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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • bluelady1bluelady1 Posts: 2

    My MDX has 47000 miles. It had the same problem and was jumping when I braked like the accelerator pedal was stuck. I took it in to the dealer and they did a software update. Did not fix the problem. It is dangerous and will cause personal injury if the brakes do not grab. The Acura people claim there is no problem. There is and I will contact governmental agencies about this serious and dangerous situation.
  • I have same problem with my 2001 MDX.I replaced transmission and still same problem. Did power control board solve problem?
  • rastrosrastros Posts: 3
    Have a 2002 Certified MDX, bought in 2006. Was sold a 7yr/100,000 mi extended warranty from Honda. The fee also included 3yr bumper to bumper coverage. Today, car has 86,000 mi and I have owned 5 yrs., and transmission has failed. I assumed coverage was there. But----despite contract saying in BOLD at top---7yrs/100,000, the fine print at bottom implies that for certified cars, coverage is retroactive to in-service date. That was not made clear at sale time. In other words contract seems "split"---with bumper to bumper good from date of car sale (2006), but powertrain good from car in-service date (2002). In addition contract indicates in fine print that a "pre-owned" Honda has coverage from date of sale, while certified is from in-service. Since my car is both pre-owned and certified, do I have a case? Both Honda and local dealer say No. Any thoughts? I feel deceived. Thanks.
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    Our 2003 MDX was purchased used from a Honda dealer under the same conditions. Our trans failed at 108k miles. Because we had the 100k extended warranty, and that I complained and threatened them from info I learned on this blog, Honda paid 90% of our replacement trans.

    Keep complaining, make them call Honda in California and don't settle for less. File a complaint at the Better Business Bureau for starters if they don't give in.

    Next car, don't buy a Honda product. My next one will be a Ford.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...My next one wil be a Ford...!

    That would be a bigger mistake.
  • rastrosrastros Posts: 3
    Why do you suggest calling Honda in California? I called an 800 # so I'm not sure where it was. The dealership has no interest in contacting Honda for me at this point, although Honda did agree tyesterday to throw in $ 500. Also, exactly how did you threaten them? What was the threat?
    A contract attorney suggested I could take them to small claims court myself, since hiring him would be too expensive. Is that the threat?
  • samsusamsu Posts: 1
    I am about to buy used 2005 MDX base with 70K miles on it for $14k from individual seller. One of my friend told me about transmission issue and I checked this forum and now it got me worried.
    I test drove car and everything seems ok but I am no expert and 5 mins of test drive is not going to give me any insight.
    Let me know if there is any suggestion and or something I can do to verify transmission before buying.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It appears that when Acura switched the MDX from the VTM-4 system to the SH-AWD system mid-decade the transaxle failures became less of an issue. I don't really know when the switch was made.
  • My MDX is at the dealer right now. Same problem as everyone else, shuddering below 45 mph, clunking or a hesitant jerking when going from coasting to accelerating. Leith Acura in Fayetteville, NC wants $4400.00 to replace the transmission. They said that they could not offer any discount because I am the 2nd owner. Broken front motor mount as well - they want 465.00 for that. I told them to get stuffed and am taking it ot a budget transmission shop. Will trade the piece of junk at my first opportunity.
  • jhwang221jhwang221 Posts: 1
    What do you guys think about pooling information together over here and getting some sort of class action lawsuit going?

    The 2003 MDX has had a large amount of torque converter and transmission failures and has had no sort of recall done. I would be willing to compile the information and send a claim through to the Better Business Bureau or any other route that would be necessary.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    edited July 2011
    Why not simply make an appointment with a lawyer in your town? Lots of times an initial consultation is cheap or free. You might get some satisfaction in a few months vs waiting a couple of years or more for a class action to go through the mill. And you might get something better than a coupon for an oil change.

    I'd rather take my chances with an Acura paid BBB arbitration than wait forever for a nebulous class action suit.

    A case in which the only winners are lawyers (MSNBC)

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  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    get the ball rolling and let us know and im sure everybody who's had problems will jump on board.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Seems to me that if you have a problem, you should try to take care of it yourself, not depend on some stranger to go to bat for you. May as well wait for Godot to show up.

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  • dmortazdmortaz Posts: 26
    I would thing a grass roots branding campaign would be more effective. For instance, someone could set up a "Acura MDX Death Trap" page on Facebook with us requesting "LIKE" from all of our circles might put these guys to shame!

    But it might take a lot of hits to this page, since from my experience Customer Service folks still don't get "it"!! Lexus guys get it and understand the value of customer acquisition and retention. In our case the retards at Acura Customer service didn't want to waive the $1000 the dealer wanted us to pay for the installation cost of a re-built transmission!!

    In contrast, Lexus gave us 4 brand new Michellens when we complained about the noise and rattling of the steering wheel from warn out tires on a a LEASED car w 43,000 miles on it!!

    That's why we can't wait to JUNK our MDX and get a Lexus. The experience of dealing with Acura folks vs Lexus is night and day!

    We've had horrible experience w Acura on Product Quality, inconsistent dealer experience and miserable Customer Service at Acura USA on our 2004 MDX.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    edited July 2011
    Companies are paying attention to Facebook and Twitter. I still think it pays to be specific about a specific problem with a specific vehicle. Lots of people complain to the NHTSA too, but it can be years before they take action on problems that create unsafe driving conditions.

    On the other hand, if you go to the BBB or your local consumer protection agency you may get relief a few weeks or months. Or do both BBB and Facebook at the same time.

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  • selgesselges Posts: 1
    In reading all the issues with the Acura transmission, I'm joing the club. 86k and no other issues replacing the transmission. I feel so "raped" by Acura and am in awe to what other issues others have had. Where do I start to get some help paying the bill on the tranny?
  • dmortazdmortaz Posts: 26
    edited August 2011
    I would recommend you take the VIN number to the dealership and see if's subject to a recall! And while you are waiting for them to get back you, check out a Lexus instead of Acura!!

    We have been extremely disappointed at the Poor Quality of many items on our 2004 MDX. From the sound system, radio reception (Acura folks could NOT even get a BOSE system to work where we get static from local FM channels) and your favorite topic the MDX transmission and 80% plus chance that it will eventually fail you.

    Our saga with transmission is too long to re-post, but suffice it to say that it's not worth the headache.

    Also remember that you have another $900-$1900 cost just around the corner since you will need to replace the timing belt at 80k miles!

    It's NOT worth it. Acura MDX is NOT a luxury brand when it comes to services and product quality. Avoid it.
  • rkubs68rkubs68 Posts: 2
    What I did was to contact the Consumer Customer Service at Acura.
    Customer Relations Department Acura
    1919 Torrance Blvd. 500-2N-7E
    Torrance, CA 90501-2746
    Toll free: 1-800-382-2238
    I explained my situation that there were a litany of transmission failures in my model year, yet no recalls. I was patient and answered all of their questions while stating that I had taken my MDX in for the same problem at 50K miles but no one at the dealer could diagnose the "rumble strip" sound. They asked me if I had owned any other Hondas in the past. This has to do with loyalty and their willingness to subsidize the repair. They ended up paying 75% of the cost of the torque convertor replacement in the end.
    You can also start by contacting your dealer service manager and let him do the work. If he doesn't, then go around him.
    Should I have stuck it out and got more out of them, maybe. I was tired of the hassle.
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    I held out a little longer because I was so pissed and got them to pay 90%.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Before you recommend a jump to Lexus you might want to read about the extraordinarily high faulure rate of the early transaxles, 99 & 00 especially, but on into the entire RX300 model series.

    Not to mention the non-functionality of the Rxes F/awd system in comparison to the SH-AWD system.
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