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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • tony_mdxtony_mdx Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    I just got a new 2012 MDX, everyting seems perfect (mechanical wise, there is a paint issue i just found and i will talk to the dealer...) so far except that when i drive uphill, there is a obvious hesitation or delay (should not like this in my opinion for such pricy SUV...) and the speedometer will jump from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 within few seconds"...

    i will be talking to the dealer sales rep. tomorrow to see what they say about it...
  • hollyshiftwellhollyshiftwell Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    I am stunned to learn after reading on this website that there have been so many MDX transmission problems! I purchased my 2004 Acura MDX new from our local dealer and purchased the extended warranty. It was my first ever brand new car—and at $42,100 plus $2675 for the extended warranty, it was an expensive purchase! Since then I have always taken my car to that same dealership for servicing. At 75,658 miles (just a few months after the 75,000 regular transmission service) the engine malfunction light came on. There had been no drivability problems at that point. After two trips to the dealership, they concluded that a new transmission was needed and replaced it. Fortunately, because of the extended warranty, there was no additional cost to me. One month after that, the engine malfunction light came on again—but this time they replaced a transmission pressure switch. Two months after that the engine malfunction light came on again—but this time it was fixed by updating the PCM software. It made me wonder if a new transmission was really needed in the first place, but was thankful that everything was covered under the extended warranty.

    Now, fast forward 4 years…and now the MDX has 156,000 miles. It was serviced last week, and at that time I mentioned that during city driving it would upshift early and the engine would lug. Guess what!? The dealership is saying that I need a new transmission and torque converter which is $6000+. When I reminded them that they had already replaced the transmission 4 years ago, they contacted Acura corporate and agreed to discount my cost to $2300. It has been a wonderful vehicle to drive—but seriously—a new transmission every 75,000 miles? My Michelin tires have lasted as long! Frankly, I am not sure that it is worth replacing. I am really disappointed especially since I had a good relationship with the dealership. If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate them.
  • We will not buy another Honda/Acura product for this very same reason. I think our next vehicle will be a Ford.
  • jga5jga5 Posts: 11
    I bought my 2004 MDX new as well and at 120,000 miles I am still on my original transmission. I started feeling a little difference in the shifting a few months ago and that's what got me onto this forum. Since learning of all the issues I have been driving much more mildly so as to not "tax" my transmission and to postpone what I believe is inevitable. It's really a shame all of us who bought the MDX have to experience this problem. And like a few others, I will NEVER buy another Acura and I will forever be a bad reference for them.
  • anildelanildel Posts: 9
    edited November 2012
    I have MDX 2005 with 58000 miles. I bought it used at 31000 miles in Jun 2008 and got extended warranty 7/100000 that has expired in Feb 12. The car has always been maintained by Acura dealership and all scheduled maintenance have been performed.

    Last Friday morning, actually black Friday, when I wanted to go for some shopping, found that the car will not shift to "Drive". I had no clue what may have happened as I parked it just normal on Thursday morning. Anyway, checked manual and unlocked shifter. This got me out of the garage. By the time it was 8 AM and I called Acura dealership. They advised me to get the car in.

    When I started driving found VSA and check engine light were on. Also noticed that "D" light, i.e. shifter in drive light was continuously blinking. Called dealership again and they advised that as long as I am comfortable, I could drive on. I had to drive about 20 miles to dealership.

    I reached dealership and they put the car on diagnostic. The codes they are getting are confusing and they were not able to diagnose the actual problem. They gave me loaner to get me going as they needed more time to know the problem. They also promised me to do everything with Acura to remediate this issue if it was related to transmission as the car has been sold and maintained by them and has low miles.

    I'm just waiting to hear back from them. In the meantime, if anyone had the same situation, the inputs would help me to make good decision.
  • My guess is that you will need a new transmission. An Acura refurbished unit costs $4500 installed. Your issue with the expired extended warranty is very similar to our case with our 2003 MDX. After heated complaints on my part, and two calls to Acura in CA, they paid 90% of the cost. Even though the 7 years is up, remind them of the low mileage.

    Legally, you are screwed. If they won't offfer reimbursement, an independant shop should be able to rebuild it for about $2500. Just make sure they are experienced with these transmissions and can put in better parts and do all the upgrades.

    Although we got a better deal then most people with this transmission issue, I won't buy another Acura.
  • anildelanildel Posts: 9
    edited November 2012
    Thanks for response. You were correct. Transmission is bad and needs to be rebuilt/replaced.

    The Dealership worked with Acura at their own and let me know today that Acura is ready to chip in for 50% and I need to bring in rest, about $2400, for replacing bad transmission with remanufactured.

    I have contacted Acura myself for more assistance and they are reviewing the case. This review involves District Manager who is not available today.

    I'll know result of review by end of business tomorrow.
  • Our new 2012 MDX also has strange behavior going uphill. It feels extremely unresponsive as if the transmission is choosing too high a gear. (RPMs are at 1100-1200 going 30 MPH). You have to push the pedal half way down to get a meaningful response. This makes it downshift and then speed up too quickly to which you have to back off the gas.

    We brought it to our dealer and drove around with a tech. The tech's claim "that is normal". *sigh*. When you depress 50%, it downshifts, then you have to back significantly off the gas to avoid from speeding. This is not right. Our BMW and chevy silverado have no such issues.

    Anyways, I am very interested in your resolution if any.

    Its heartening to hear we are not alone.
  • 50% was what Acura firt offered me. I was still mad and pressed the issue. They came back with 90%.

    Even at 50%, take it. Hopefully, the replacement would have upgrades so it might last longer. But still, figure a new transmission every 100k miles in your budget.

    Also, at 110k miles, you'll need a new timing belt, spark plugs, valve adjustment and probobly have to replace two broken motor mounts (you have a total of three).

    Good Luck
  • anildelanildel Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    I got the car back this morning. Acura replaced transmission with 3/36k warranty. After all back and forth with Acura and Dealership, I ended up paying about 1700. Compared to initial 5200+ and local shops (AAMCO and Gater) asking for 2700+ with lot less warranty, I think it's fair deal. I also got loaner car all this time..that helped.

    While driving this morning I felt that steering is harder than before. There are no whinning or any sound. It just felt harder.

    Called service manager and they want to take a look at it.

    Can this be related to transmission replacement issue?
  • I bought my MDX new, ran great, but around 90K I noticed occasional lag in shifting by 98K it was pronounced, and before the 100K I've had to have a full rebuild. I never took this car off-road and have never used it to tow, nor have I overburden the vehicle. It's very disappointing that a high end SUV such as this have this kind of problem. I was thinking of getting another Acura, but this experience calls into question if Honda/Acura is truly a reliable vehicle.
    I'm not the only one who's having this problem, transmission repair shops and Acura dealers alike are well aware of the Honda/Acura transmission history. I took my MDX to the Acura dealer well in advance of this problem and days before it, the transmission, gave out. Today I have an $1800+ bill, and no response from Acura's customer service.
  • You got off very cheap paying $1800. It was a similiar situation with our 2003 MDX. We won't ever buy another Acura/Honda ude to their poor customer service on this issue. I'll buy a Ford next time.
  • jga5jga5 Posts: 11
    I guess I am still 04 MDX with 122k is still working but I have noticed some changes.

    It amazes me that Acura ignores the problem. I too would have considered another Acura but NEVER EVER again. And I will tell every body else the same.
  • Help. bought a 2006 Acura TL with a little over 36,000 miles from the dealer on October 1. Today service said I need a new transmission for$4500.00. Was told he would put in a claim with Acura to see if they will cover it. Any ideas, suggestions, similar stories.?
  • Acura paid 90% of the cost on our 2003 transmission replacement with 108k miles. Don't back down.

    If you don't win, find an independant transmission shop with Acura MDX experience and a good Better Business rating. They can rebuild them better for about $2500.

    Next time, buy a Ford or something else.
  • The check engine light on our mdx came on early today morning.. new year surprise.. i have close to 120k miles on it and changed timing belt/pump around 105k. The problem however started a week back when we had snow here in TX and the TPMS/VTM lights started showing up along with Check engine light after a oil change. The Check Engine light stopped flashing shortly afterwards and didn't come up for 3-4 days until today morning.

    I took it to Autozone and they helped in pulling the codes which triggered the check engine light. The following codes came up - P0304, P0300, P0301 and P0420. The dealer service is closed today but I intend to take the car tomorrow for service.

    Will appreciate if anyone who had experienced similar problems or have knowledge of what is driving this issue/expenses to fix the issue can provide thoughts.

    Thanks a lot!
  • "Goggle" can tell you the meaning of those codes.
  • lathalatha Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    I have a 2006 Acura MDX with 98K miles on it. Since last few months it is acting weird. In December 2012, my car was parked in front of the babysitter's garage with ignition on and it was in park mode. When I came back, I could not see my car. It had driven by itself and crashed the baby sitters garage. 3 months back my car went reverse mode and hit my neighbors curb when it was parked with ignition on. Occasionally it accelerates by itself while driving. For the past three weeks the car is in dealership and they have given me a rental car to drive. Today I have received a call from Relationship manager from Acura CA and he stated that they haven't found anything wrong with my car and they cannot offer anything. They asked me to get the damages covered by my insurance. I am scared to drive my car. Please let me know if anyone has suggestions.
  • jga5jga5 Posts: 11
    Never heard of this problem before but I have two thoughts: 1. the dealership found the problem and quietly repaired it so as to not get hit with the cost of the other damages, and 2. Don't leave the engine running when you are not in the car - I can think of only "bad" things that can happen as a result of you getting out of a car with the engine running.
  • flalflal Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    Just leased a new mdx before Christmas with 60 miles on it and noticed a few drops of fluid on the front grill. Unfortunately we had travel plans and no time to take the car back to the dealer due to the holiday. Over the next 2 weeks the fluid continue to appear and spread. Took the car into the dealer and they found that the transmission oil cooler was leaking and replaced it. Now I feel like my car is not driving as smooth and seems to vibrate while stopped at lights. Not happy considering this car has less than 2000 miles on it.
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