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Saturn Maintenance & Repair



  • solracsolrac Posts: 1
    2004 Saturn Ion was in an accident...repaired after a long starts up but then shuts off...padlock pic is on dashboard...I don't have a manual...what does this indicate?
  • cw_meekscw_meeks Posts: 4
    Replace the fuel filter.
  • tzupptzupp Posts: 1
    Has anyone out there had any problems with their wipers on their L-Series? I have a 2000 LS1 and recently started having problems with my wipers. My mechanic has retired and I'm hesitant about paying high dealer prices.

    So here's the problem, the wipers work fine on low and high speeds. If I try to use them on the delay setting, they will go up but struggle to come back down. The same thing happens if I try to use the mist setting. I was told that it might be the motor but it sounds more like the switch on the steering column to me. Any ideas???
  • cw_meekscw_meeks Posts: 4
    I have learned that unusual engine noises can be caused by oil filters with excessive resistance to oil flow.The worst I've seen are those painted orange that seem to be sold everywhere.
  • tarmnstarmns Posts: 5
    Well, we were not as fortunate as you when approaching customer care about our defective horn/air bag assembly. The Dealership, Saturn of Blue Springs, MO was of no help either and we are basically being told for $1,023.00 they will correct this problem. Not a happy Saturn Vue owner, for sure!! Thanks for the suggestion, however.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    That's broken. I can't imagine the air bag assembly costs anywhere near this much. Did you research it at all?

    Me personally? I'd be looking for another dealership. At the very least, they should do it at cost.
  • Very sorry to hear about your lack of success. I'm assuming you've discussed the matter with your zone rep, and directly with Saturn. It might be useful to urge them to discuss the situation with my original dealer - Saturn of Burlington, VT. They were very helpful it putting the information together and did the actual repairs. This was clearly a design and/or manufacturing defect. You should not have to pay for repairs, in or out of warranty. As a last resort, write a letter to your state Attorney General's office and take it to the dealer. Give them one more chance to do the right thing. If they don't respond as they should, mail the letter, and provide a copy to the dealer. Good luck!
  • slimrizzoslimrizzo Posts: 2
    :shades: So In conclusion.. The Saturn Dealership of Lexington implied I would need a new air bag to fix the horn for the alarm to sound. 1100$ (I drive HORNLESS) THANX
  • tarmnstarmns Posts: 5
    I appreciate the feedback. I just can't believe that Saturn doesn't want to work with us at all on this, and I too, will probably need to drive without a horn (which can be very challenging at times, depending on other drivers around you, until we can come up with something. It's been very helpful hearing all the other Saturn owner's experiences with such a ridiculous design that is so costly to repair!!
  • carman26carman26 Posts: 2
    :cry: The horn on my 1996 Saturn SC1 sedan started going off one day incessantly. After touching the horn button it stopped. I visited several mechanics, who said that I need a new horn.

    I bought a new horn (the one with the two mounting sites). However, my Saturn horn has a three-wire relay cap. I cut that off (per seller at AutoZone) and have tried "wrapping" each wire on one mount while the other is attached to a cable that is attached to the grounded horn. Nothing works.

    :confuse: QUESTION: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!?!?!? How can I get this work!?!? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!
  • CARMAN26 ~ Even though I own a 1994 Saturn SL1, I ran into a similar problem in October of 2006.

    I am not a mechanic by any means -- and have no clue as to how to make the horn your purhcased work -- but I feel I can point you in the right direction. After diagnosing and correcting it a few times, the meachanics at the garage I go to put in a new Clock Spring. Hopefully this is different than a horn, though like I said -- this is why I go to professionals!!

    What I did in the meantime was took the fuse out so the horn wouldn't work, as it would go off in the middle of the night and the neighbors would get upset.

    Hopefully this helps a little bit -- please let me know.

    A fellow Saturn owner, ~ MATT
  • caitywcaityw Posts: 2
    So here is the Deal. When I push my horn on my 04' Saturn Ion level 2, I can hear the relay click in the engine compartment. The fuses are good. So I then go to find the horn disc and I can not find it any where. My father and my boyfriend who know just about everything about cars can not find it. I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience finding theirs. Or I might just be missing it all together.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    For future Saturn issues, please post in the particular model group. You can find them using the "browse by vehicle" to your left.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

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