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Honda Odyssey Steering Problems



  • marinesgt1marinesgt1 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Just had PS Pump replaced under extended warranty last week. Hmmmmm? 2007 model
  • wdycuswdycus Posts: 2
    What I did to correct the steering issue with my Odyssey.
    1. Had one of the Michelin tires replaced that was pulling.
    2. Had Honda replace both front strut assemblies (51601-shj-a19/51602-shj-a19) to replace the troublesome top bearings and top and bottom cap assemblies. Almost same cost as individual parts.
    3. Had Honda replace power steering pump AFTER struts to allow less pressure on the pump.
    4. Had Honda do a complete wheel alignment.
    Drives much better now. I paid for struts and alignment.
  • wdycuswdycus Posts: 2
    More information related to the original post.
    The strut assemblies (51601-shj-a19/51602-shj-a19) are complete assemblies with springs and all hardware including bearings and caps. Not just struts. The key to the fix is replacing the bad bearings that keep the steering wheel from easily returning to center. It was a lot easier to get the entire assembly replaced without going through the details of issues with the factory cap placement and such.
    I also had to have the idler pulley, pump pulley, and belt replaced after they started making noise shortly after the power pump replacement.
  • skinhealerskinhealer Posts: 33
    edited June 2013
    Having problems with my odyssey steering since my rear drivers side tire blew, got it changed at the dealership and they you have to get the handling and aliment done otherwise one of the tires will wear-out. Since then my van started swaying to the left. Spoke to the dealership and they said they tested it and it wasn't there. But on a daily basis i can tell esp. when going on the local roads. This was a big difference from before.

    Anybody have any ideas in regards what can be the problem.
  • I had the power steering pump, reservoir and serpentine belt replaced to a tune of $719.00. Today I was sitting at a light and I hear a narley sound like chewing up metal and then white smoke coming from under the hood. After being towed, because the steering wouldn't work, I found out it was the belt tensioner? I now have 92,000 miles on my 2007 Honda Odyssey. They obviously have major issue with their steering system.
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