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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • mjwdmjwd Posts: 5
    Thanks for the suggestion...I'll do that. I did call the Acura customer service line yesterday so there's a record of my issue in the system, and hopefully the dealership will take care of the problem tomorrow. If not, I won't drive the car until I find a dealer who WILL fix the problem!
  • ncanandncanand Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 MDX, which also got its trasmission problem. I have just 70K miles on it
    Acura dealer came up with a price of $5000 in Houston Texas.
    They agreed to pay 50% of the cost.
    How can i make them to offer me more.
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I have the same problem, It's at dealer now replacing torque converter and transmission. Did it fix your problem, very curious to know if this is the solution. I had my car 2months when it started acting up so after 8 months of owning car its back in for 2nd torque and a new transmission.let me know how yours is acting.
  • mjwdmjwd Posts: 5
    Yes, it was the torque converter/ the dealership getting fixed right now. I'm hopeful that it will take care of the problem, but will let you know if it doesn't! Luckily the dealership has been great to work the car right in, gave me a loaner car, acknowledged this is a common problem, has been extremely pleasant about the whole thing (unlike some of the horror stories I've read on this and other online forums!). I did ask what happens if/when the noise comes back in another 10,000 miles and they said that Acura is usually very accommodating about that even when the car is no longer under warranty. Fingers crossed I don't need to find out first-hand, but sorry to hear yours has been a problem for you!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Why did it take them so long to get yours back in, I noticed your original post was from Jan? How many miles does yours have on it? Mine has 59000, I have been tempted to unload this car, because I don't have any faith in it. I've heard tons of horror stories also. Not sure yet what to do or think about Acura. Good luck lets keep each other posted!
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    To those that are interested, I just recieved word from Honda International that they will be covering 100% of the cost of replacing the torque converter even though the vehicle is out of warranty. It took many phone calls, establishing a case file with Honda and the threat of a class action suit to get them to do this. Given the number of MDXs and Honda Pilots with with very specific problem, I do not understand why a recall has not occured. In preparing my case to Honda, I counted over 100 reports of the 30-40 mph grinding/vibration problem and in almost all cases it was the transmission torque converter. If anyone is experiencing this problem, either in warranty or out our warranty, I would really push the issue with Honda to get 100% reimbursement.
  • mjwdmjwd Posts: 5
    My original post was actually from June, but the car has had the problem since the day I bought it back in August '09. Long story short, the dealer from which I bought it (not an authorized Acura dealer) lied to me about the cause of the noise and covered up the problem for close to 10 months! Luckily I caught onto them when I had 68,800 miles on the car...just 1200 miles from my warranty expiring! I'm mixed about my MDX as well, but going to hold onto it for now and see how it goes. Good luck to you! :o)
  • myshell4myshell4 Posts: 1
    Did you have any luck when you contacted Honda or confront the dealer with the massive torque converter issues.
  • mjwdmjwd Posts: 5
    Fortunately, the Acura dealer near me has been a pleasure to work with. They immediately admitted there is a known issue, fixed the problem under warranty with no questions asked, even gave me a loaner for 2 days while they did so.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    edited July 2010
    Just picked up my 2005 MDX from dealer after replacing the torque converter. It appears that the vibration/grinding between 35-40 mph has now been eliminated. For background, I reported this problem in March 2009, a couple of months prior to the expiration of my warranty. The service tech stated that he/she could not reproduce the noise I was hearing. Over a year later, the noise was now continuous. I took the vehicle in and this time the service tech could hear the noise. I was told that the vehicle was out of warranty (45,000 miles, but over 60 months) and that it would cost $2,000 to $3,000 to fix the problem. I opened up a case file with Honda America. After several calls, I was offered a repair for $500. I continued to complain and mentioned that I had uncovered over 100 complaints for the exact same issue. The Honda rep. still would not budge on the $500 cost to me. Finally, I mentioned that I might pursue a "class action suit". He said he would speak to the district supervisor. Miraculously, he came back and said that Honda America could cover 100% of the repair. I would suggest that anyone battling this issue out with Honda America mention "class action suit". There attitude seems to change quite significantly! Good luck!
  • jtb6jtb6 Posts: 3
    2001 MDX 246000 miles, absolutely no transmission problem
  • sarj1sarj1 Posts: 1
    So my 2001 MDX with 93k miles developed the following problem last night -
    Check light went on
    D5 light started blinking
    at 15, 25, 35 or so, 45 or so, and 60 mph the car would not consistently kick into gear - the engine would rev up in rpms - I would ease off gas and then gear would engage often with a lurch
    Took to a gas station off the highway and they diagnosed with error code P1750

    in dealer right now
    worried that I am looking at a transmission job on a car worth at most $10K - where the job could cost up to $5600.

    Thoughts please?
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Just picked up my 06 MDX after torque converter failed in Dec and back in for same problem in June, they put new transmission/torque converter in. Probally to soon to tell if the problem is fixed for good, but driving home on freeway the steering wheel shakes from side to side, what's up with that? I called them to let them know, so going back in for them to look at! This car has caused me nothing but stress, only owned it 8 months!!
  • madmommy3madmommy3 Posts: 28
    try to negotiate a better deal. tell them tehre are pages and pages of complaints with the same issue. if they make you pay more than $2500, I would call around to a reputable tranny shop with a 3 year warranty and go elsewhere. They may make a lower offer if they want your business. My dealership clearly did not want my business so I had my car towed and fixed somewhere else. So far so good. Cost me $2700 with extra warranty plus a new radiator at $300. Still cheaper than a new car. good luck!
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    My 05 MDX went in for 2 converters, no tranny change. When the shuddering began ever so slightly for a 3rd time, I got rid of the vehicle. Hopefully the transmission change solves the problem, but I was not trying for strike 3.

    As far as the steering wheel shaking, could be that they did not re-align the front end properly and just needs to be adjusted. Also something as simple as a balancing weight on a front wheel may have fallen off when they removed the transmission. Nothing major on either scenario.

    Good Luck !!!!
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    "2001 MDX 246000 miles, absolutely no transmission problem "

    Ah, finally, someone who got a good one!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    When I called to let them know about steering, he told me it didn't need front end alignment, but when they put the first torque converter in they did do alignment. I questioned that, he said shouldn't need it this time, but it needed it the first time? Doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think they know what they are doing!
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    When I picked up my 2005 MDX after a torque converter replacement, I noticed that the dealership had done a wheel alignment. I am assuming that this is standard procedure whenever a torque converter is changed out. Don't know why, but maybe it is an added precaution since my initial complaint indicated that there was a vibration sound????
  • omdx05oomdx05o Posts: 2
    i own a 2005 acura mdx and once the car reached approximately 100,000 miles, i started to experience vibrations at speeds between 40-50 mph. once the car reached 106,000 miles, i took the car to an acura dealer in nj. there, they diagnosed that my car's torque converter was broken and they replaced for $2,800. i called acura for financial assistance, but they turned me down after they "carefully" reviewed my case. i complained to the NHTSA. my friend has a 2004 mdx and he had the same problem as me. i think that we should all complain to NHTSA to pressure acura to fix the problem and we should try to pressure them to provide financial aid. we all know that the product is faulty and the car that costs over $45,000 new should last more than 100,000 miles.
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I agree, but the problem is they don't know what causes the problem so therefore they don't know how to fix it. I had torque converter replaced dec 09 then june2010 bad again this time they replaced transmission/torque converter. They are not sure this is the solution either. If they don't have a sure fix, what happens next? I've only had this car 8months. Since I got it back my AC smells foul, not sure what to think, I do know it didn't smell when I took it to them. Frankly, I am really sick of this car, don't have any faith in it at all, .thinking about unloading it
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