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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • My 2001 MDX (134,000 miles) experienced racing engine and dash and D5 code signals while my daughter was driving it this weekend. I called the dealer and they said, have it towed in rather than driving it. I did. I just got a call from a service rep at the dealership telling me they parsed through the codes, drove it a bit and it needs a rebuilt transmission ($4,200). I asked if any warranty coverage or goodwill was available and he said no, too many miles. He pointed out that this was not from any "lack of maintenance" (as he should since they have been servicing this vehicle since I purchased it new in February 2001) and that sometime "parts just fail - it is not common but it happens." But now that I have found this forum, I feel otherwise. I found a "recall campaign" item in my MDX file from June 2004 (at 42,754 miles) at which they inspected the transmission and installed a jet lube kit (per TSB 04013) at no charge. (I think this occurred when I had the car there for something else. It was not a mailed notice.) Anyone else have this situation?

    I am currently a college accounting professor but in a prior life I was a class action attorney and successfully got a big settlement out of Mercedes concerning an oil sludge issue in its 1998-2001 fleixible service system cars.
  • I have started the following facebook page to address this matter. Honda is VERY sensitive to facebook and other social sites. We can come together as a group there and bring additional visibility to our issue and, if necessary, seek alternative methods of resolution with Honda if they continue to ignore or deny the problem 9321?v=page_getting_started#!/pages/Owners-Dealing-with-Acura-MDX-Problems/13568- 4743139321?v=wall
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    Let the dealer know that you are aware of others having this problem, mention "class-action lawsuits" and "good faith compensations". I bet they offer something.

    If you get a new transmission, the waranty is 3 years/36k miles. That's the amount of time you'l have to replace your Acura with a Ford, or something else. I got a new transmission at 107k miles on our '03 MDX and they paid 90%, but I'll never buy Honda/Acura again because they TRIED to screw me at first. I held my ground.
  • plaaaaaneplaaaaane Posts: 32
    edited August 2010
    Won't this place less stress on the TC? So it's a cheap & dirty fix unless they redesigned the TC too. Anyone have info on the 2010 possibilities??
  • MHirt1MHirt1 Posts: 6
    Hello Again.
    Long story short. The dealer said that Acura offered "good faith" compensation to replace my TC, leaving me to pay a $500. I asked the dealer whether Acura had now come up with a satisfactory replacement for the faulty TC unit, to which he of course answered yes. Anyways, I took the offer given my car is over 5 years old and has over 60,000 miles on it. Dropped the vehicle off yesterday and just picked it up this evening. A couple of things of note on my service receipt:

    - "Goodwill per DSM09824"
    - "warranty deductible = $500"

    Hope this is the end of my transmission problem.

    Regards, Michael
  • zarek66zarek66 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if any canadian mdx owners had acura paid for their transmission replacement? I tried calling an acura dealer and quoted dsm09824 and they said there is no good will extention or any recall campaign with this vehicle. This sucks because all mdx's are assembled in the same plant and so it makes no logical sense for acura to only extend this goodwill deal to americans and not canadians. if you are canadian and have delt with the transmission problem with acura please post a response.
  • jim3640jim3640 Posts: 1
    Acura MDX comes with a transmission cooler only if a towing package in installed. If you have experienced transmission failure, did your car come with a transmission cooler.
  • pat113pat113 Posts: 1
    We recently had the transmission fail in our 2003 Accura MDX with about 90,000 miles. We had it towed to the dealer who quoted us $4200 to fix it, We got it down to $3900 and authorized them to fix it, The next day my wife heard from a friend that Accura was having problems with their transmission. I called the repair rep at the dealer and he tells me that he knows of no recalls or problems. I then search the internet and find this forum. I take down the Bulletin number mentioned, call the service guy with the number and they later called back and agreed to fix it for $900.
    Knowledge is power but really it should not have come to this.
  • I looked up the recall on the 2005 MDX. I was never contacted about it. When I was experiencing vibrating at about 30-40mph I was told it was the torque converter. I was under an extended warranty and it was covered by the dealership.
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    Your situation was exactly like our 2003 MDX with 107k miles. We got our final price down just as you did. Acura claims that your new transmission has been cured from defects. Nobody will say what it is but I suspect it to be electronic related. There was no way that all the clutches, gears and bearings just "wore out".

    But due to our hassles and mistrust towards Acura, our next car will be a Ford.
  • mdxer04mdxer04 Posts: 3
    I have 97000 miles on my 2004 MDX. All fwy miles. Have serviced my MDX only at the dealership in Glendale CA ever since I brought it there. So, they have all my service records. So, I took it in for the 90k (a bit late) service and asked to check my transmission out since I've heard so many problems with them. Lo and behold, not only did I need two motor mounts to replacement, my Torque Converter need to be replace-ie new transmission. So, they offered to pay for half and I would have to pay for the balance $1800 and the motor mounts on top of that ~$300-500. I wasn't too satisfied with this price, so I contacted the 800 Customer Service for Acura. Then on Friday, I get a call from the service rep, that they district service manager(?) would lower it to $1300 with 3-5 yrs and/or 36,000miles warranty. I'm still not happy with paying anything. I spoke to the Customer Service this morning and they won't budge on the price and that's their final offer. I've expressed my love and loyalty to Honda and Acura since 1987, Service Bulletin 06-003 and complete service history at the dealership. Now my question is, should I start a letter campaign, call everyday to get them to lower the price, call an attorney-threaten "Class Action Lawsuit" or simple put my tail between my legs and give up? :cry: Any suggestions would help. Thanks!
  • I am happy to report that the torque converter issues my 2004 MDX was experiencing were very satisfactorily handled by my Acura dealer.

    Here is what I did.
    First of all, I followed the advice of kpsmith999 (#308 fo 354) Part of the advice was as follows:
    1. Open a case file with Honda America at 1-800-382-2238 then press 5.
    2. Mention that you have researched this issue on the internet and that there are a large number of reports of this very same problem with both Honda Pilots and Acura MDXs. Also state that the complaint site has 29 complaints of which 14 are for transmission and 11 are for the 30-40 mph grinding/vibration issue for the 2005 Acura MDX.

    I followed this excellent advice and opened my case with Honda. They were very very polite and very very noncommittal. I mentioned that I had been into my dealer numerous times with the problem and was told each time, "We can't duplicate the noise." Honda told me the next thing I had to do was go back to the dealership and see if they could actually diagnose the problem as a torque converter. They mentioned that my vehicle was no longer under warranty (warranty was purchased at the time I bought my car used 2 1/2 years ago) I told them I realized it was no longer under warranty but certainly had been when I had taken my vehicle in at least 4 times for this problem. They wanted to know what I wanted them to do. I told them I wanted a case opened with this issue and that I would be going to my dealership again shortly. I also mentioned having found "American Honda Motor service bulletin #06003" on Google which addresses this problem in the o4 MDX.

    When we went to the dealership they said, and I quote! "Acura stands by their vehicles and we will stand by our customer and your car."

    Long story slightly shorter, they honored my warrantly, which was 6,000 over the alloted mileage, and fixed my car for $106.00. This was the amount of my warranty deductible, plus tax. They also loaned me a 2010 MDX for the 6 days it took to get the job completed.

    Needles to say, I will be purchasing another vehicle from this dealership in the future! :)

    Hang in there, everyone. There are good, honorable dealerships out there who do care about their customers and are willing to listen.
  • I would like to know the outcome of your car. I just bought a 2010 MDX on July 11th. At about 500 miles my husband felt there was something seriously wrong with the transmission. At 1036 miles I drove the car to the dealer and before I even finished my sentence they were "aware" of this problem. They are holding my car for a few days but I'm not feeling very comfortable. Primarily as I've barely owned this car for 5 weeks and this transmission issue is not a good way to start new car ownership.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    littlebits, can you post what your husband believes to be wrong with the transmission in your new 2010? Just curious as I also own a 2010. I'm now at 9,000 miles and so far so good, but it would be nice to know what to look for. Your's is the first I've read about transmission issues in a 2010 (6 speed automatic vs. a 5 speed in the older model years).
  • JBaumgart,

    I'm still waiting to hear back from the dealer. They have now had the car for 24+ hours and they initally told me it was a transmission "sensor" issue. However, they need to call it into Acura, determine which sensor(s) need to be replaced and take it from there.

    I will reply back to you as soon as I get my car back this week. I just wanted to put it out there because I feel that Acura is aware of this "isolated" issue and is keeping mum.
  • udeman55udeman55 Posts: 20
    Where did you find this information? I am experiencing this problem now.
  • jmceneany & JBaumgart,

    The service rep has now totally recanted his story. He claims that he and his team performed a series of tests and there is no transmission problem. He states that this is just how the 2010 MDX shifts from each speed. This is a totally different story from yesterday where he, the sales rep, drove my car and told me what the problem was in the first place. It's all surreal. He went from telling me he knew of the problem to now stating there is no problem.

    The service rep also stated that I could test drive other 2010 MDX models to assure me this is normal.

    I'm very apprehensive at this point and will sleep on exactly what I am going to do when I arrive to the dealership tomorrow.

    I will keep you posted and will demand copies of these alleged tests.
  • My previous post was about my 2004 MDX, not a 2010. I am unaware of problems with the 2010 model. I only had the 2010 MDX as a loaner vehicle for about a week. I LOVED the car and it performed perfectly. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    littlebits, thanks for posting the updates on your 2010. Mine is shifting very smoothly and is otherwise without any problems after 9,000 miles, so I'm not concerned unless other owners start to experience problems. Yours was the first hint of any transmission issues in a 2010 that I've read about, which is why I'm interested in seeing what develops.

    Perhaps you can explain in a little more detail what symptoms you are experiencing and what the service rep originally said when he agreed there was a problem?
  • mdxer04mdxer04 Posts: 3
    Thanks, Sommerfall! Your help is very welcomed. Just wished my dealer was closer to home. Then it'd be easier to bug them everyday to get this problem resolved. I'll put together a letter with all the useful info that you've provided and hopefully, can achieve a price close to yours. Thanks again! :)
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