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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    Good.....I wish everyone who has contributed to this forum would have filed a complaint. If so, there probably would have been a recall by now. Anyway, I was in the same situation as you were. Over a year out of warranty. I was also offered 75%, but said I wasn't satisfied. I finally mentioned "class action suit" and that seemed to get their attention and they came back and agreed to pay 100%. I would ask whoever you are talking to at Honda "what is the next appeal step". Good luck.
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Did it fix your problem? Why does it work on some, but not on others? This is the second time mine has been in and I am hearing something already. They put new transmission in the second time...59k.
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    Filed complaint. Dont know if that will help those who still own one of these clunkers. Also, if it results in a class action suit, would I be included even though I have traded the vehicle in for another?
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    For now....the noise has gone away. I have read several instances whereby a replacement has developed the same problem. I am no engineer, but I am inclined to believe this is either a design problem or the preplacement parts are also defective and after awhile the problem manifests itself again. I would keep good records, record the sound if you can and keep taking it back to the dealership and complaining. I know this is a time consuming problem, but the more times you take it in the better your chances are to build a case for future repairs.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    If a class action law suit does develop, I would think it would include any current or previous owners that suffered any financial loss or who require a fix. I am not a lawyer, but I am very sure the suit would be drafter this way.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    If a class action does develop and it's like most other settlements, you will probably get a coupon for something like a free oil change and the lawyers will make millions!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    You've been reading the same articles that I have.

    A case in which the only winners are lawyers (MSNBC)

    Probably get further just hiring your own lawyer to chase 'em.

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  • skietzskietz Posts: 2

    I also own a 2004 MDX that we purchased new. At about 60K the "grinding" noise started. We took the MDX to our Local dealer in Louisville and they could not duplicate the noise.

    A month ago we took our MDX in for the 100K service at the dealer in Indianapolis to see if they could hear the noise and like most everyone else it was the Torque Converter. After a letter to Acura, and several calls to Acura customer service they would only agree to cover part of the cost and our price would be over $1800.

    We have been quoted by a local Transmission store a price of $1200. Does anybody have a time line of how many miles before the TC begins to tear up the transmission? We are still trying to get Acura to pay for more, or all of the cost, but I don't want to let it go for much longer and take a chance of making things worse.

  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the advice, to be honest I'm not sure what the noise is whether it's normal or not. I don't know what normal is for this car! It kinda sounds like it again, but it's not consistent enough for me to take it back and complain yet..if it is the same problem it will get louder and more frequent as time goes on. I did call the dealership and American Honda to make them aware I am hearing something again. Just really frustrated as everyone else is, I'm shocked that this problem hasn't be corrected after all this time! Good Luck to you..
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I found that if you put it in crusie at the speed it makes the noise that it works every time. Mine started at around 51k I have an 06 but don't think that makes a difference. It's had a torque converter replaced in dec 09 then tansmission/tc in july 2010 and the next day I heard something that could be TC again not 100% sure yet, because its not loud or consistent enough yet! I've only had this car since Oct 09 and very disappointed, we bought it from an Acura dealership they should be responsbile also, they should have to disclose the issues with these cars!! Instead they act as though it's not a big deal, sure not to them it's not their money they are throwing away..Shame on them! Good Luck!
  • As an owner of a 2004 MDX with the same torque converter problems, I found the following very helpful when talking to my Acura dealer. Simply Google "American Honda Motor service bulletin #06003". This is a pdf of the actual service bulletin dated June 9, 2007, that deals not only with the vehicle problem, but also how dealerships should handle claims, both under and out of warranty.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    edited July 2010
    Sommerfall.....thanks for sharing the actual service bulletin. This is the first time that I have seen it. Even though it applies to model years 2003 and 2004, it is obvious that it should be extended to 2005 and 2006 at the very least given the number of identical torque converter issues.

    Also, for those vehicle owners who are out of warranty, note that the service bulletin addresses this issue by stating that owners "may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone Office". This is not a full admission of guilt, but it is obvious that Honda/Acura is expecting many out of warranty vehicles to be submitted for repair.
  • skietzskietz Posts: 2
    Thanks also for a copy of the service bulletin! I personally work in sales at a Honda motorcycle dealership. My plans are to talk to our motorcycle service rep the next time he is here about my 2004 MDX. I will post if he can help give me any additional information.

    My wife just sent her second nasty letter to Acura customer service today to complain about them only offering to pay 20% of our cost.
  • MHirt1MHirt1 Posts: 6
    This is my first post. I am the original owner of a 2005 MDX with approximately 62,000 miles. I've noticed the "rumble strip" noise when driving between 25 and 35 mph for the last year or so and never thought much about it. Last week I took the vehicle in for the 60,000 mile service and I mentioned the "rumble strip" sound. The dealer called back to tell me that the sound is the torque converter. However, my service advisor said he was going to contact Acura to solicit help on the estimated $3,000 repair bill.

    Over the next few days the service advisor called me to say he still hadn't heard back from Acura. Then today he called to say that "I think I opened a can of worms" with Acura. He said that they are in the process of preparing a Service Bulletin to address the issue and that it may be out in the next week or two. The service advisor indicated that the TC problem is apparently more widespread than he was aware of. When Acura issues the bulletin he will then know whether Acura will pay for part or all the repair.

    Hopefully he is not blowing smoke my way, but I'm not sure what he has to gain by misleading me in this way. So, we'll keep our fingers crossed and I'll post again when I hear something.
  • MHirt1MHirt1 Posts: 6
    I forgot to mention regarding my previous post - the Service Advisor said that one of the reasons for the delay in issuing the Service Bulletin is that Acura does not presently have an appropriate fix for the situation.
  • skelley3skelley3 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info and hope your service advisor isn't blowing smoke too. Just completed a safety complaint to the NHTSA on my 2005 Acura MDX. Torque converter replaced on March 16 this year with 67,533 miles on odometer. Car now has 73,400 miles and problem is re-surfacing.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    For those who are interested, you can obtain the actual Acura/Honda Service Bulletin (thanks to "somerfall") that addresses the Torque Convert issue and the repair instructions given to the Acura/Honda dealers if you Google:

    Acura Service Bulletin 06-003 pdf

    There is also a statement in the document that addresses "out of warranty vehicles" and the the procedure for obtaining a "goodwill consideration" repair. It would appear that Honda/Acura was expecting a significant number of vehicles (both in warranty and out of warranty).

    I have a 2005 Acrua MDX that was one year "out of warranty" and through persistence and documentation from web sites such as this one and also the 15 complaints filed with the NHSTA, I was able to get Honda/Acura to move from not covering my $2,000 repair to covering 100% of my repair. Good luck !
  • MHirt1MHirt1 Posts: 6
    Can you double-check the service bulletin number you referenced above? When I google it I find that the bulletin is for the Honda Odyssey and addresses "power sliding door squeaks/creaks/pops/rattles". Thanks.
  • MHirt1MHirt1 Posts: 6
    Never mind - found it. Thanks.
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