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Chrysler 300M Transmission Problems



  • i too had the same problem with my 300m 2003. I took it to an independent repair shop and found that my solenoid switch was sticking. And get this, Chrysler knows all about this. Service bulletin 21-008-04 REV.A tells which ones are bad. Date range between 3001 and 0603 (to read this the first 3 characters are the day of the year, the 4th is the year, ie.3001 is the 300th day of 2001) I called Chrysler about this and got the runaround. Because I took it to an ind service center, they wouldn't consider paying for the part even though they knew the part was bad.
  • Hi Everyone -This morning my 2004 300M (110k miles) started fine, but when I shifted into reverse to back out of the garage...nothing. The shift knob moved freely and correctly to R...but no shift or movement by the car. I thought that was I went from R to D to P and still no shifty. Tried this about twice more and let it sit in R for 20+ seconds and still nada. So then I shut off the car, immediately re started it, and voila ! everything is fine and drove fine at interstate speeds.

    FYI-Trans has not had a filter or fluid change ever as far as I can tell. I will get that scheduled unless the symptom above is going to end up with the word catastrophic in it.
  • when slowing down to make a turn, I get a klunk and the transmission will not shift out of 1st gear. This is a 2002 chrysler 300m with 86000 carefully driven miles.
  • My Chrysler 300 M (2003) has developed transmission issue that doesn't appear to be duplicated in this particular forum or anywhere else that I can find. The problem is somewhat intermittent and only occurs when the temperature outside is above 55 to 60°. When the temperature is above this temperature the transmission will occasionally slip into limp in mode after a prolonged drive and you decelerate to a stop. It appears to be related to sustained driving in fourth gear and the transmission being unable to downshift. Proceeding the limp in mode the transmission will have an audible clunk sound. Oddly, turning the car off and turning it back on clears the limp in mode and the car is able to be driven again.

    The dealership replaced the solenoid pack and the valve body a year and a half ago and the problem seemed to be gone for "of course the length of the warranty work" one year. But started acting up just before the winter season. I persevered assuming that I only had a few months of driving before the transmission gave out completely. But then the winter months set in and the transmission performed flawlessly for the 3 to 4 months of extreme cold.

    I dropped the pan a day ago and there was no extreme issues to report. The fluids fine, no debris in the pan beyond the normal. I did discover however that one of the screws in the valve body had been stripped assumedly by the dealer when the valve body was replaced. I'm very suspicious that this may be the cause of the problem. But I'm hoping that maybe somebody has had a similar issue and can shed some light on this for me.

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