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Pontiac Bonneville General Maintenance and Repair



  • ceca894ceca894 Posts: 6
    I saw you question on service bulletins. One place I found is You can do a search for your vehicle and see if there are any bulletins on it. You won't be able to see the correction with out subscribing, but at least it is a start. I found my "surging" bulletin there on my 97 Bonne. transmisson. My GM dealer did the trick ($1150)worth. It is running great now. If any one is not getting response from dealer on repairs try GM internet customer relations. I was able to get them cover half my $1150 repair.
    Good Luck
  • Thanks - Ill pop over and browse around.
  • After just reading over 400 posts tonight, I feel that Ponitac needs to really review the TCC issue. I love by 97 Bonneville SE and plan to keep it for a long time, unless I have plop down big bucks to stop the lurching. I will try the new plug wires and plugs first.

    But here is the question. I only get about 15-17 mpg City from my car. I notice on a lot of previous posts that 23+ seems to be the norm, with some much higher. I don't pretty well on the highway, although I use the Yukon for most highway trips. I live in a mountainous area and am up and down at least three major hills every day. The hills also cause a lot of lurching by the way. Does anyone have an idea of how to improve my MPG short of moving to Iowa (it's flat you know).

  • Bummer, $500 in repair costs. The cheap? $260 plenum on my 95 3800 series allowed coolant into the intake and thus into the engine. Those who find their plugs fouled with caked-on white residue and have a coolant loss may have the same problem I had. If you are unlucky enough to find the engine won't turn over it means one or more cyliders are full of coolant. The coolant is forced back into your injectors and mucks them up as well. I got away with just having the plenum replaced and had to run a few jugs of injector cleaner thru the fuel. Oh, and don't put the Barr's Leak to it thinking this will plug the leak. It just makes things worse.
  • ceca894ceca894 Posts: 6
    Do you have a good GM dealer close w/ a good tranny guy? Have them take it out for a ride with a scanner hooked up. Our local dealer has a excellent tech who diagnosed my surge/lurching problem in about 10 min. Try to get GM to eat some of the cost. They covered 1/2. (better than nothing) I think all that surging can't help your mpg. I had my Bonne thru the mountains 2 weeks ago after the repairs and it shifted perfectly. My GM tech said people who avoid this TCC upgrade usually end up doubling their repair cost with a new torque converter. Good Luck...
  • jim237jim237 Posts: 10
    I own a 2000 SSEi and live in the high desert region of SW Utah, about 130 miles NW of Las Vegas. July and August daytime temps are 102-107 degrees. I have about 1000 miles on my Bonnie but since it was new I have had a problem with the windshield getting hazey at the botton third of the windshield. I have tried defrost modes, etc but nothing seems to eliminate the haze when the ac is on. Any suggestions!!!
  • jjocjjocjjocjjoc Posts: 24
    The new plugs and wires should improve the mileage somewhat. My '99 gets about 19-20 city and about 23-25 Highway. May also want to check into fuel filter and fuel injector service. Not sure how many miles you got on your 1997 and if you've had this done already.

    Also, do you leave the transmission in Overdrive during you trips threw the hills or do you crank down one to regular drive? I've think it's better to shift out of overdrive in hilly terrain.
  • h101h101 Posts: 62
    I think the haze is from the new vinyl. Most new cars will do that for the first year or so.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    It must be something other than the traditional evaporated vinyl oils because the '00 and '01 Bonnevilles' dashboard is not made from PVC. Instead, the dashboard is made using TPO (read about it at Automotive Engineering International, Exxon or at Among the advantages touted for TPO is "no window glass fogging".

    Perhaps your dealer used an ArmorAll (or substitute) on your dash pre-delivery and it is this which has evaporated and settled unto your windshield.

  • I remember the days when a blueish haze on the windshield (when a/c on)meant a heater core problem. Is there a smell also (and not that lovely new Bonne smell) ?

    Otherwise , id hop into the "something put on the dash camp.
  • Hi everyone! As usual, I'm enjoying the enthusiasm and interest of all on this forum. I've got a 94 Bonneville. Recently my alternator went out (voltmeter showed steady decline to below 10 volts, lower when accessories were being used). At the same time, I lost reception ONLY on the AM portion of my radio. I've replaced the alternator (and voltmeter now is in proper range), but AM radio STILL does not receive ANY signal. Any ideas on this one? Hope I don't have to replace the whole CD/radio unit!! BTW, this is *only* my 3rd alternator (car shows 88K miles)
  • rb8225rb8225 Posts: 33

    I had a CD changer put into my '95 Bonni. When I picked it up from the installer, I found on the drive home that AM didn't work, FM was fine. Took it back the next day and they fixed it, said the problem was a faulty ground to the radio. They had messed around with the power cord to patch in the CD changer. Might be a similar problem.
  • wnewellwnewell Posts: 14
    I had a 1988 Ford Taurus that seemed to eat alternators and batteries, one of the things I noticed was the radio was the first thing to quit when the battery was dying. I ran extra ground wires on alternator and engine to body and frame to make sure everything was grounded and had no more problems with it.
  • hi my 01 SLE is a great car i have it 6mos and have 7300 miles. has anybody had a problem with a large space between the seatback and seat cushin i have the leather int. I want to have the dealer fix this next month when i go in for another oil change.
  • I have a '00 SLE with leather interior and do not have such a problem.
  • On the 2000+ Bonnevilles, the front seat is now a two piece unit. The lower cushion and upper cushions are seperate. Watch from outside the car when you use the power adjuster up/down, you will see only the lower cushion moving. In some positions the "space" can seam quite large. I am guessing this is what you are questioning domi3.
  • Thanks for responding to my haze problem. I have a dash mat , which is a must in the hot temps we have here in SW Utah. The haze appears whether the mat is in place or not. There is no smell or odors other than the new car smell, that I wished I could keep forever. I went to Las Vegas last weekend running 78-80 mph, ( speed limit is 75 ) and got 27 mpg. Not bad for only 1200 miles, I figure by the time the bonnie is " broke in " 29 or 30 is very possible.I have been using 89 , 92 and 94 octane gas and cannot tell any difference other than the price. Don't understand why they recommend high octane fuel on a V6
  • I have a 1995 Bonneville SSEi. Bought it a year and a half ago with 26,000 miles. It's now got 47K on it and whenever I've been driving at freeway speeds for about 20 miles the transmission comes out of lockup and then out of 4th gear and will not operate normally until until the car is restarted or it has set long enough to cool down. It seems to do this less when the temperatures are cooler. I've read many other posts but none with this exact type of problem. My suspicions are that it's something electrical or computer related. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions.
  • I had a similar problem (sort of) with another vehicle - turned out it was the tranny solenoid. Relatively inexpensive considering it was a tranny repair. Good luck.
  • Greetings Montanafan! - Thank you for the *very interesting information* on the Hunter Engineering GPS9700 machine, on Radial Force Vibration issues, and on the two bulletins GM released. (I'd love to know why two dealerships blew me off on this issue, considering the bulletins, eh?) Please tell me, where can I find these bulletins on the web? I could not find anything on the site regarding them. I wrote their local area rep; he merely gave me this information:

    "Mr. Giamo, thanks for your email and utilizing the Hunter GSP9700 web site. My best suggestion is to have the dealership involved go to the website and locate users of the roadforce balancer in their area. I suggest several be interviewed to determine if they have 'in-between' cone sets (may or may not be needed for the wheels on your Bonneville) and also try to ascertain if the users have technicians competent in proper GSP operation for roadforce diagnosis and matching to include the procedure of rim runout measurement at the bead seat areas of the wheels. While there are a number of nuisance vibration problems that are caused by excessive RFV, vibration diagnostics of today's vehicles can be complex. If your vehicle has vibrations induced by balance or excessive RFV of the wheels & tires, the GSP9700 can identify and quantify the source(s) very quickly. If the wheels & tires are capable of being OEM matched, the whole process is extremely short in the hands of a qualified GSP technician."

    Anyway - I'd like to print the bulletins out and read them. To follow up on a couple of questions you had on this issue: I DID indeed put 4 brand new tires on the vehicle a month ago - at 16,800 miles (and at my cost; GM is dodging the issue of paying for them now; we'll see...) I just recently the NJ Lemon law against Pontiac-GMAC(including hiring a Lemon-Law-expert law firm.) I currently have someone from Pontiac-GMAC in Detroit trying to find out where a Hunter GPS9700 is located so that Pontiac's final attept to get the car fixed (via their Legal Defense Team efforts) is worth my time. If the vehicle still vibrates after the final attempt at repair, I will go into official litigation with Pontiac-GMAC via my attorney. I understand from the law firm that I have a *very good* case as it's been so well documented. This problem began at just past 9000 miles.....right now I have 18,450 miles on the car. Still shimmys, new tires, alignment and all. So depressing - as I have paid for the car in cash in full! I own it outright. So here is more on my problem; thanks again - and any more info you might have on the bulletins will help!!
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