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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    edited May 2010
    So we have it planned for this weekend. We are parking our broken down Pathfinder right in front of our local dealer this weekend :P Should be good for business ;)

    My husband (who happens to be an artist) will be "decorating" our Pathfinder with the year 2005 and pictures of :lemon: all over the windows. We also have flyers made up with a picture of the 2005 Pathfinder and a note for 2005 Pathfinder owners advising them to have their transmission fluid checked IMMEDIATELY and REGARDLESS of the mileage. And of course a nice big huge "NISSAN WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO COVER THE REPAIR COSTS FOR THIS DEFECT EVEN IF YOU ARE STILL UNDER 60,000mi". AVERAGE COST $5,600-
    I also included this website and the two others shown in message 322.

    We called our local law enforcement who confirmed that as long there are not any NO PARKING signs posted we can leave it there for 72 hours. They cannot have it moved prior to that time.
  • stevlllstevlll Posts: 5
    This is good to see. I am in Canada and we have the same problem. Nissan hopes we do not understand the workings of these cars. They replace the radiator and flush the transmission and send you on your way. It is well known that no matter how many times you flush a transmission, there will be water and glycol left.

    I am working my way through their heirarchy now. They basically ignore me. If this was a plane engine, it would not get off the ground without a total overhaul. Is the safety of our families worth nothing?

    I bought an extended warranty in November for $2000. I told them of the 'rattlle' in the transmission at that time. I believe that Nissan knew about the problem then. I payed a couple of hundred for a 'schdeuled' transmission flush. 5 months later and my transmission is flooded with water and glycol.

    We need to organize and get the word out. I have never in my life seen such a blatant disregard for customer commitments.
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    Are you my BC person? If you are a different providence let me know and I'll mark it down. I'm keeping a log to see if we can cover the entire North America ;) I'm pretty close to it!! LOL
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    If you are a different providence ...

    It may have been providential that you two met up but I believe they call BC a province up there! ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    Hey! I'm a blonde southern CA girl :blush: What do you want from me? At least I knew they didn't call them states :shades:

    Sorry Mr. Canada :D
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Hey, that's okay. Some Brits still refer to us as "the colonies!" :confuse:

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • stevlllstevlll Posts: 5
    This is an update.

    Nissan's protocal was to replace the radiator and then flush the transmission. They would not service the transmission. The next day I took the car to a well known established transmission specialist in my city one day later and he found water and glycol in our transmission. Nissan is voiding their own warranty.

    I have sent letters to Nissan and the dealer, with this evidence, and, I am waiting for a response.

    Nissan appears to be practicing 'don't look, don't tell'. The longer they are able to wait, the more money they will save. Warranties are reaching their termination every day. Every one of these cars that Nissan can get to 'limp' past the finish line will allow them to save $5000 on the transmission.

    It is amazing to see. I worked at Procter and Gamble for years. We conducted recalls when we were at fault. It was good for business, short term pain and long term gain. If anyone at Nissan is reading this, take note. Your company will suffer, especially with what is goin on with Toyota. Do the right thing and start the recall.
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30

    I found this article online and gave me some confidence. Just need to do some research first and make some phone calls locally.

    Im located in Central Pa, dealt w/ two Nissans, bought my pathfinder in Hawaii, at Tony Nissan. Called them yesterday, they didnt have any pathfinders over there yet they are aware of. I think maybe lack of consistent long highways to notice "vibrations" or to crank up some mileage.
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    edited May 2010
    We actually received a phone call today from a lawyer!!!


    Let me know by replying **OR** see e-mail shown in message #281

  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    Here is the link if you are interested. This is specific to the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder and the radiator coolant (fluid) leaking into the transmission.
    Fill out the form on the bottom portion of that page.
    Enter Current Case Name "Nissan 2005 Pathfinder"
    Allen Wong is our actual contact there.

    This will help them collect and manage all the information they receive.

    xoxo ;)
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    "We have been getting emails from folks who also have experienced
    transmission problems"


    They have set up investigation pages specifically for the 2005 Pathfinder
    problems, and have asked people who email him to use these pages
    to provide basic info. The links are:

    In order to make sure there database is complete please provide the
    requested info on the online form.

    Please provide these links to anyone who would be interested in contacting us about these problems.

    THANK YOU!! :shades:
  • rschwinnrschwinn Posts: 1
    we have a 2006 Nissan pathfinder SE we bought it used in 2006 with 28,000 miles and bought the extended warranty package the problems we have had was:

    1. check engine light came on and would not go off it was airbag frontal recall had that replaced

    2.fuel system gas tank recall replaced our gas tank gauge kept reading inaccurate and we had to pay 500 warranty deductible

    3. now we are having a issue when we drive and reach 40 mph or higher the truck starts vibrating and shaking it feels like u r driving on those rumble strips I am concerned since checking on the Internet I have found an abnormal amount of people having the same issue who say it is a issue with the radiator fluid leaking into the transmisson causing the radiator and transmission needing to be replaced and Nissan will not issue a recall or refund even though there have been numerous complaints filed.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
  • duchess748duchess748 Posts: 2
    edited May 2009
    At least as a 2006 model you were able to get the recall on the fuel system issue. Mine is a 2005 and therefore NOT covered. I have had the fuel system replaced 3 TIMES since I purchased the car new in 2006. I am also dealing with transmission issues for the THIRD time. The dealership in Richardson, TX are NOT helpful. They have never suggested the radiator fix to prevent future transmission overhauls... Would have been nice the first time.

    I am sending a letter to the President of Nissan this week. I currently have a 2005 Nissan with a poor transmission (even though I already did a complete overhaul LESS THAN a year ago, and got a new Torque converter last month again.) AND my gas gauge is broken for the THIRD time and hasn't worked in almost a year.

    The 2005 Nissan Pathfinder is certainly a :lemon: Stay away... unless you want to buy mine and put me out of my misery!
  • duchess748duchess748 Posts: 2
    I love your idea post #329!! LOL! That is great! I just might do that if Nissan doesn't answer my letter to my satisfaction. You should organize a day in June where all unhappy 2005 Pathfinder owners do this near their local dealer.
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    edited May 2010
    WE SHOULD!! That would be too funny!!

    Our Saturday that we did this was soooo funny!! My husband had way too much fun ;)

    We parked the Pathfinder directly under their “Tent Event” sign. IT WAS GREAT!!! They actually brought out there own cars and wrote on their windows as well. They’re sooo stupid. They parked one in front and one behind us and they even tied balloons to them. They wrote “DON’T GO TO JIFFY LUBE” “ONLY HAVE NISSAN FACTORY WORK DONE” So we pulled out our Nissan work orders where they in fact did our oil changes ~ DUH!!!

    We even had print outs of the e-mails from the 3 websites and their salesmen were reading them. All they had to say was “So, why are you here? Why not contact NISSAN?” So we walk 5 steps backwards, look up at the big huge tent event sign and say “We’re in the right place, the sign up there does in fact say NISSAN”. And they say blondes are dumb :shades:

    Pretty much every single person who went in read our signs and paperwork. There were even people from other dealers coming over to take a picture of the pathfinder

    :P On Nissan :P
  • huntsterhuntster Posts: 1
    <my 91 pathy has had a few concerns lately. one is that there is a substantial rattling when i am coasting without the accelerator engaged. the next is more concerning. there tends to be a shrill screaching when i accelerate, mostly in the first and second gears. it is a manual. this screaching seems to subside when i warm it up for a few minutes. it sounds similar to a bad belt, but i don´t think that is what it is. if anyone has any information on this i would appreciate the feedback. thanks
  • sosenskysosensky Posts: 7
    My 2005 Pathfinder has the same transmission problem that everyone is complaining about too - a terrible shudder, bucking at 45 mph & 65 mph. I paid for a tranny flush which didn't work. I also paid for a fuel guage replacement too when it no longer gave a reading. Everyone is complaining about that too. Right from the start I had a engine belt and pulley problem, then the check engine light would come on and go off - told the gas cap was defective. Brakes squeal in reverse since the day we bought it. Nissan is making me jump through all the hoops, which I'll do. I am demanding they reimburse me for the fuel repair, approx. $400, the tranny flush, approx. $450, and that it replace my tranny too. Nissan is making me pay to diagnose the tranny problem - imagine, like it doesn't know what the problem is. I do not expect to have to pay to repair or replace defective parts, parts the manufacturer must admit are defective. I am an attorney and will not take this sitting down.
  • lmac2005lmac2005 Posts: 4
    There is a known DEFECT in the radiator/radiator coolers in the '05, '06 and '07 NISSAN PATHFINDERS which causes the radiator and the transmission to fail. We learned the hard way when we were backing out of our driveway and we heard a loud clunking noise, our engine light came on and our car would not move forward. Our mechanic sent it to a transmission specialist who announced that not only do we need a new tranny, but our radiator was runined too because the radiator coolant leaked into the transmission fluid, which should NEVER happen.

    The first thing we did was to research the problem on the Web. We typed 205 Nissan Pathfinder transmission problem into Google and came up with pages of websites related to the problem. We found that Nissan installed the faulty coolers into '05, '06 and '07 models. We printed out hundreds of pages of complaints and information about the problem for future use.

    The second thing we did was to contact the Nissan dealer in Simi Valley, California and had our car towed over there, where it remained for nearly 6 weeks. That dealership was absolutely no help at all, informing us that since our car was out of warranty there was nothing they could do. They figured the repairs would be around $8,000.

    We then lodged a formal complaint with the N.H.T.S.A. (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) which is the Governmental agency in our country who, among other things, issues mandatory recalls on certain vehicles when needed. On their website ( you will find many, many complaints about the Pathfinder's cooling system defect. There are alot of very angry Pathfinder owners who have spent thousands of dollars for repairs while Nissan (knowing there is a HUGE problem), refuses to issue a voluntary RECALL.

    We then had our car repaired at an independent repair shop recommended to us by a friend. the transmission repair shop was well aware of the problem in the 2005-2007 Pathfinders and had already repaired many of them. We ended up spending $5,000. on a new tranny as well as a new radiator and external cooler. He also rerouted the lines so this problem can never happen again.

    We have contacted our attorney to try to recoup our money from NISSAN. Our attorney informed us that we have a good case because whether you are out of warranty or not, when a defective part is installed in a vehicle, the automaker has to stand behind their parts forever. There are thousands os people on automotive websites all over the Web who are taking action by posting complaints and contacting the Nissan Headquarters, as well as contacting an attorney for help.

    Please pass this information along to anyone you know who has a Pathfinder because unfortunately this defect is not detectable to most mechanics until the worse happens. Fortunately this problem can be solved BEFORE the car fails by a competent mechanic.

    If all of us who have suffered this problem could band together, we might even have a chance to battle Nissan with a Class Action Lawsuit that would force them to issue a mandatory RECALL.....keep on fighting people, maybe we can win !!
  • lmac2005lmac2005 Posts: 4
    I just posted a message you might want to read....
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