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Toyota Prius Navigation System Questions



  • pdb2pdb2 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2006 and have the same situation. I called Leesburg Toyota in Leesburg VA and was quoted $210 for an update disc. Still seems like a bunch. I think I'll have to get hopelessly lost once before I dig that deep. So far the nav system works just fine. I really like the car.
  • agent86agent86 Posts: 9
    Hello, recently received a notice for $199 GPS DVD upgrade. Does anyone know if it will speak more street and road names. Currently, it does not speak street names.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Sorry... your GEN5 navigation system features are fixed. The map update will only provide new streets and business information called point of interest (POIs).

    The GEN6 navigation system in the 2010 Prius does offer turn-by-turn guidance for streets in addition to freeway on-ramps and off-ramps.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The previous update was $265 for V8.1 or V7.1.
  • Since new whenever the car boots up in the morning and occasionally at random other times, the DVD for the nav reboots. This resets the search area, keyboard type and if you aren't aware of this the map will be tryiong to search some other area. Does Toyota have any tech support number other than the dealer who is no help at all? I need a tech support guy who know the system so I can take his information back to the dealer. Is there a battery or capacitor keeping the stored information live that isn't doing it's job? Any help would be appreciated. The car does well otherwise and naviogates ok after reloading the DVD several times a day.

    Thanks for any input
  • sas9sas9 Posts: 28
    Hi - did you find out if the split screen can be disabled? If so, can you share the instructions? I find it annoying as well! Thanks,
  • sas9sas9 Posts: 28
    My nav map shows icons for gas stations, restaurants, etc. I don't want these icons to show up but am having trouble removing them permanantly. Can anyone help with the instructions to do this?
  • Hi, can someone tell me how to get the nav system to provide directions using highways? I have it set to highways but it still wants to take me on every back road imaginable....thanks.
  • I bought a 2008 Prius and the GPS unit is worthless. The map was outdated from the start and does not have many addresses that have been there for years. In addition, there is a great deal of wrong information.

    THE Prius GPS units are a RIP OFF. Don't waste your money. If you are going to buy a Prius with one in it, make sure they give you the latest update as part of the deal. You are better off getting a Garmin or a Nuvi, they are more accurate and have a lot better features.

    There should be a class action lawsuit about their map DVD's. They are not accurate or up to date. This is very similar to the 15" monitor lawsuit years ago and Toyota should be giving free updates to everyone. Let me know if anyone has a suit going and I will join!
  • I bought a 2008 Prius new in May of 2008 and have not yet updated the GPS. Has anyone found a way to update it for a reasonable cost? Is the dealer price for the DVD really $199.?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    edited December 2010
    Just a reminder... the Edmunds forums cannot be used to organize legal actions and I'll have to remove posts that attempt to do so.

    On the issue of GPS units that come with vehicles, generally I've noticed that those units seem to be more out of date than portable units. Heck, I just bought a $129 TomTom unit for my daughter as a Christmas gift that comes with free lifetime map updates.

    My sister near Philly has one in a Honda van that's almost useless as far as I can tell. On a recent visit to her, we put in a destination that was only about 20 miles away an for some reason the GPS decided to route us through Pittsburgh! :surprise:

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  • dmathew347dmathew347 Posts: 79
    edited December 2010
    I have the Prius V with the Navigation system. When i press the "Audio" button on the Navigation system, i get to see all my presets for FM, SAT, and AM in a tabbed format. But after about 10 seconds, the screen defaults back to the Map view even though i am not using the Maps for guidance or directions. How can i have it set so that the "Audio" screen stays put when i press it, instead of defaulting to the Map screen.
  • kdvkdv Posts: 1
    I have the exact same question as dmathew347 in question #55.
  • gillianmgillianm Posts: 1
    Is it feasible to install the Nav DVD upgrade yourself or is it better to take to the dealer? Thanks.
  • kthonakkthonak Posts: 1
    I live in Alaska and our state has NEVER been included on the mapping for the Prius Nav system. So it is completely useless to us up here. What infuriates me is that every other make of car (inlcuding the Lexus!) has a functional and ACCURATE navigational system up here, but Toyota refuses to accomodate us in any way, claiming that their vendor hasn't included Alaska. So I think they should offer a substantail rebate to all PRIUS owners in Alaska, for an absolutely useless feature on our cars. I have called and e-mailed Toyota every year I have owned a Prius (now on my second one) and I just get pat answers; no real clue to their intent. I was told that their software vendor doesn't include Alaska and has no plans to in the future.......
  • I have the same problem, partly due to the change of addresses when the 911 system in our area was implimented, So when I was at my home address I got the coordinates and added it as my home and it works fine from that point.
  • krautnribskrautnribs Posts: 4
    edited October 2011
    I posted this message in the wrong area (land cruiser) so am re-posting it here.

    I was playing around with my Nav system by going into the mode to get the over ride. I noticed on one of the menus that was there is a list of maps so I clicked on the first one which happened t be Japanese. Now it says insert new disk, obviously I don't have one. What I can't do is get back to the original system. Now the menu button is dead, only have partial use of my blue tooth, and can't get back to the screen with the volume icon to get back where I screwed up. I've learned my lesson don't play with toys I have limited knowledge about.
  • Just a guess, you might try forcing a reboot of the system by unplugging the boxes (under the driver's seat). There may be a button to do this, too.
  • gmkanegmkane Posts: 5
    try Ebay. I got a dvd from my lexus rx300 a couple years ago for $100.
  • I have the same problem with my 2010 Prius although Hawaii, 1/100th the size of Alaska got there Prius updated last year. I paid $2500 for something I can't use and have complained but no one has replied. I love my Prius but will never buy a Toyota again, although this is the third time I bought a vehicle from them. When it is time to get a new car again next year, I will definitely shop somewhere else.
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