difficulties starting when the engine is warm. Cold starts are fine; warm starts are fine if the car has been just shut off *or* has been sitting for over an hour or so. But warm starts if the car has only been off for, say, 20 minutes are difficult. It always starts, but only after cranking for a long time. The hotter the outside temperature is, the worse the problem seems to be.

    Any ideas????

    Thanks for any thoughts.....
  • I just tried to start my car this morning and it would not start, I eventually got it started after 15 mins of trying. I got to work and it started for maybe 5 seconds and died. It won't start at all now and smells like gas when I try to start it. Any idea what's wrong?!
  • Well if you have coolant in your transmission make sure they replace your radiator as well.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Remove the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator and check for the presence of gas in the hose. If so, the regulator's leaking and requires replacement.
  • I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to tell you that mine does exactly the same thing, with the added bonus of honking the horn like a car alarm (which I don't have) if you leave the key turned on in between trying to start the car. It's done this from day one, and for a while I lived in the Mojave desert, so you can imagine what a pain in the butt that was.

    My Saturn SL1 is also a 97 and has 97K miles on it. Recently it has started being very loud, but I can't tell what is causing the noise. I'm a widow (my husband was a mechanic) and I don't want to take it to a shop and have them tell me all kinds of bs that I don't need. I guess I will have to get a guy to go with me or something. Is yours loud too by any chance?

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    If it's a rattling noise at the right (passenger) side of the engine, it's probably the timing chain. The mileage is about right for it. If the chain jumps a tooth it'll result in expensive engine repairs.
  • rob176rob176 Posts: 2
    That's interesting that yours does the same thing. Mine first started last summer when it was hot. The problem went away in the fall when temperatures cooled down. We had some unseasonably mild weather last week, and it happened again, inspiring me to write this post.

    I did take it into the dealer last summer, and the service rep. at first didn't know what to make of it, but he spoke to a mechanic who said right away it was the engine thermostat. Guess what? That wasn't the problem. I haven't taken it in since then. Perhaps the reply given to me by Alcan is worth pursuing.

    I haven't had the horn problem or the noise....although this morning on the way into work (it's gotten cold again, about -15C), I noticed a bit of a rough a rattle. I imagine it just doesn't like the cold (can't blame it).


  • The same thing happened to my 2003 VUE at the millage!! We were able to muscle it to the dealership, I say muscle because the power steering was out. BCM had blown at a $530 charge-YIKES! I've asked if Saturn to help out in the cost since it's just past warranty, still waiting for their answer. This is the 4th dumb thing to happen with this car, the other 3 were under warranty but I have little tolerance to cars going to the shop. Thinking about trading in!!
    Not thrilled with my VUE :(
  • Thanks for the info -- I did exchange it. Today marks 8 days in the shop for the old one and they still can't figure out what it is (other than the engine). I love the new one -- it driving experience is completely different too - much smoother. Thank God they had the exchange policy and that this happened on day 14, not day 31!!
  • I have a 1994 Saturn SC2. I was told that I need a fuel pump. I replaced the fuel pump and my car still will not start. It is turning over as if it wants to start but does not seem to be getting any gas. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where to start looking for the problem?
    Thanks In Advance
  • I have a 93' Saturn SL2 that has been a dream for me since ive had it....the only things Ive had to replace have been age related rather than just wierdness....Recently though my car has made this awful racket under the car cover....I was told timing a new timing chain, guides, tensioner and a lot of cussing was done...SAME then we were told is the timing belt tensioner....replaced that and THE SAME NOISE...its a banging, metal on metal noise sounding like its coming from under the cam cover...Ive had to change the transmission and the mounts are all good...but it only does it in drive or neutral or park it runs like a dream....I couldnt ask for a better car but this noise is driving me nuts...can someone point me in the right direction? I absolutely refuse to go back to the Saturn dealership....I wouldnt be surprised if they tried to sell me blinker fluid...Any help would be greatly appreciated ...thank you
  • What was the problem with your Saturn? My 2000 L-Series seems to have the same sickness you describe with your 2003 Saturn L200 . I'm getting the same mad flashing light show and although the car starts with no problem, I can't move the gears out of park. My car has had a few problem, but for most part has been quite reliable. I keep up with the regular maintenance, but I not sure what's going this time. Can you help? :cry:
  • what kind of car did you get another saturn ,my husband had a 04 quad coupe 3 and it was in the shop 4 times for water leaking through both doors,he got tired of taking it to the shop every time it would rain ,gm cant seem to fix any problems with these ions ,yesterday he traded it on on a 06 ford mustang ,we used to love saturns we bought 4 of them in the past 4 years but i will never buy another gm ,to many problems with the cars and trucks they make ......
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Sounds like your dealership was playing guessing games at your expense. I woudl find a good independent garage to look at your car. It will be cheaper and they can't be any worst than your dealership.
  • Yes, I exchanged if another Vue. I trust the Vue - I think it was just a fluke (HOPEFULLY). You know, I used to have an Olds Alero and they had a recall for water leaking in the doors - it was actually filling up the space under the footwells, making the carpet wet but not the floormat. very weird - wonder if it was the same thing.

    Anyway....I said I would never buy American again, but I like the Vue's and with the honda engine I thought it would be a lot better. Funny that the problem was with the engine!!! Hoping this one works out....
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    The flickering lights has plagued most of GM midsize cars. There are two theories floating around: 1) the ground for the alternator is not properly connected or 2) the voltage regulator in the alternator is not working properly meaning new alternator.

    Only i know this is aIhave a 2000 Intrigue with the same problem. I replaced my battery this summer and have not had too much trouble. I think the new battery is simply masking the problem. It's still there but not as bad.
  • rdoddrdodd Posts: 2
    I have a 97 saturn SL1.
    The other day my heater started blowing cold air.
    After abit of troubleshooting I decided to install a new thermostat.
    It worked but I find the heat still isn't that good.
    Especially when I'm idling it seems to cool down but when I
    start to drive the heat will pick up abit but still not great.
    What could it be? :confuse: ">
  • My 1997 Saturn SW1 wagon had the same problem, but it was intermittent and could not be diagnosed except when the car was actually cranking but not starting. I left it with the dealer for a week and the problem never occurred. The dealer said it must be one of two expensive things. I took it for a second opinion to a mechanic I trusted, who said there could be other things causing it. I left it with him for a week and it finally refused to start when he was test driving it. The problem turned out to be a crank position sensor. He replaced that and I have not had a problem since.
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