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2008 Chevrolet Impala



  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Get a four wheel alignment done. That should solve the problem.
  • I suggest:
    1. Keep detailed records of all service records, problems and conversations which you had with the dealer.
    2. File a defect complaint with the National Highwway Traffic Safety Administration via their web-site.
    3. See if your car qualifies under your state's Lemon Law.
    4. Buy a Hyundai! I did...even though I attended General Motors Institute, worked at Pontiac Motors for 3 years, consulted for GM for 11 years, my wife worked 32 years at the GM Technical Center, my father-in-law was a GM Director level, several family members were skilled tradesmen, plant managers, and we owned dozens of GM vehicles, etc. It was a tough decision, but we were screwed too many times by GM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Please let me know how your appointment at the dealershop went. Thank you!
    GM Customer Service
  • I have already had to change my tires after just 22k on my 2008 Chevy Impala.

    I believe this car (specifically the one that I bought) has serious quality issues, and after 7 trips back to the dealer to fix a fuel sensor issue (which was never completely explained to me), this car now seems to eat tires. I just bought new ones, and I have put in a higher performance K&N air filter.

    This almost certainly will be the LAST CHEVY that I ever own. Chevy customer service has been a complete joke, and they know this car is such a piece of crap that they won't even make me an offer to buy it back at blue book value.

    The dealerships have now gone back on their word to provide the free oil changes that they promised to make me happy in the first place and I am now firmly of the opinion that Chevy is just out to screw customers if there is any problem whatsoever. We are planning to buy FORD, and I hope we have a better experience. Wish I had never tried to be a good American and buy a Chevy. When I had an issue with my Mazda, they made good on the problem. Never had a serious problem with my Nissan of my Hondas. Chevy is killing their own brand by providing NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WHATSOEVER.
  • I have an '08 Impala LT, too, as did my uncle and his wife. He retired from GM & was thrilled :D when I purchased this car shortly before he died. :cry: He told me about this feature & how safe my purse would be if I put it under the seat instead of the trunk. ;)
    I asked the salesman at the dealership where my service is done and he said You have the wrong model LT for that. This one doesn't have that seat! I'm so lucky! ha :blush:

    I can't complain about my LT I love it! :)
  • I had the same problem with the 08 Impala LT. Although Chevrolet or the dealer I bought it from denied it was a widespread problem, I found many places on-line where many owners of 06, 07, 08, and 09 models had the same problem, Many believed it was due to the brand of tires being used on the car. This is baloney. Most tires on the market will give you good service if they are maintained at the proper pressure and rotated about every 6000 miles. After many frustrating phone calls to Chevrolet and several visits to the dealer I ended up buying 2 new tires and the dealer provided two new tires. I paid to have a 4 wheel alignment. I have put another 8 thousand miles on the new tires and so far they seem to be holding up. It is my opinion that many of these Impalas came out of the factory misaligned. But Chevrolet will never admit it. The car rides like a dream but I will never buy another Chevy until they start being straight with the customer. I also own an 06 Cobalt, that we like very much, but no more Chevys for this family. Perhaps a FORD is in our future!
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    Sounds like your dealer is trying to get to you. Servicing the Tire Monitor system is very easy....the procedure is in your owners manual. You select "Service the tire monitor" on the DIC, then starting with the drivers front tire, you start bleeding air out of the tire until the horn beeps. Then, do the passenger front, passenger rear, and finally the drivers rear. Then, go around the car and add air back up to the proper specs....I like 34 front, and 32 rear.
    If your dealer is trying to hook you for new sensors, you need to go to another dealer.
  • it also depends on if the tires have a flaw in them when they were grand mother had fire stone tires on her 99 explorer and i have them on my 08 impala LT (being converted to SS) i havent had a problem with my tires and i have put a little over 2 thousand miles on them so far any way but i dont know if they r the original tires to the car or not but either way i havent had a problem with them tho i have a issue with the rear drivers side door lock hangs up for some reason and the computer is saying i have too much air in one tire and un evened in the other's tho when i check them they r fine
    regardless i love my impala and could not be happyer
  • hahahaha they did the same thing i am wanting to do to my 08 Impala LT lol

    the only nagging thing about my car i have right now its the tire pressure reader it happend when i put air in the tires tho its only the right passenger side front tire any one else haveing this?
  • i agree about parking being difficult but have since become used to it and now treat the car as i have my former car's as an extension of myself but still find backing into a spot hard due to the high trunk but am unsure of what you mean about steering effort
  • budgirlsjbudgirlsj Posts: 1
    Its not just the impala. My 07 Monte Carlo with 57,000 miles on it has chewed through 4 sets of tires so far. So far every chevrolet dealer i have brought the car in to says there is nothing wrong with the car. Finally the goodyear tire place told me its the way chevrolet built the car. They built it with no possible way to adjust camber. However the goodyear place told me they could fix it so the tires would wear properly. These cars do not have cheap tires. For my SS its about $250 per tire. So you figure chewing through those about every 10,000 miles...but Chevrolet assured me it must be where and how i was driving and that the car was not out of alignment. However the tire technician at goodyear said something completely different. The fix however is going to cost another 500 dollars to fix. Not sure how to get chevrolet to pay for their mistakes.....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Interesting article about the Impala tire issue here: GM-over-alleged-defect-causing-tires-to-wear-out

    No mention of the Monte Carlo, but of course that doesn't mean you're not having issues.

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  • I have been looking for problems posted on the net for the 4t65e transmission. harsh shifts,slipbang,will not down shift,and loss of power!! this loss of power thing is a dangerous problem with the 05-09 lacrosse due to the POOR side impact crash test!! not too many complints on the lacroose, but its the 4t65e transmission that seems to be the problem!! If you own one of these go to and check out the 07 lacrosse side impact test!!! can you say tin can??
    Back to the transmission problems I purchased this 07 lacrosse for 18,000.00 with 26,000 miles, little over a year ago. since day one there has been trans problems harsh shifts,slips bangs, loss of power, leaking trans fluid at left axle seal and car will not downshift. dealer has replaced valve body, and about 5 other repairs for the transmission. dealer will not give me the RO'S on what they have done!!! the only RO I have got is the one for the valvebody and a complete trans flush.
    Now the car is shifting hard, shifting from reverse to drive there is a kinda stumble thing with a bump, sometimes a bang. will not downshift causes lack of power!!! shifting from first to second there is a slip and a bang or the tires spin. now dealer says gm says all these concerns are "NORMAL". and to call GM becasue the dearler is out of fixes till gm comes up with the latest fixes!! I call GM (buick) talk to florence for like the 100th time, and GM tells me that I have to go with what the dealer says. I have been playing ping pong with GM and the dealer for the last year and do not want to be the ball any longer!!!
    while telling (BEN) at GM that the lack of power thing concerns me becasue of the poor side impact Ben told me he drives a safe car and if I watch where im driving it will be ok!! I asked if he drives one of these cars with these problems and he said NO I DRIVE A SAFE CAR!! He should get employee of the year!!
    These cars are dangerous!! wonder how much money GM saved taking out the side impact bars in the doors??
    Yesterday the car did the no power thing (like starting off in 3rd gear with a manual trans) got off the interstate, went home. later went to store and stopped at a light car shifted hard and squeeled the tires I pushed the onstar button asked to check to see if any problems and non stored but the girl asked me if I wanted to talk to a gm engineer, I said yes, He gave me these #'S 207-9271,265-3927,229-1175. and told me that I shouldnt still be going through this!!! I called the dealer and gave them the #'s, they said they will check with gm can call me back, well no email back no call back!!! dont know why they will not just fix it!!! this tells me there is NO TRUE FIX!!!
    I have owned gm cars (lots of them) all my life and would stand up for gm when anyone said GM JUNK well after the last few with NORAML PISTON slap and now "NORMAL" transmission falling apart well its going to take me a long time to buy another GM vehicle!!!
    I stayed LOYAL to GM and this is what I get!!! GM could care less!!! the car is worthless as far as trading it in.(NO VALUE) its a good thing I do not still owe the 18,000.00 like some who finance the whole price becasue trade value is like 12,500.00 and retail is 18,495.00??
    Stay away from gm"S with the 4t65e trans untill gm comes up with a fix!!!!!
  • the reson for the drive in circles to calibrate compass is so the car's on board compass system can read off each direction based on the nose of the car
  • I have a 2008 Impala and been having trouble with losing engine coolant every 8 months since I have purchased it. I have taken it into the dealership each time I have noticed my coolant leaking and each time they have done a Pressure Test and found the crossover pipe gasket leaking and replaced it. I purchased my car with around 32,000 km and had the issues at 61,000 kms, 75,000 kms, 98,000 kms, and most recently at 120,000 kms. Each time the same cause was found after taking it to different dealerships. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same problems. Every time I have taken it to the dealership they have told me that it was just a bad gasket, its due to the way I drive the car, that the mechanic the last time installed it incorrectly. I have recently been made away as to the DEXCOOL issue with it being hard on gaskets. The last time I went into the dealership I asked what happens if I continue having this same issue once my GMPP expires and they have told me there is nothing that can be done. Does anyone know someone I can contact at GM who I can deal with this issue so I know if these repairs will be costing me in the future?

    I would greatly appreciate any help and/or advice with what to do regarding this issue or who I can contact to deal with it as all 3 local GM dealerships are not willing to help me.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I recently purchased a 2007 Chevy Uplander with the 3.9 liter engine and it started leaking coolant at 57k miles. It was the cross over pipe gasket. Apparently this gasket and the head gasket are common problems with GM's 3.5 and 3.9 liter engines. My vehicle also had the head gaskets replaced at about 50k miles, just before I had purchased it. GM has a TSB about these problems which explain what the dealer should do to fix the problems. You may be able to google it to find out more about it. It sounds like your dealer is just doing a lousy job fixing it. I assume you have the 5 year or 100k mile powertrain warranty; the next time it fails I suggest you try another dealer. Good luck.
  • schwinn47schwinn47 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    My 08 Impala SS, has a clicking noise in the dash, kind of behind the radio, the noise starts when you unlock the doors with the remote, it can also start when just opening the door, or even just starting the engine with the remote start, the noise stops after about 45 seconds or so, then returns again about 45 seconds after shutting off the engine. and again lasts another 45 seconds or so. The car has just under 48,000 mi. on it

    Please help
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I would try another dealer. This one does not deserve your business. Good luck.
  • Question - I just had my car in today (11-12-12)...leaking cross over pipe . they ordered a new and improved pipe , etc. to fix. Did they use the new improved pipe or is this lip service??? Did they change the pipe each time or patch with a gasket... my warrenty is expiring in 3 months... Got to figure weather to keep or dump??? Thanks for any info you can give..

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I own a 2007 Uplander with the 3900 V6. The head gasket and crossover pipe gasket failed at about 55k miles and was repaired under GM's powertrain warranty by the dealership where I had bought the vehicle. I felt reassured when I bought the vehicle, knowing these repairs were already done. Unfortunately, at 65k miles the gaskets started leaking again. The dealership should have sent the cylinder head out to a machine shop to get it back to spec because it was warped. I found this out when it was repaired again by another dealership closer to where I live. The second dealership had the cylinder head machined. It's been 17k miles since the second repair and the leaks have not returned (knock on wood). The key to these repairs is making sure the cylinder head is within spec so the surfaces are smooth for the new gaskets to seal properly. If the dealership does the work properly, then it should not leak. Within the exception of these gasket issues, the 3500 and 3900 V6 engines are good and reliable engines. I have got 82k on mine and I expect at least 150k without any major problems. If you check out the Uplander forums there is a blog titled the 250,000 mile club and some individuals have made it well past 150k miles without major problems. Good luck.
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