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2008 Chevrolet Impala



  • rcegglrceggl Posts: 31
    I simply cannot believe that every dealer cannot take a dash apart. I just don't think they like to do it. If they are careful and know what they are doing, it simply should not be a problem. Electronics shops take them apart daily. That you would end up with more noises simply indicates that an idiot was working on it.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    It's not that dealers can't take a dash apart, it is just that tolerances on pieces are so tight these days that getting it back together with the same standards as used during assembly can be difficult. Most dashes are installed as components at the factory. It gets inserted into the car as a pre-assembled piece. The dealer, however, needs to remove it in pieces. As a result, the chances of creating problems increases.

    Once they remove the pieces they need to, or the whole dash if necessary :surprise: , they do not have the luxury of reinserting it as a complete unit. It has to go back in piece by piece. This means the chance to miss some clips, fasteners, or simple "manhandling" increases exponentially.

    Electronic shops are simply removing trim bezels, door panels, or interior pillar covers. Those pieces are very quick and easy to snap in and out with little chance for issues. The need for them to completely remove an entire dash is slim.

    Whenever I have inquired with a dealer, regardless of brand, about investigating any kind of dash rattle or squeak they have always told me they would be happy to. They have also all told me they could not guarantee that more noises would be created in the process. VW, Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, Pontiac, etc. They all said the same thing.
  • I'm looking at an '08 Impala and was wondering if anyone has the 3.5L engine? I have the 3.8 in my '00 and love it. The '08 has everything I want on it and is the right color but was unsure about the engine. It's rated at more hp then the 3.8 which is a great engine.

    Thanks a lot
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    but i rented an impala lt over weekend.
    i liked it a lot. my regular driver is an awd fusion.
    the impala was quiet(engine and tires), handled uneven pavement very well, and shifted smoothly.
    the interior was much improved over the last one i drove, 2002.
    seats were comfortable for me, stereo was very good. i liked the dash lighting.
    the steering was very firm, which i like, but parking it was difficult.
    is the steering effort supposed to change with speed?
  • sylviaesylviae Posts: 31
    I traded (down) from a great Trailblazer (2005) to an Impala LT (2008)----the 3.5 engine is very good----picks up well from a stop and gets up on the Interstate just great with plenty of power and I do get good gas mileage in town and on the road. The road noise is awful and I have to crank up the radio to high----it also has a lot of wind noise too. These things I did not notice in the rented or the demo I drove so I do not understand the difference. The dealership where I purchased screwed me on the tires as the deal (verbal, of course) was 17" tires/wheels and I got 16's and they would NOT budge nor did they believe what I told them was the verbal agreement between myself and sales mgr----so---maybe it's the tires--But since I am leasing---this will be my last GM product---time for a new product in three years. I also have the dash noise which is driving me crazy--I am very tuned to car noises and the dash clips (from what I have read in this forum) is probably to blame---now they say I may trade this noise for another. I had absolutely no noises in my Trailblazer at all when I let her go-----guess they just don't make the cars very well.But---it is only three years to go-----I really would like to have the dealer check the dash out---but now am scared to do so---one noise is enough!!! They don't take too kindly to an older woman bringing her car in for "noises" !!!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    what tires do you have? the post before yours, i wrote about renting an impala or the weekend. overall, the car was very quiet, as i previously noted.
    the tires were 'integrity', which i think is a goodyear.
    maybe the dealer will swap them out for you.
    also, try checking the tire pressure.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    The Goodyear Integrity tires that are standard on the 16" wheels are extremely noisy. They also do not ride well, and are horrible in the rain. The only thing those tires do well is snow driving. They are actually excellent in the winter.

    The Integrity's on my '06 Impala were done at 26K miles. I got rid of them and replaced them with General Altimax RT touring tires. The difference was like night and day. The Generals are quiet and ride very well. I have 6,000 miles on the Generals now and they continue to outshine the original Goodyears.

    If you think the Goodyears are noisy, you should have heard the Pirelli P6 Four Seasons that came on my parents '07 Mercury Montego Premier. They were so loud it was almost dizzying. They dumped those at 20K miles and replaced them with Cooper CS4 Touring tires. The noise level was immediately reduced.

    You will get used to the dash noise. I have been living with it for 27months/32K miles now and barely notice it anymore. However, now that the car is "older", I am trying to learn to live with all of the new rattles that are showing up in the dash, doors, windows, and suspension. It is really kind of depressing that these cars are not built to a higher standard. I have started casually shopping for a replacement vehicle, but not sure I want to deal with the hassle that goes along with car shopping. Having traded/purchased almost a dozen new cars in my life so far, it just gets really old and is not enjoyable.

    My Impala goes in this week for a long list of things to be looked at. Hopefully the dealer will resolve them and make life with the Impala a little more enjoyable for the time being...although I am not excited about having to sink any money into a car with only 32K miles on it (front brake pads, four-wheel alignment, etc.) The warped front brake rotors and my steering issue, which I believe to be the infamous Intermediate Steering Shaft debacle, should be covered under warranty.

    If I end up keeping the car, then before it hits 36K miles I need to get it in to have the popping seatback on the front passenger seat (for which GM has issued a service bulletin) fixed and the peeling exterior pillar trim pieces replaced under warranty. Plus, whatever else would crop up in the next 4,000 miles :mad:

    As much as I am a GM fan, I will admit that the vehicles I am currently researching are not GM products. One vehicle is a domestic brand, the other 2 are import brands.
  • sylviaesylviae Posts: 31
    In reply to those inquiring about the tires on my Lease Impala---yes--they ARE Integrity Goodyears---and they must be responsible for the noise----But the dealer would not even begin to think about replacing the tires---only if I were to pay dearly and I can't as I would not recover from the expense due to it being a lease car. I just will not buy another GM car at all. This is my last.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    The 3.5L engine is a good engine. The best way to determine if it is right for you, is to test drive the car you are interested in and drive in the conditions you would normally drive. Make sure it has the passing power you need, merging power, and acceleration requirements you are used to.

    I find it to be more than adequate. I can easily spin the front wheels on dry and wet roads (my '06 does not have traction control...didn't want it).

    The engine is quiet when cruising, and only makes itself known under heavy acceleration. Oh! Make sure you test it with the A/C engaged. The 3.5L does bog down slightly with the A/C on. Also, if you drive up hills regularly (or through mountain passes), make sure you test it on an uphill climb to make sure you would be happy.

    I have also owned cars in the past with the 3.8L V6, and find the 3.5L to be a close match...although the 3.8L has a litttle more low-end "grunt".
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    Many tire stores are allowing tire "trade-ins" where you can get an allowance towards new tires. If the noise is unbearable, or reaches the point where it is no longer tolerable, such a deal may be worth investigating. It would be important, however, to make sure the replacement tires would contribute to a solution to the the noise problem...and not be the same or worse. Another $500 over 30 months (or however long is left on your lease) averages out to $17 month. Might be worth it if it means some peace of mind.

    From what I have read, and based on my personal experience, Impala owners tend to replace the Integrity tires around the 30K mile mark. That seems to be the point where their wet weather handling and ride/noise become intolerable. At 26K miles, I simply could not live with them anymore. They would have passed state inspection for another year, but my safety and sanity was more important than the price of the replacements. Don't be surprised if you need to put at least 2 new tires on your lease car before you give it back.
  • Thanks guys for the input on the 3.5. I see it's rated a little higher horsepower wise. We have an '00 with 103k on it and it's been a very good car. No rattles as a lot of people seem to be experiencing with the newer version but it has a lot of small things going wrong with it now and it's time to buy.

    The road/tire noise. Ours came with Goodyear Eagles and if you didn't know better you would swear there was something wrong with the car they were so noisy. We replaced them with Goodyear Assurance ComforTred and the difference was amazing. The car is super quiet and the ride is better.

    I don't know, I was leaning toward another Impala because of the good deals now and because it's my wifes care and she's always loved it but I'm gonna check into a few other cars. It's nice saving money but as you can see I get my money out of my cars so might as well buy something you really want if you're gonna keep it. I like the new Mazda6 and Altima.
  • sylviaesylviae Posts: 31
    Well----my tires will just have to last--like I said--it's a lease vehicle and I thought the tires were guaranteed for my lease mileage---maybe not---my Trailblazer had 37k when I turned it in for this one and the tires were very good. I have just learned a lesson and know why GM is suffering---the way they make the cars---no wonder why. I will never buy another GM product. Thanx 4 your reply though--I appreciate it---but no buying tires--I will turn it in early if I must !!!!
  • My '06 became history for me in May after nothing but headaches. I was convinced that my car was the exception rather than the rule from what most of the posts here had mentioned. I had about every problem that ever came up. The car was in the shop the first time around 350 miles. When I traded I was sure that something else was wrong, but my sales guy (also a great friend that I call when there are problems of any kind) thought tires needed replaced. I told him it wasn't happening. (It ended up being a tie rod problem.) Anyway....

    I opted to stay with the Impala line. I have an '08 LT (had an LTZ) and now remember why I loved the model when I bought the first one in '02. I have not had the first problem with it. (Knock on wood here.) It rides wonderfully and is an all around great car.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    The new Mazda6 is very nice. The Altimas are nice looking, but I have read that Nissans have their fair share of small nagging problems as well.

    The dealer just called me about my '06 Impala. At 32K miles, I will be paying a nice $450 bill for what needs to be fixed. Four-wheel alignment, tire rotation, and all four brake rotors need to be turned. The Intermediate Steering Shaft is also bad, but that is being covered under warranty (thank goodness). I have a copy of a Technical Service Bulletin where GM says that brake rotors are covered under the standard vehicle warranty, so I may have to take that with me when I pick up the car tomorrow and see what the dealer says.

    The dealer also tried to sell me over $400 in additional "recommended" services, which I promptly refused. MAF cleaning, Fuel Injection system cleaning, and transmission flush and refill. Thanks, but that can wait until 50K miles like the manual says. Besides, I probably won't keep the car much past 36K miles as it is.
  • I have an "08 Impala LT. It, however, has the 3.9L V6. I do agree that the tire noise was bad, but I took it in at 35000 miles I did not replace the tires.They are Goodyear, I instead, had the wheels realigned. It cost me $88.00 and the noise was resolved. As for other noises, I have not experienced any such problem. The repair shop said that normal suspension wear will cause slight alignment problems, but a realignment to adjust for the wear helps the problem.
  • My parents just purchased a 2008 LS with 1300 miles. While they are happy with the car, they have noticed that it does not hold at all on steep hills. So if at a light, it will go backwards when switching from the brake to gas pedal.

    The dealer told them that this is due to the car idling at a lower rate to save on gas mileage??

    Has anyone had this problem or is it normal?
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    It's normal.
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    This is normal.
  • 4steri4steri Posts: 7
    It's normal.
  • I purchased my 2008 Chevy Impala LT in May of 2008.

    Within a couple of months, the Check Engine light came on due to an emissions sensor. I figured cars aren't perfect, so I had it serviced.

    It have been to the deal 7 times within 17 months of owning this car.
    I have had it. It happened 4 times in the first year, and I would have qualified for a lemon law claim except that I didn't file in time.

    Now Chevy refuses to buy it back and keeps giving me excuses.
    My only remaining option is to let people know that I have been treated poorly by WOODFIELD CHEVY in Schaumburg, Illinois and the the District Manager has also done nothing for me but give me the run around.

    Several times I was put into sub compact econo-boxes while they tried to figure it out, and I keep hearing the same excuses and fixes. I am just waiting for light to come on again.

    It's too bad because I tried to buy American to do the right thing and help the economy, but this has cost me so much lost time that I don't know that I could afford to buy another Chevy.

    I tried contacting a lawyer, but they aren't really interested in the case, and they would probably want to charge me a ton of money for a car that only has a sticker price of $23,000 and is already a year and a half old.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I would sell it, but I would feel guilty about selling it to anyone because I don't want anyone else to go through what I have had to deal with.

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