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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • jga5jga5 Posts: 11
    Thank God it's just a rental. Sounds like a lemon. :sick:
  • Our 2009 MDX rolled down the driveway causing 9000. in damage. Has anyone else had problem with these cars not staying in park?
  • My 2002 Honda Accord had a problem - engine could be shut down while in D (not P), causing the car to roll two or three times, when I had to stop the car when I got out of the car already, almost hit another car at least twice. This turned out to be a problem that Honda recalled for later.
  • What did you end up doing? I have an '04 MDX with 148,000 miles, impeccably maintained, and today the radiator failed. It appears that transmission fluid has backed up into the radiator ... overflowing out of the plastic overflow bucket. I drove it and dropped it off at a very good Honda/Acura repair garage a mile away ... with the strawberry milkshake combination leaking. This is the best vehicle that I have ever owned with only 2 unscheduled repairs. The dealer services the MDX at ever 7500 interval. Sounds like my only option is a new $6K transmission.
  • qaliqali Toronto CanadaPosts: 58
    I don't think you are alone. Just Google this problem and you will see a number of hits. I had the exact same issue, however, in my situation the engine/transmission shut down. The dealer told me that this is a fail-safe mechanism. In any case, I paid big $$ to get the radiator fixed, but the tranny did not need to be replaced. To be sure I took the truck to another dealer that I know and he performed a extensive test and told me I need not worry about the tranny as the other dealer had done a good job. However, I am disappointed in the design of the MDX wherein a simple fault such as a radiator breakdown has the potential to damage the tranny. Sigh...
  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    I drove 2013 and the tranny isn't much better. Anyone have any dealing w infinity qx or jx?
  • flalflal Posts: 3
    Took the car back to the dealer, after driving with the tech discovered that the condensor fan motor now needs to be replaced due to the loud noise. Any suggestions on how to deal with Acura Client Service, this car has under 2000 miles on it. 2 parts replaced in the first month is unbelievable!
  • 3 item failures within 6 months constitutes a lemon.
  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    Y look up the lemon law
  • lathalatha Posts: 3
    My 2006 MDX car was in park but rolled on its own and crashed my baby sitters garage and caused damages. I have turned the vehicle into the dealership and they are replacing the gear, as there is a recall coming up in the first week of February. For the past one month, I am using a rental car they provided me .
    My experience in dealing with Acura client service is not great. Client services told me there is no problem with my car and I have to claim the damages through my insurance on the contrary to what the dealership doing to help the situation.
    It appeared to me client services are trying to get out of a liability law suit.
  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    Really? Is this a recall? How do u know
  • I bought a 05 MDX new and have 132k miles w/o any problems so I was surprised to see the amount of TC and Tran problems, but then I haven't been on this board for a LONG time. I'm now thinking about a new 2013 MDX and am concerned if Acura has resolved these drive train issues. Can anybody enlighten me?
  • Our 2009 MDX jumped out of park and rolled off the drive and hit trees. 9k in damage.
  • lathalatha Posts: 3
    I truly understand your situation. Acura will never accept there is a problem with the vehicle as it is liability for them, but they will change the associated part saying as there is a recall for this and so we are simply doing this for your protection. This is my experience. MDX killed 2 people by taking off by itself when it was parked in front of subway. It happened to someone in Chicago and Acura said there was no problem for the vehicle. I have reported my incident to National Highway patrol, Federal High commission and Secretary of state to help others who get trapped into this. Unless we all join together and act it is not easy to fight against a big corporation. Did you get the recall letter from Acura yet? I had 5K in damage and Acura washed off their hands and asked my insurance to pay.
  • hi, any update on 2012 mdx?
    I have the exact same issue, have taken up the case to BBB
  • ridgwayridgway Posts: 2
    No resolution. We have given up and are just "used to it".

    It still is unsatisfying to have it 1100 rpms trying to go up a 5% incline hearing it chug having to pound the gas to get it shift (or use the paddles) to only have it speed up too much and have to back off. The expectation is I depress the gas enough to go up the hill at the speed I want and the transmission will shift accordingly and not chug.

    The 2011 with the software patched transmission does not have this issue! We have driven both on the same hill with the same driving style.

    If you get any resolution please keep us posted. Thank you for taking this forward to the BBB.
  • uchimauchima Posts: 1
    Hello folks, Why is Acura MDX's Transmission always having problem?
  • 04mdxmn04mdxmn Posts: 1

    My transmission died at 91k miles. I can't believe there is no recall on the 04 models after experiencing the same symptoms. I am hoping to see a class action suit because I don't want Acura to get away with this. Client relations said there was nothing they could do.

    Someone help us!
  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    Go see a Toyota salesman. He will probably help you more than the Acura people at this point
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    If Acura won't pay for it, take it to an idependant transmission shop with experience with Acura's. They can fix it for $2,500, not $5k like Acura charges.

    Next time, don't buy an Arura.
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